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Nintendo Download: Zelda A Link To The Past Arrives On NA Virtual Console

Nintendo of America has confirmed The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past’s arrival on the Wii U virtual console through this week’s Nintendo Download. So if you were feeling a little green-eyed at the European Wii U owners when it arrived last month, you no longer need to fret. A Link to the Past can be downloaded direct from the North American eShop for $7.99.

Elsewhere on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, you can purchase Mario Bros. on the virtual console for $4.99, as well as Castle Clout 3D – a puzzle strategy title from developer Teyon – also at $4.99. And if either of those didn’t quite take your fancy you can grab Ohno Odyssey for a discounted price at $3.99 until 9 a.m. PT on February 20.


    1. Why would it seem pointless? They’re not the same game. LBW is a sequel to ALttP, not a remake. If anything, having ALttP on the 3DS’ eshop would make more sense than on anything BECAUSE of LBW. You want to play the prequel to go along with your sequel.


      1. I dont see it as a remake, specially since a lot of stuff is not on the same place the other, spcially Dungeons
        Also, since Ganon is not directly the antagonist, it is more a sequel to me


      2. It’s not a remake. You obviously have not played them both. Stories taking place in the same world happen all the time in PC games. They are called expansion games, not remakes.


      1. You DO. It’s called “Not having to pay $250 for the 3DS … Like I did. Now you can get the xL for less than I paid for the original. Congrats.


  1. 3DS eShop has the LoZ Four Swords Anniversary Edition available for the next four days for free. Nice little something for those who didn’t have it from when it was last available.


  2. Why are we recycling news from over seven years ago?

    Oh that’s right, they’re just releasing this game again, for another price again. All because they don’t put their games on a shared platform system where gamers who already bought the game on the Wii can simply redownload the game on the Wii U. You might claim that ALttP was coded differently, therefore it must be released anew every single time, but that’s bullshit; it can exist on any platform through emulation, so its code is definitely not the reason why they have to keep releasing the same damn game with its own price over and over again.


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