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Nintendo Will Acquire Up To 9.5 Million Of Its Own Shares Tomorrow

Nintendo has announced that it will acquire up to 9.5 million of its own shares by tomorrow morning. During the Q3 financial results reveal, the corporation planned to buy back up to 10 million of its shares by the end of March, equalling 125,000 million yen. But after a 4.3 per cent fall in its shares last week, Nintendo has made the smart move to repurchase stock at a lower point.

The 9.5 million shares – equating to 7.43 per cent – will be acquired on February 4 by the company at a closing price of 12,025 yen. Nintendo expect to buy back shares worth up to 114,237 million yen, but an announcement will follow detailing the exact amounts after the acquisition.  Nintendo said the following in a statement:

“The Company has been informed by the shareholders who inherited shares from Mr. Hiroshi Yamauchi, the late Executive Advisor, that they desire to sell their holdings of the Company’s common shares.”

64 thoughts on “Nintendo Will Acquire Up To 9.5 Million Of Its Own Shares Tomorrow”

      1. Lol. No they aren’t. The wii u not selling well doesn’t mean they’re close to bankruptcy. iirc, they’re sitting on around $10 billion.

      2. They aren’t even close, 2 years in the red didn’t even amount to 5% of their asset value, nintendo is buying their own stock so they have better control of their company, possibly to secure an acquisition or merger deal, bankruptcy would require a much longer period of much heavier losses.

      3. Are you retarded? They have over 8billion in cash. They could operate at a loss for the next 50 years and not go bankrupt.

        1. Troll score 2/5.
          You made me chuckle, not in a “oh gawd that was funny” kinda way, more like a “damn that was silly” way.

            1. Sony is a terrible investment. Their stock has been given ‘junk’ status as recent as a few days ago. Not saying the Sony brand is failing just yet (they have a sound insurance division, and moving into selling cheaper TVs is helping), but it’s the opposite of a sound investment. Nintendo are at a price ~$500 per share lower than 5 years ago, gain more control and given they’ll now have more than 15% of their own stock in the treasury, even a small rise in price earns them a ton should they re-sell in future.

            2. Troll score 1/5.
              Don’t try too hard, you’ll only blow your changes.
              You shouldn’t act like an obvious fanboy, subtle hints are ok, but try not to take it too far.

            3. “De Nile isn’t just a river in Egypt.” If you’re completely serious, you’re in denial if you think Nintendo isn’t a profitable company.

        2. Sony? You mean the company that’s making huge losses every year, and has significantly for debt than Nintendo? Yes… Very competitive…

        3. Just to throw it out there, Sony’s shares are worth less than Nintendo’s. Investers buy shares on what they can buy back, even with the recent drop Nintendo still has higher share price than Sony, also Sony has been losing money in the recent years From Phones, Handhelds laptops and TV’s in which recent years they just started to make it back from the Phone industry, however they’re still losing $ in the TV and laptops market.

      1. Guys, the person with the Captain N icon and Nintendo direct meme for a name has something impartial to contribute to the discussion!

    1. Wait…..what?

      “Nintendo to buy it’s 9.5 million of it’s own shares”.
      “Why would they buy into such a shitty unprofitable company?”

      ….*shrug* desperate times call for desperate trolls it seems.

    2. Nintendo is buying back shares from those who inherited Yamauchi’s shares after his death.
      And what the hell are you talking about? Nintendo is more profitable than both Sony and Microsoft’s gaming divisionsø

  1. who is this ‘Nintendo Commander’ tit? he already said he doesnt have a wii u so by my calculations he is part of the problem that nintendo is currently having, if ur a fan, support the system, theres already enough games out on it to justify the purchase. Jesus hes on here spewing garbage every article about ‘high command’ sounding like a fucking nutcase and he doesnt even have the system?????

    1. Yes.
      It shows that they’ve got confidence in their product, and it will also free up some of their stock and turn them into a slightly more private company.
      It won’t free them up completely, but it will get rid of some of the investors that were formerly expecting Nintendo to bend over backwards to please them.

      In other words, Nintendo is removing some dead weight by paying to reacquire their stocks, so that they can be a bit more free to do what they want to do.

      1. Good analysis. From what I gather it means that Nintendo will be able to use its reserve funds more easily, which they need to do in order to expand their company through mergers and acquisitions (which they said that they’d do earlier). That’s good for us, because it eventually leads to more Wii U games!

  2. it baffles me that he can get into heated discussions with people about loyalty and nintendo and not be supporting them, idiot

    1. He’s a college student who can’t afford to invest in a WiiU yet. He is getting one in a few months. I think it was smart to wait. He’ll get a better deal for certain.

      Stop being so arrogant. You act like money grows on trees.

      1. i dont act like anything friend. I dont indulge in heated discussions about ps4 or xbox one as i dont own one just as he should not get involved in wii u discussions, and forgive me if im wrong but isnt a ‘Commander’ supposed to do everything he can to ensure the survival of his troops? Well were dying out there and he aint nowhere to be seen

      2. Seriously! Some of these people act like everyone can just afford to buy video game consoles whenever they want. It doesn’t work that way for some people. Besides, there is more to life than just video games. For Nintendo Commander, it’s college.

          1. There’s more to supporting than just buying something. He’ll get a Wii U eventually. It’s like saying “If you really want to support the Wii U, bye every game it gets!” That’s a stupid thing to tell someone to do. Even if the person could afford to do so, why bother buying a game they might not even like? Or they might not even want to keep once they beat the main game? Besides, it isn’t like the Wii U will die if he doesn’t buy one in the next month or so. >.< Some of you people bashing him need to chill out & go play your Wii U. Play a calm, quiet game, though.

  3. Lol this won’t help wii u sales lmao…….due to the successful launch and sales of my game KNACK which sold more then the HD version of the 3ds hit title SML3D my superior Yoshida sama has ordered me to work on KNACK 2, due for release in 2016

    KNACK was created with the intention of being a Mario killer and thanx to all the playstation fans for making my dream come true

    1. Troll score 1/5.
      You really should put some more effort to your posting.
      It feels you really should reinvent yourself.
      Don’t try to pull shit that has already been dissolved by the time you post it.
      This in no way means, that you can’t achieve something, just keep practicing, and try again later.

  4. it’s fortunate for nintendo that they have such an easy opportunity of acquiring this many shares
    usually it’s a long process to buy back shares

    and i’m reasonably certain that the rest of the shares in the possession of yamauchis relatives are also in safe hands

  5. Good…

    The sacred resources from our “Fallen God” Yamauchi cannot be left in the defiled hands of these Titans!

    Soon High Command will enpower itself from within and unleash its influence even more than the Wii did!

    1. what did you just call the relatives of yamauchi, who were so kind as not to sell the shares to the first interested party and put up with yamauchi’s cold heartedness all these years?

      seriously your bullshit is going too far

  6. maybe this was nintendos plan all along, put expectations to high and then lower them so they could buy stock in their own company for cheap.

  7. personally I think Nintendo has some tricks up its sleeve. they have been counted out many times nb4 then slap faces with a comeback. o and knack isn’t and never will be a Mario killer it sux donkey balls I tried it and was like wtf is this garbage ouch my eyes lol Mario is as recognized as mickey mouse and could ezily be used to sell tons of merchandise which I think Nintendo will abort old ways and allow it to happen. theres a possibility they are in talks with leg to produce some lego sets of their franchises that’s an absolute gold mine if they allow that. youll never see any of sonnies franchises so sought after. I do own a playstation as well but am getting sick of Nintendo hate cuz I like both the vita I sold cuz it was the true flop even with advertisining its the dumping ground for lots of shovelware, and the games I waited in anticipation for sucked so bad :( whats with the piss poor frame rate even the 3ds can do 60fps but the vita don’t accomplish a steady framerate even on ported ps2 titles why is that?

    1. I too believe Nintendo has something brewing, I’m actually excited, hoping they do something big, and shut up all the trolls and the negative media.

    1. Still doesnt change the scores its been getting compared to Mario…. and oh yea, werent you the one who said just because it has sales doesnt mean it was good for the wii? Counterintuitive much….

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