Mario Kart 8 Launches In May

Nintendo has confirmed that Mario Kart 8 will arrive in May. The upcoming Wii U racing game’s launch month was revealed by company president Satoru Iwata during a corporate briefing today in Japan. Iwata also announced that Mario Kart Wii, which was released in 2008, has sold 35.26 million copies to date.


      1. Wow…they said spring but i hoping for an early spring but knowing Nintendo it would be an edge-of-spring release…
        typical…. -__-”
        This better be worth the damn wait…cuz I’m dying from this drought.

        1. Not that i like rushed games but i was sorta hoping for MK8 to be here sooner…
          BTW this also gives some aspect on when Smash will be released.
          MK8 will release at the edge of spring so…
          Smash likely release between “Mid-Summer” and “Late-Fall”!!
          DANG that’s a long wait!
          (to somewhat speed up development i say leave out stickers, they were completely useless and a waste of the devs time to design all of those, trophies can stay but at least make them worth getting, like being able to show off how many you have in your online profile.)

    1. Not even a troll’s best effort.

      Care to try again and fail or hide back in your mother’s broom closet? Your choice loser.

        1. It doesn’t matter what games come out. It wont change a damn thing about sales. Its advertising that needs to be done. Right now it will still mostly be current Wii U owners who buy Smash and such.

      1. And you believed that? Its gonna take more than a single Mario game to boost a system’s rep, especially if its a direct sequel of a portable counterpart. Wii U needs more interesting software, games and features to really shine itself as a unique console of its own.

          1. …Let’s try that again…

            Also, it’s not as though SM3DW did nothing to help the Wii U. It may not have “saved” the system, but sales have at least been noticeably higher than they were before it was released, even after the holiday buzz died off.

            Little by little, games are raising the sales. They still aren’t great, but at least it’s not selling 160,000 globally in three whole months anymore.

      2. That’s also what we said about mario kart 7 and the crisis with the 3DS… take a seat and wait for the miracle!

    1. They said Smash is coming out in Spring, but we got the Mario Kart 8 release date first so it will most likely come out in the summer, hopefully June or July.

  1. WindWaker HD couldnt save it, Mario 3D World couldnt save it, now down to 2 more games(SSB and MarioKart) after these title releases and they still cant save the wiiu, sorry to say but that’s WiiU is officially DEAD..

    1. Judging by how Mario Kart Wii sold more than Brawl goes to show that Mario Kart is the last game to see.

    2. Don’t forget DKC and that Zelda: Hyrule Warriors games plus X, Bayonetta 2, Watchdogs, there’s still more to come for Wii U before we say its officially bombed or not. Right now what does PS4/Lamebox DOne have besides Halo 5, Kingdom Hearts 3, Metal Gear Solid 5 and Destiny? All those games are huge yes but Nintendo still has some big guns of their own. This is just the start of something that should’ve been for the whole year.

      1. those games youve mention barely moves consoles, bayonette didnt sell much so i cant imagine it a system seller, watchdogs is multi-platform, DKTF is the same game with different backgrounds,Hyrule warriors is just some cheap knockoff cash in game cater to zelda fans which i doubt will sell as much, X is a worthy mentioned but given NIntendo’s lack of ad support it probably wont sell as much just like 101.Nintendo’s so call big guns by the time they get around in releasing them the wiiu wouldve already been dead…

  2. Well that’s still a ways off, I hope their is a lot to do, and unlock, and I would love DLC later on down the line. (more characters, levels, cart customization, new modes even)

    1. dlc and racers don’t mix kart parts is not even on that list(don’t want to pay to be the best, and that usually ruins it for every one) tracks(if in cup format yes) characters…nah. I believe they did support MK WII with weekly challenges like bosses

  3. Well I know what I will be getting for my birthday. Anyways it’s kind of sad to see it arriving this late. The sooner the better to anticipate the drought of games. Looks like we are only getting two games in the spring which is Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and Mario Kart 8. What are you thinking Nintendo?

    1. This is great. Already preordered this one, can’t wait. Them graphics just look so nice though, hopefully this game is as good as the other ones. Mario Kart is usually a very solid system seller game though, helped out the Wii (even though that was strong as it was) and if I recall correctly, helped boost the 3DS when 7 came out in 2011. It’ll definitely be a nice end of the school year release.

  4. I need to pre-order this mug… $20 bucks every month…should do. I cannot wait! DLC should be included down the line…I agree with new tracks down the road…new characters….Nintendo did it with Pikmin why not the most popular racing game with the most recognizable mascot in zee-world! This summer go-cart is a go-go!

  5. Super Smash Bros would be coming in after E3 2014 because they wouldn’t just throw it 1-2 months after Mario Kart 8 thats just a bad stradegy and maybe before E3 the 6 characters left can be announced.

  6. I really don’t understand why the major Kingdom Hearts games were never on Nintendo consoles, it seems like a match. Nintendo needs to get Destiny and Metal Gear Solid V to be legit.

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