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Zelda Director Explains How Link Between Worlds Reminded Him Of Mario 64

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds director, Hiromasa Shikata, has explained to Famitsu how the iconic Super Mario 64 reminded him of Link’s latest adventure. Famitsu suggested to Shikata that the game’s most unique feature is the ability for Link to become a painting and also part of a wall. Shikata explained how that element came to be.

“The thought of having link become a drawing on a flat surface seemed interesting to me; an idea that came out of nowhere. However, I thought that simply having him be part of a flat surface would’ve made it no different than a side-scrolling game, so we thought it would be better to have him turn along the corners of the walls, after further consulting with the [other members of staff].”

“Back when I first played Super Mario 64, I was jumping around the bridge by the castle, and was really surprised when I fell down into the moat,” he shares. “If it were a 2D Mario game with a side-view, you wouldn’t be able to fall down as deep.”

“Just like the sense of amusement the 3D feeling gave me from jumping off the bridge, this time I felt something similar when I was able to slide through the barred window.”

“This may be a spoiler to those who’ve yet to play the game, so I’ll just say that certain items you can find inside walls and becoming a drawing on the wall to dodge enemy attacks, are ideas that came afterwards,” adds lead programmer Shiro Mouri.

24 thoughts on “Zelda Director Explains How Link Between Worlds Reminded Him Of Mario 64”

    1. I haven’t played ALBW but I am 100% sure that it is nowhere near as amazing as the greatest game there ever was and ever will be aka Mario 64.

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  2. Patience comrades..After each week yes. the haters do spew their toxins of Nintendo’s demise; however, after each week does come, its demise has not even been considered by Nintendo, and after their yearly financial reports, with Iwata refusing to step down or to even fire employees to keep morale high, its demise is certainly not coming this year, either.

    Which is a good thing, considering the incredible amount of quality titles coming out this year, and who knows the quality titles that will also be announced this year (future Directs, E3, etc).

  3. It’s not that Nintendo is doomed, it’s that Nintendo should never be failing. Nintendo should be allowed to fail but it should also listen to its fan base and make successful products because Nintendo really has no excuses. Can you imagine if the Wii was 720p HD and also had an updated GameCube controller included and the Wiimote had that Plus feature from day 1? It would have crushed everyone. The Wii U is also underpowered. It’s nice that Nintendo made the controller pro but it’s not included with the Wii U and Gamepad so none of the 3 Rd party publishers count the controller because they can’t assume everyone has a pro controller.

      1. Yes and no, although it sold more consoles, no one considers the Wii the winner of last generation, the other two consoles sold over 70 million and still going and they received most if not all the AAA 3Rd party games. Wii missed out on most AAA games.

        1. “No one considers the Wii the winner of last generation.”
          LOL, that couldn’t be more false. It’s widely admitted. It “won,” so to speak. Some people just really hate it.

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