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Nintendo 2DS Sells 2.1 Million, Animal Crossing: New Leaf Sells 7.38 Million

Nintendo has revealed that it has shifted 2.1 million Nintendo 2DS systems since the handheld launched October 12th. The Nintendo 3DS has shipped 42.7 million units since February 2011. The original Nintendo DS system has shipped a staggering 154 million units in total. Nintendo also revealed that it has sold 7.38 million copies of Animal Crossing: New Leaf worldwide. This is since its Japanese release in November 2012.



      1. I always play with 3D off and I think it makes games look much better. 3D really doesn’t “do” anything. I don’t get why people think it’s a big deal and feel the need to use it. It’s pretty pointless.

        3D or not 3DS games are goddamn amazing, though.


      2. I know this is your opinion but you’re wrong when you say the 3D doesn’t do anything. It obviously does when many of the people who use the 3DS always keep the 3d on.


    1. good point and yet sad its already sold about half of what the wiiu did. But if people really played the wiiu they would love it. I can play on the game pad in my bedroom while other are playing the ps3 or watching tv. And the web browser is fast and works the best over 3ds,vita, 360 or ps3. dont know how well the ps4 or xbox 1 browers do


  1. WELL DONEANIMAL CROSSING! even though I hate(or any life sim aprt from SimCity and……smash.(lol….life for me. too many universes came together!) that game but WELL DONE!


    1. I don’t know why people think it looks bad… it literally looks like a 3DS, but their is no space in the center where a clam shall design would be…

      It’s also wedge shaped, but who judges a console’s appearance from it’s side view?…not to mention a wedge isn’t exactly an “ugly” shape.


      1. We must move quickly. The Xbots are relentless. If they are not all destroyed, it will be civil war without end. First, I want you to go to the Xbot frat house. We will catch them off balance. Do what must be done, Nintendo commander. Do not hesitate. Show no mercy. Only then will you be strong enough with the 3DS to save Nintendos voldtekts maskin.


      2. The sexist Xbots were none the wiser, an ingenious plan to make them feel secure, well done Commander! For as we know Xbots are sexist cave dwellers who see women as objects. They paid the price for their ignorance.


      3. I have managed to convert over twenty Xbots to our cause, the rest were… discreetly dealt with. Those who survived fleed to sonyans for support, they were given none.


  2. Oh 2DS, I loathe you so much. Die in a hole.
    XL all the way. After I upgraded to XL I looked at the inventory screen on my friend’s original 3DS and it seemed so tiny. I don’t know how people put up with it.


    1. I want to get an XL, I still have an original 3DS from launch, lol. The only issue I have with the 3DS XL is that is has the same resolution despite having a larger screen, doesn’t that mean that the sceen is very pixelated?


      1. im a owner of xl and used to have 3ds TRUST me it makes literally no difference! everything is much better, literally, everything,. the sound, look, feel, 3d effect, everything.


      2. yes. the biggest problem with it is that yiu can see the bottom screen and circle thing at the top after a while and you can see the fingerprints so much. xl much better anyway. sold the most also.


      3. that happens to me. I think I got double vision………..or because I have bad eyesight. happens rarly with xl. I need glasses anyway and then it would be normal. I don’t mind.


    2. you easily get used to it. first time I upraded to xl it was huge,. then I looked at 3ds after a few days of having xl and it really is tiny.


      1. out of context but I used to think king dedede was a duck……………………………………………………………………………XD!


  3. SICKR

    Your article is weird. Can you please elaborate on such a vague article.

    Granted, this is great that they sold so many, but what does this mean for Nintendo?

    Can these sales improve Nintendo’s standing in the gaming console arena?

    With these sales of 2ds, do you feel the console is viable for consumers? Important to have?

    Does the sales of AC:New Leaf mean the game should be imported to Wii U to improve console sales, since the sales are so dramatic on the 3/2DS?

    What about Pokemon?

    I have more questions… but… lets start small.


  4. who is this ‘Nintendo Commander’ tit? he already said he doesnt have a wii u so by my calculations he is part of the problem that nintendo is currently having, if ur a fan, support the system, theres already enough games out on it to justify the purchase. Jesus hes on here spewing garbage every article about ‘high command’ sounding like a fucking nutcase and he doesnt even have the system?????


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