RCMADIAX Has Several Wii U Exclusives In Development

RCMADIAX has several Wii U-exclusive projects in the works, including Blok Drop U. The studio was formed to focus mainly on Wii U software development, according to its founder, Michael Aschenbrenner. Blok Drop U, a physics-based puzzle game, will be the developer’s first title to hit Wii U. The game arrives soon in the Nintendo eShop, and it will receive free additional content post launch.

“My short term goal is to work on Wii U content exclusively,” said Aschenbrenner. “Although I have looked into the possibility of OUYA and Xbox One development for SUPER ROBO MOUSE.

“I currently have 4 projects on my plate for this year in addition to the FREE updates for BLOK DROP U, of which 3 will remain Wii U exclusives.”


    1. Who needs Capcom, Konami, Rockstar, Namco Bandai, EA when we’ve amazing developers like this. Right? :(

      Why’s the Wii U dying again? Stff like this isn’t going to help. Sorry but it’s true.

      1. Well we can all live without the evil Electrons…

        They were dead to me when they decided to pull the plug on Spore…

      2. well the first of the major 2014 games is dk. then later mk8 or bayo 2 I guess whichever comes first.

  1. I think that Nintendo has a shit ton of games in development, they’re just keeping quiet about them for now, I know it’s not the smart thing to do but they’ve always been quiet about big releases until its the right time to announce them, so I’ll just patiently wait with my 11 games I have until the greatness comes…

    1. i just dont know why they’re keeping quiet about it, they need all the hype they can get, why is it we arent getting any SSB gameplay footage? instead we get these images, why arent they advertizing Bayonetta 2 some more? instead we get the same demo theyve been showing..I love my wiiu but seriously i dont get whats going on at Nintendo and why they dont understand why they are struggling ..

      1. It’s probably so that they can keep the suspense on going.

        If you found out too much about a game you would be less excited about it.

        Now I wouldn’t mind a trailer or something, but they must have something up their sleeve to really blow our minds for staying this quiet.

        They could have so much pipelined for us and we don’t even know it.

    2. hhha yes they always do! lol maybe luigis mansion 3 for wii u ? reggie DID say year of luigi wil carry over to 2014………

    1. Capcom hasn’t made a worth wile game in a long time and they cancel any thing that would be good (Mega man)
      ea only makes exclusives for PC other wise they make their games for several systems at once they just haven’t made money on Wii U so they are holding off for now.
      ubisoft did have the zombie U exclusive, they were going to make rayman legends as an exclusive but they wanted to expand and make more money (which is just fine) and if it weren’t for deus ex (which did come to Wii U) then id put them in the same spot as capcom. Most of these games that those companies make are just high budget casual games honestly so its not a big loss. If Nintendo turns things around their is plenty of time for those companies to bring games over. And I bought a Xbox one for those games I got a Wii U for Nintendo games and experiences that seam worth wile on Nintendo (like watchdogs)

      1. Well they made Monster Hunter 4 which sadly isn’t being mentioned for a western release still…

        I would buy it day one if they did…

      2. I was jokin, i dont buy anything. You fanboys are shit to me. I will destroy all of you!!!!

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