Nintendo Canada Is Running A Spectacular Competition For Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze

If you are from Canada and wish to get your hands on a trip to Whistler Blackcomb then read on. Nintendo Canada is running a competition called Banana Mania. This competition has one Grand Prize and five second place prizes. The Grand Prize is a trip to Whistler Blackcomb for up to four people and includes flights, private lessons, accommodation, and everything you need to have a grand time. Grand prize winners will also get a Wii U console with a copy of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and they’re also throwing in a Wii Remote and nunchuck. If you don’t manage to win the grand prize then five lucky people will be eligible to get a Wii U with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.


      1. He is never gone…

        He is like the Xbots, a disease that doesn’t know when to quit…

      2. youre right, but hope is the only thing.
        the problem is now the same, like before with mass effect 3 or deus ex.
        when the game comes to the U, they wont sell good, because the most people have it already.
        the most u owner has a ps3/360 etc.

  1. Here are some numbers for ya, good luck Canadians.

    Donkey Kong average size is= 4’5″, ~ 1.3970mts
    Each size of the box is about= ~3′ 6089″, ~ 1.1mts
    Volume of the box= ~ 1.331mts^3
    Average size of a banana is= 5.5″ ~ 0.1397mts
    Diameter of a banana= 32mm ~ 0.032mts

    Takes about=
    ~8 bananas long
    ~34 bananas high
    ~8 bananas wide

    Total bananas= Not quite sure, but I think they are about ~2176 bananas or maybe ~8192 bananas in that box… Anyway, I’m not Canadian, and I’m bad in math, so… yeah… good luck :v

      1. I really don’t care. If your read the last lines I said 1. “I am not Canadian”, and 2. “I’m bad in math” I think that was clear enough. If you have a better result, then good for you.

    1. Damn Danada.
      The length and width cant both be 8. If you look at it from length-wise, the banana are pretty long (thats what she said), But width-wise should be about equal to the diameter. The height should be diameter * X (due to curvature adding to height, could be anywhere from 1.1-2 times more than D).
      I counted 7-8 across (L) and ~23 up (H). The front to back (W) should be a minimum of 23, but i’d guess about ~35 (~50-55% more than 23).
      7.5 * 23 * 35 = ~5951

    1. Ya but i think that there may of been contests only aimed for Americans so this is for Canadians now. Plus maybe they got paid buy that ski place to promote their slopes so thats why they are aiming it at Canadians. Vancouver is in Canada :p

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