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Konami Releasing Seven Major Console Games During 2014 & Another Seven In 2015

Analyst David Gibson has revealed via Twitter that Konami have seven major consoles games due out this year and a further seven due sometime next year.  We already know that they’re developing Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2, PES15, Professional Baseball Spirits 2014, and New Loveplus Plus, while the remaining two remain a mystery. Let’s hope we get something for Nintendo platforms.

25 thoughts on “Konami Releasing Seven Major Console Games During 2014 & Another Seven In 2015”

  1. Who freaking cares, Sickr? this is obviously your excuse to say later “None of these games are coming to Nintendo consoles”

    1. and who freaking cares>
      this are news and they are not confirmed. Nintendo as a gamig company, is assumed to be on their plans, until they told otherwise.
      we fucking care

    2. Well the Wii U hasn’t had good news in like ages, so what else do you expect him to post? Deal with it, or piss off to another gaming blog site.

      1. Listen you arrogant prick people read sites like this for NINTENDO news. You fucking retard, don’t be a dick just cause this person expects a pro Nintendo site to post Nintendo related news

  2. We need only 1 game for the WII U… a brand new Mystical Ninja (Goemon) HD 3D platformer adventure 100 % Bizarre like the 1st title for the Nintendo 64 .. FOR GOD SAKE!

  3. Yeah yeah #weaku have #nogames #RIPnintendont
    GOD please die nintendo seriously DIE for god sake you are ruinning the full industry please leave sony reign they deserve it since psx DIE FUCKING ASSHOLE AND KILL THOSE GAY LINKS MARIOS DKS AND FUCKEVER

      1. I don’t know whats going on but gaming is no longer about games. Which means Nintendo is in serious trouble. I own a ps4 and it sucks shit (it really does) I havnt used it in almost a month, but the world loves it, just like the 99 cent games/apps and their iphones. The industry have successfully brainwashed millions of children and weak minded adults. I weep for our future as I pray for the illuminati to “fix” the human being.

    1. Trust me, you’ll die first, anyway, you’re a troll and if you want them to die do yourself a favor, stop coming to this site then.

  4. I think the only way anything will come to Nintendo platforms now is if Nintendo throws money at Konami which is sad. I wish something would come but I’m not holding my breathe.

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