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Developer Confirms Retro City Rampage Won’t Come To Wii U

Vblank Entertainment has confirmed that Retro City Rampage won’t come to Wii U. Partly because it can already be purchased on Wii U via Wii Mode, the game will not be ported to Nintendo’s latest console. Meanwhile, a Nintendo 3DS version of the title – Retro City Rampage: DX – has gone gold and is due to launch this month in the handheld’s Nintendo eShop.


    1. Yeah, I can understand that too, considering he didn’t make money yet on the regular Wii version cause of the old rules.

      1. ‘Cause you can hold the same attitude around highly worshipped children as with adults.

        LOL, next time I visit a bookstore I’m heading towards the kids’ section to look for porno.

  1. Either way, the game’s kinda boring (Played it on PS3 and Vita), derivative and just not that good. No loss here people, move along.

    1. No loss here because you didn’t like RCR?

      I’d think it’s not a huge loss, since you can still purchase and access it through Wii Mode… but I guess your reason is more sensible.

    1. Well, of course it’s just my opinion. Every game that gets made is liked by someone, if only by the people who test it.
      I just think it’s really aimless, unoriginal and it has nothing really special going for it. Hey, I bought it on Vita, day one, was really hopeful and I was dissapointed. While technically and visually the game is great, it’s predictable, full of shallow pop culture and videogame reference (just for the hell of them) and doesn’t surprise at all.
      I’ve been playing videogames for more than 20 years this april, so I may be just jaded and sick of derivative unoriginal junk.

    1. Why?

      It’s not coming to other Eighth Generation consoles either, not just Wii U. Why be upset that it’s not coming to Wii U specifically?

      Your loss.

  2. Is there any surprise? It’s not coming to PS4 and Xbox One, sooo….
    Also, the Wii U is the only “Next-gen” console that you can play it on.

    Also, also, I actually asked him this forever ago, and he said that other projects probably would come to Wii U. (source: https://twitter.com/RetroCR/status/355837536976900096 )

    I’m a huge fan of the developer. He’s a cool guy, his games are awesome, and he seems to be the only developer that is truely unbiased with what consoles he releases his games on. Other developers should look up to him.

  3. i hope nintendo will not cancel mk and zelda. poor U
    lol i would never buy it on wii.
    my wii is gone.
    every hc gamer who loves nintendo has a wii U. and this peoples buys RCR.
    not a 10 year old kid.
    sorry are the publisher so dum outhere.
    Marketing… whats that :-)

  4. I for one would jizz myself just for all the pop culture during my favorite era. Then again I already have this game for the ps3 but it aint no wii u pad nah mean?

  5. who is this ‘Nintendo Commander’ tit? he already said he doesnt have a wii u so by my calculations he is part of the problem that nintendo is currently having, if ur a fan, support the system, theres already enough games out on it to justify the purchase. Jesus hes on here spewing garbage every article about ‘high command’ sounding like a fucking nutcase and he doesnt even have the system?????

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