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GameSpot Video Explains Why You Should Buy A Wii U In 2014

GameSpot have uploaded a video explaining to those on the fence why they should buy a Wii U. The video initially talks about the poor reception the console has had with the general public and the lack of third party support, but it also explains that it’s the only place to play Nintendo’s stellar first party software. Would this video tempt you to purchase a Wii U if you haven’t already done so?

181 thoughts on “GameSpot Video Explains Why You Should Buy A Wii U In 2014”

      1. Damn. They’re salty lol. What Wii U needs big titles this year (NO SHIT). The Big 3 (Metroid, F-Zero, Starfox) NEED to come back. Wii U needs variety. I also want to see a Kid Icarus, Punchout, Ice Climbers revived, Kirby, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, a Pokemon spinoff, and Super Mario Galaxy 3 or any other 3rd person 3D Mario on Wii U. Nintendo. You have so many great franchises. Why not use them all?

          1. I’m still calling for a fresh earthbound…They have quite a few game franchises to revive, they need to give mario and zelda a rest for a while, make us miss them and then bring them back.

            1. The Mother series is one of my favorite series and I’ve been begging for a new installment, until Itoi said he would never work on another game. Idk if the series should continue without him to be honest. His writing is what gives the series its identity.

              1. I did not know this, to be honest the first time I played the game was when it release on the wii u vc. I think they should give it a shot, worst case scenario is that we pretend it doesn’t exist lol.

                1. I would rather have them localize Mother 1 and 3 and combine those two with Earthbound in a Collector’s set. I think if they did make a sequel, it would just mess up the whole story and value of the trilogy as a whole. I believe Itoi intended to end the story in Mother 3.

                  But there is always a possibility. If Disney can make a sequel to Star Wars, anything is possible lol.

        1. I was left wanting one less than anything else has made me see.
          I own one BTW and think it’s great.

          “Oh look at how shit it is!” “Hardware is shit, Controller is shit, 3rd party support is shit!” “But Mario games! They’re cool” yeahhhh great sales pitch….

  1. its about time someone uploaded and is helping get the word out for nintendo… its truly next gen and a great user friendly console and greta games! and in 2014 more great games X, MK8,Smash ! the list goes on Bayonette! So go out n pick one up!

    1. Not a bad idea.
      They now realize they screwed up, and so they’re planning on taking a different course of action in the business world. And with all the exciting games coming out, as well as new innovations with old IPs, you may find yourself buying one sooner than expected. Or not, if Nintendo fucks up again, which I doubt they will.

      1. I’m just hoping for a steady release of games, at launch and up until I sold my Wiiu the only game that caught my eye was assassins creed 3, (and I’m not even a big fan of the series) I felt like it had a lot of unused and ignored potential

    2. Why would you sell it just to buy another one? That’s a really stupid thing to do, unless your main goal is just to waste your own money and give Nintendo a boost by buying the same console twice.

  2. Yeah that’s not a reason to buy one. Nintendo are relying way too heavily on rehashing old IP and it’s becoming boring now, there’s next to no new innovation, only slightly iteration. Mario and Zelda are good and all but if they’re going to insist on rehashing them at least innovate heavily and stop being lazy

      1. Well Wind Waker. Then the OoT remake. Now there’s talk of Majoras mask. I think he is referring to a brand new entry in the saga.

              1. Actually wind waker was just to hold us until Zelda U. Oot was basically for the fans. Same with Majora’s mask which I don’t want.

                  1. it was ACTUALLY meant to be shown last year e3 but aounuma wanted to concentrate on ALBW. no doubt it will be shown this e3 and released this year. holiday season probably.

            1. What the fuck. Oot 3D was amazing. I can’t wait for Majoras mask. Rehash your ass. You need to shit the tacks that are up your ass and stop being a sour puss.

              1. You’re an idiot. Go back and read my comments. I was just analysing what someone else had said. I like the remakes.

                1. Which you call them “rehashes” which you hate so you like/hate remakes because you see them as “rehashes”. You’re just as idiotic and hypocritical as Michael Patcher who’s another damn foolish “analyst” with a big mouth and tiny common sense acting like a crystal ball saying he’s. Always right and then..uh oh, minutes later he’s proven wrong for the billionth time.

    1. New Mario Bros U Nearly had me quit…. It feels copied and pasted completely…. Ah well… I suppose I diddn’t buy it…

        1. You skipped 3D World because of a 2D platformer? That would be like skipping Mario Kart because of Mario Tennis, or SSB because of Zelda…

          1. I know, I know. Why am I missing out on 3D world ? After buying NSMB 4 fucking times (DS, 3DS, Wii, WiiU,) I am sick of paying top dollar for rehash. It was my own fault, and now Mario and I are taking a very, very long break.

            1. you’re not missing out though, SM3DW is not that as great as everyone says it is. It doesn’t even come close to the other 3D mario games like 64, and galaxy. It’s pretty much 3D land but for wii u and to be honest I didn’t even like 3D land all that much, it has the same feeling as the NSMB games, which is pretty boring.

                1. Not really, I just didn’t like this game as much as other 3D mario games, I found it to be inferior to them. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good game, I just don’t think it was a great or memorable one. Like I said, it felt like the NSMB games but in 3D. That’s all. Mario Galaxy was superior to it in many ways, from level design to story elements. The only thing that 3D world had going for it was graphics, I guess, but I really couldn’t care much about that for this type of game.

                  If you did like the game and thought it was great then good for you. We have different opinions, but I am not blind, I have reasons for not really liking this game.

                  1. Well your right about a few things like our own options but you’re still missing a big part of 3d World. Sure, Galaxy games were waaay better man, but your missing way more than you thing you’re “not” missing. Like for an example, the Super Mario Bros. 2 formula. I’d like to know how many people here loved the American version of Super Mario Bros. 2. Too me, that was a game to be remembered by, 3d World yes had elements of Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS, but it using the Super Mario Bros. 2 formula…Not just NSMB. On top of that, like 3D land, it’s also using the Super Mario Bros. 3 formula, but very little of though. Where? Look at the golden state of the special cat suit, or the tanooki suit…not to mention the actual “lose a like” theme…all Mario Bros 3 there. Seriously dude, I respect your options and you can be who you are and not get the game, but I called you blind for a reason, there is a lot more that your missing that I can care to admit.

                    1. The real thing with world is your pals around you or family…that is what makes 3d world memberable…its fun and yet to the vetern, a challenge with those who don’t know dick squat about the game.

                    2. Does any of that matter? What if I never played those games? Am I suppose to find this game better knowing that it took elements from older games? I don’t see how that is important. A game is great on it’s own merits, not for being reminiscent of a past game.

                      I’ll give you some of my main gripes for this game:
                      1) I didn’t like the way the overworld map was done ( yes, I realise it’s supposed to be reminiscent of super mario bros. 3, but that doen’t make me like it more, I still prefer an overworld akin to galaxy 1 (not 2) or mario 64)

                      2) The level designs were not that great. That’s what made it feel like i was playing mario 3d land most. they felt uninspired. Sure, there were some levels I liked a lot, but the majority of them I just sort of didn’t care for.

                      3) the final boss. It annoyed me how slow the camera moved, I kept going too far up so I constantly had to stop and wait for it to catch up to me, bowser didn’t really think about where I was so he always kepts popping up and destroying walls where I wasn’t so I didn’t even have to care about what he was do. and then when I finally got up to the top of the tower, all I had to do was hit a pow block a couple times. and that was it, I was severly disappointed when there wasn’t more to that fight. hell, 3D land had a more engaging final boss battle than that.

                      4) the story. the thing that I have the biggest problem with it. What land am I in? Who are these fairies I’m saving? Why is boswer capturing them? What are bowser’s motives? None of these things are brought up at all, and it’s obvious that bowser kidnapping these fairies is never made into anything more than a flimsy excuse for a pretense to playing these levels. This made me feel like I was just playing a bunch of levels on various maps that kept properly increasing in difficulty instead of playing a grand adventure that after every level I was working towards a satisfying ending. In this game I was just playing level just to unlock more levels and nothing more. AND THAT’S NOT A BAD THING!! While I said the levels felt uninspired, they were not great, but they were still good.

                      Overall, I’d say this was a good game, but never will I say this game was great or amazing. I don’t find this game to be a waste of my time, it certainly is a fine way to pass the time, but I don’t think it’s a game that I would highly recommend to people. I don’t think it’s that big of a loss if someone didn’t play it. It was a step backward for the 3D Mario games and I’m hoping the next one is a lot better.

                    1. You’re right, I should not evaluate my opinion of a game based on my experience playing it but rather just have my opinion be formulated based on the scores it received of various websites…

                      Look, I obviously have a separate opinion as to those gaming websites, but that doesn’t make me blind, it just makes me have an opinion that goes against the mainstream.

                    2. Basing a game by mediocre scoring system/sources, which is a typical blind way to sell/bash a game, also makes you blind. Probably the worst kind.

                      Seriously, fuck off with that whack “score” excuse please.

                  2. After of fact, you sound informative just as much. I’ve played the game myself and yes I have 3D Land as well, I felt the challenge was kicked up a notch from Land. I found myself having to replay some levels to find well hidden secrets and the visuals were among the best Wii U produced graphics yet (but thats my least concern of any game)

                    You’re right about the game feeling familiar and I understand it’s your biggest gripe but at least its not too familiar like New Super Mario Bros. #246. lol At least this sequel has some creativity from the last, challanging levels and more boss battles than having to fight just those two Koopa turds repeatedly until the last world (BonBon or whatever the hell his name is and that female)

                    As for Bowser’s motive in the game, my guess is he got tired of failing at ruling Mushroom Kingdom by capturing that bimbo Peach over 9000!!! times so he goes off to find another land to rule and it just happens to be Fairy World from Fairly Odd Parents (Crocker would be so proud or jealous of Bowser by now) But what’s with the razzle dazzle Bowser Land in the end? I guess Bowser recently went to Dr. Eggman’s (I fucking hate that name) school, studied “How to be evil and rule like Eggman 101” and graduated with his dumbass degree just so he can plagiarize his “Eggman Land” ideas from Sonic Colors. lol

                    Anyway, its a story that has to be pieced together through thinking about what’s happening around you. I know it should’ve had more narration but since its so simple Nintendo thinks its easy for people to figure out. Who knows.

                    What I’m mostly disappointed over is the lack of online cooperative play. If it had one, even if its only 2 players online, the game’s fun factor would’ve skyrocketed and that was, unsurprisingly usual, a missed opportunity. Nintendo seriously needs to start evolving their online infrastructure like crazy. I mean, look at what happened with Pokemon Bank. That was a bitch.

            2. you didn’t really needed to buy it 3 times. they are great games. but that’s the only series that is preety much the same by cod by naughty dog.

              3d world is awesome though. trust me you wont regret it!

              1. ..Call of Duty was made by now “half-dead” Infinity Ward plus with their 2nd rate partner Treyarch as means for Activision milking the shit out of the franchise for easy millions every year instead of 2 years.

                B/ Naughty Dog is far too good to milk any BS rehashes like Call of Duty. Like Nintendo or even Rockstar, Naughty is one of the best in the business.

            3. It’s not NSMB, relying on nostaliga (?), and it felt like a totally new expirience IMO. NSMBU was in my opinion the only good NSMB game, up at the same level as World. Bought NSMB2 for the 3DS, and it was a big letdow after the Wii U game…

              There are of course a chance that you won’t like it, but I say go for it! Maybe you can borrow it from someone, or buy it at a sale if your unsure.

          1. I agree. That’s why I skipped the 3DS “sequel” which brings me to say this:

            Its retarded of Nintendo to call the 3rd New Mario Bros. “2” unless its abbreviated as such based on being a portable version.

      1. IDK who the fuck even thinks Zelda is a rehash, sword gameplay they may have a point but thats just the general part of Zelda and any game that has swords.

        Each Zelda every 3-5 years is significantly different. I guess those blind turds have that COD notion shoved so far up their little 11 year old ass they can’t realize what a real rehash looks like anymore nor what a good game is even when its right in front of them.

    2. right.. because it’s obviously a new game if you change setting and characters but the gameplay stays exactly the same boring shit like so many AAA games are doing it nowadays

      nintendo does it the other way around

      1. Well said. Nintendo often use the same IPs, but innovate with it. Other companies mostly make “new” IPs with same, fucking FPS gameplay. Mario Galaxy, Link Between Worlds, Metroid Prime… They could easly have other characters, as they all took a step away from the series standard formula!

    3. Might as well stop thinking as they won’t do that. That’s like asking Infinity Ward to redo the CoD series. It will never happen!

      1. Gamesites and other media should shit on Call Of Duty / Infinity Ward and EA instead of Nintendo. It’s so obvious why everyones so biased.

    4. They remake stuff because the orginals came out decades ago, and they want to introduce the series to a new generation each time. If you have never played Mario before it will seem brand new, and for those who have it just seems like fun updates of good stuff.

      p.s. apart from NSMB they are all so different. Think Zelda could do with switching it up a bit more often though.

      1. And to add on that: there’s only one NSMB-game on each console. Same with Mario Kart. I would rather say Mario Party is more milked, with multiply games per console. They biggest reason NSMB seems milked, not saying they are not, is because they rely (?) on nostaliga.

        And while people say Mario is milked, he really is not. He’s Nintendo’s maskot (?), and all his game could easly have had other characters!

  3. 2014 will be a good year for Wii U. I know two people who are going to buy it for Smash brothers, and another person is going to buy one for Mario Kart :)

    1. That’s what all my friends say too. The majority only care about MK or Smash, which is sad because Nintendo has so many ips that they don’t use.

        1. F-Zero, Starfox, Metroid, Kid Icarus, and an Ice Climbers reboot(not likely, but who knows) on Wii U are what I want.

              1. I think they might be am adventure platformer with possible elements of rpg maybe. THANK YOU YOUR NOT THE ONLY PERSON WHO WANTS A ICE CLIMBER GAME! kid Icarus U must happen now it joined the ip’s list. probably 2015 though.

      1. Well, they are coming out with X and the fire emblem crossover game with shin megami tensei…I just wish we got some more information on them since it’s been a year from when we first heard about them.

    2. Really? I only know one person who is getting a Wii U, hes not getting it for the Nintendo games tho, hes getting resident evil revelations and coll of duty. he thinks x1 and ps4 are too expensive

      1. While my combo this gen is most likely to be Wii U & PS4 (not sure, though) (and 3DS of course), I believe Wii U comboed with any “3rd party” console is the best console combo this generation!

    1. well.. it does list quite a few reasons for not getting the console aswell (some of which exaggerated such as the consoles power)
      personally i didn’t think the video was that good
      it just reiterated what most people already know: that nintendo games are quality

  4. I feel wiiu doesn’t have enough to offer most (not all) gamers of their late teens early 20s. Most people of that age zone are interested in more mature games. Not trying to start an argument that’s just my opinion, and I feel it’s a valid one at that.

        1. i have an interest in all kinds of games as long as they’re fun to play.. i do not give a single damn whether they’ve got blood and guts flinging all over the place or not and i do believe that many gamers think the same

            1. well then they’re pretty ignorant because a non mature rating doesn’t automatically turn a game into a kids game, that’s ridiculous

                1. Sadly this is true, most people see it this way. I have friends that think this way. I tried to get them to play Super Mario 3D World and they didn’t want to because they thought it was too “kiddy.”

      1. I’ll second that. I’m 20 and can no longer really stand mature games. I fancied a change in gaming this year. Still got my Xbox, but I’m getting slightly bored of it. When Nintendo release the big guns I think I’ll be on my Wii U constantly.

      2. Right on! I’m in my 30’s and “mature” games are way over rated. Most FPS games bore me silly. I’m looking for fun, and original gameplay. To be honest, most mature games are all bells and whistles, with a substandard story, and very unoriginal gameplay mechanics. And are no fun at all.

    1. If you need mature games to feel mature, you are too immature for the real world. Most of the quote-unquote mature games are used by preadolescents to feel more like adults. A mature adult is smart enough to realize that you can have fun playing games meant for all ages.

      1. I still play Animal Crossing religiously and I’m a 22 male. I’m just saying most people aren’t interested in a game unless it’s violent or a fps

        1. Nintendo tends to have a crapton of games that are targeted toward younger people, such as Pokemon and Animal Crossing, that are played primarily by older people. It is actually quite phenomenal. By the way, the “you” in my post was the general “you” not specifically directed at you.

  5. If they made a Animal Crossing, Fire emblem, pokemon, or Luigi ‘s mansion game for WiiU I’d be sold. Im so burnt out on vanilla Mario games and that seems to be all they are chugging out.

        1. That would be awesome. SMS is my favorite 3d Mario believe it or not. I liked the whole tropical setting. It was relaxing lol.

        2. myiamoto was saying there could be GALAXY 3. I think that’s what they will be working on or already are after they finish yarn Yoshi. one team makes all those games.

      1. Animal Crossing Plaza is not a game lol. And franky, I would much rather have a new Pokemon Snap or Stadium rather than Pokemon Rumble.

    1. Agreed wholeheartedly. Especially Pokemon and Animal Crossing. Wii U would be flying off the shelves if they did that. Personally, I want a new Metroid Prime for the Wii U and a 3D Super Metroid sequel not unlike ALBW for the 3ds. I really hope Nintendo pulls out the stops this year.

    2. well fire emblem for wii u is coming and there are rumours of another wii u pokemon game.

      there is also Zelda pikmin and the 3rd party games for wii u too like 101 or rayman or black flag.. dk is also coming next month.

      I belive luigi mansion WILL come for wii u this year because reggie said year of luigi will carry over to this year which suggests there are still h
      going to be at least one luigi game.

      also a “leak” about what would be in this months direct ( probably Monday since they have meets after that . not sure for how long) and one of the things they said was luigis mansion for wii u which will be shown last. if true then I suppose luigis final smash will be shown straight after that or maybe before that and hopefully it includes the poltergust this time.

      im waiting for bayo 2 x and smash mostly.

  6. Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo and so on

  7. This video is insulting at every turn. I wouldn’t buy a Wii U after watching this video. This is more like a love letter to nintendo haters. This video acknowleds Nintendo’s greatness when it comes to first party but bashes everything else. Basically stating he would buy it out of pitty, and not for the games more than “helping” Nintendo. What a moron.

    1. Yep. Can’t stand how they gloss over the third-party content. COD and Assassin’s Creed aren’t that far removed from the other platforms versions. There’s also Lego City Undercover and Zombi U, and Project CARS and Watch Dogs are coming.

      They failed to mention X, Zelda U, and Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem as well.

      1. That’s because X, Zelda U, and Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem are barely games as of now. You can’t make a big deal out of games that are still in the fetal stage.

        1. I agree with Zelda U, Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem since all we know about the games is that they are going to be made (not really a surprise for the zelda announcement). But atleast X has two trailers, so that’s atleast something to go and make a big deal on since they were pretty impressive, at least I found them to be.

  8. I look forward to dk tropical freeze and all the upcoming games :) I like my wii u and yes im far older than 20’s so whoever said people in that age group don’t like Nintendo think again. I prefer quality which is what they offer. Mature rated games bah rockstar is a 1 hit wonder I bet they coulf never ever ever create anything but grand theft auto. u might say red dead redemption and I say seriously it was gta with horses back in the old west and d u see anymore lately? my theory why 3rd party don’t support Nintendo system is becuz nintendow tends to show em up and they hate that :) a lot of people like remakes of great games or classics give me a great snes vc game any day :) its still as enjoyable as ever.

  9. I don’t actually mind the remakes, since I missed a chuck of games from the N64 and gamecube eras. I bought Wind Waker since I never played it and I loved it. While I agree that Nintendo needs to play hard and fix their Marketing campaign, I want my Majora’s Mask remake since it’s my favorite game of all time.

  10. More people should come out and support Wii U to help Nintendo out a bit. It’s not good for the industry if Nintendo fails.

    1. Yeah that bit definitely caught me as well. Making it sound weak, yet didn’t even go into the spec. Proves another person doesn’t understand it’s hardware. Why am I not surprised.

      1. Unfortunately it’s a lie that brings comfort to some people. However the absolute worst thing you can ever do in underestimate the strength and abilities of your opponent.

  11. Anyone who thinking about picking up a wii u I would suggest you get zombie-u or Lego city:undercover. I had a blast with Lego city and it was really funny…if we get more indie games we should be golden. “Watchdogs” for wii u should be awesome…the other consoles may have better graphics but I firmly believe the wii-u tablet will once again make the wii u the definitive experience. I played “Rayman legends On the Xbox one… but it wasn’t the same. What if nintendo and “Capcom” have a secret deal. Since smash is popular and will sell millions…capcom is set to collect some royalties off sales. And by doing so they will bring megaman to the wii u?! Gosh my head is spinning with these deals…

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  13. Bring a new Earthbound game to Wii U, and EVERYBODY will want to buy one. Everyone with good taste in games that is.

    1. A new Earthbound would be fuckin, FUCKIN amazing but Itoi said he wouldn’t make another one and it won’t be the same without him.

      1. And I think another reason they stopped at Mother 3 was to keep it as a trilogy in order to retain its value and not make the franchise grow stale.

        1. But I’m always hoping Itoi will change his mind some day. He knows how LOVED the Earthbound/Mother series is. Plus….North America never got Mother 1 and 3. I wish he’d at least work on bringing those to North America and Europe. What would be even BETTER is if all 3 games were remastered and released on Wii U. Preferably physical copy. I can dream can’t I? Problem is, I’ve been dreaming since I finished Earthbound in 1994/95. I literally went from a teenager to a grown man since then, and I’m STILL waiting and hoping.

          1. I’m hoping for a collector’s set of all 3 games as well. That would be good enough for me. The first time I played Earthbound was on the Wii U lol, but I saw how great it was. It felt so unique, and the game brought me through so many different emotions. That’s how important Itoi’s writing is to the Mother series. If he does happen to change his mind, I hope he’ll still have it in him.

    1. IF THEY release them at least 2 gamesfor those ( and kid Icarus also) then they will sell.

      they sell usually around 2 million………………they WILL sell cojnsoles. i hope Nintendo is secretly working on starfox ( or kid Icarus uprisng 2) and retro is obviously working on metorid anway.

  14. Shouldn’t Nintendo be more capable of explaining this to me?
    Granted, I already own one and I love it, but the terrible marketing had nothing to do with my decision.
    I love their 1st party games.
    But yes, ignoring F-Zero despite crazy amounts of fan requests because “they can’t do anything new with the title” isn’t stopping Mario Kart 8. StarFox needs a comeback, a fitting one, but they won’t even release the original the Virtual Console.
    And Metroid, there should have been some sort of announcement by now.
    Nintendo does well because of fans the brand already has and has had for decades. Ignoring classic franchises isn’t the way to go.
    I want solid Virtual Console support and HD continuations of their blockbuster franchises.

    1. Metroid is being made by retro. they want to do it and miyamoto said they are the best studio for it. that was backat e3 I think. they must have completed most of the planning by now we know they have a big team aand are hiring more for when the Metroid game development starts. or has……

    1. Indeed…

      All these so called “mature gamers” that plays CoD and FIFA are those who are cowards not to go to war or play real sports themselves and then acts as if they are tough in games…

  15. i want zombiu 2. everyone MUST pick up a wiiu :) seriously, it’s sad that so many gamers are hating on wiiu and i don’t get it – it’s a fantastic console. i believe wiiu will surprise a lot of people with amazing first party games, like the 3ds did in 2013. wiiu is my favourite console these days. by far. for third party that’s not on wiiu, i go steam sales…imo THIS is clecer gaming. i’m having experience since the 80’s. the nextgen consoles with their shady business practices and hollywood blockbuster games, that’s not gaming kids. it just isn’t.

          1. yo didn do nuthin i like yo name. Can i keep this name, maybe you could create new name and i can be dailyexposer. i didnt come with anytthin own, i wanna have this name.

              1. Dont kid yourself, i am dailyexposer. And i will expose this conspiracy set by you, you can be sure of that. You try to make it seem that you support Nintendo but i know better.

                1. Fuck you fanboys are pathetic. I support Sony,Nintendo and Ms, now you are all stolin my name because im not pathetic fanboy like you all! Fuck this site, im out of here!


  16. Love the wii u and wish it had more support but honestly all I do on it is watch Netflix or watch anime online. Played all the good games already

  17. I feel very guilty about the Wii U bad times, time before its relase, i told my people it is gonna will fail, not because i wanted to, my gut has a feeling based on what i have seen, now i realized is not an Wii U fault, its a fault of the people itself, the humans on this actual world are deteriorating, i can feel it, i dont know how to explaint it but unlike the Virtual Boy, the Wii U is in top form being the evolved form of the bestest console of all time, however, people eyes are unable to see a light in the black….

    Since i first saw a Nintendo 3DS i feeled it will be the greatest portable, but instead it become the greatest console, so i don’t get it wrong at all….i don’t have one yet…

  18. Reblogged this on Edward On Bebop and commented:
    Ok ! Interesting video.
    At least someone says why it is interesting to buy a Wii U and to me it reads like this: to play original games !
    Let’s hope some other exclusive third party games will soon show up !

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