Capcom Will Continue To Put Out “High-Powered” Content, More Unannounced Games On The Way


Capcom’s Consumer Game Business Executive Corporate Officer Katsuhiko Ichii has told investors that the firm is committed to bringing out what it calls high-powered content for gaming platforms. Ichii also announced that the company is “pushing ahead” with the development of some unannounced games. These games will use the new Panta Rhei engine which powers Deep Down. However, this engine looks to be targeting PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while the MT Framework engine is for Xbox 360, Wii U, PlayStation 3.

“In North America Capcom faces fierce competition in the home video game market, but we’ll continue to put out high-powered content. We intend to enhance our marketing and game development capabilities for next-gen consoles and develop games which attract more users.”

“Essentially we have two policies: Because we’re involved in the field of entertainment, the first would be to “always create new content”. Our second policy is to enhance our existing brands in a way that enables us to “always exceed the expectations of users”. Putting these policies into practice is not an easy thing to do. There are a lot of things that need to be considered, such as technological capabilities and business models. I place the greatest emphasis on whether content offers something that is original or unique. I believe this sense of “originality” is a determining factor in the value and appeal of a brand, and it is what motivates an individual to purchase the product. Technological prowess is no more than a means, and making full use of simply that does not mean you are going to beat the competition in the market. The first thing that needs to be laid out is the vision for a title. Once that is done, the next thing is to deliver unique content for each target region.”


  1. DAM YOU CAPCOM!!!!!! use the new engine for wii u too! MEH. stll games and monster hunter 4 coming to west :)

      1. I haven’t seen any place confirming that. I’m pretty sure it would run just fine as any other so-called “next-gen” engine can, but 3rd parties won’t bring them to the Wii U. No Fox ,no Luminous, no Unreal 4, no Frostbite, and not this either. The only 3rd party 8th-gen engines I know of on the Wii U are CryEngine and Unity.

      2. I checked that site earlier. I didn’t see where Capcom confirmed anything. I just saw where they said that the engine was adaptable. Hardly a confirmation. Like I said, I know that the Wii U far beyond capable, but I’ve never heard Capcom even infer that it will be supported on the Wii U.

        Do you have a link where they confirmed this?

      3. Okay. I thought you were talking about the Capcom engine. But I never heard this about Luminous. Hopefully it will be USED on something on the Wii U.

      4. It is.

        Sickr’s a little bitch for deleting all my links.

        We should kick his ass!


  3. If they bring something it will probably be some delayed crap like the others did. At least I can play on mh3u to come over this feeling…

  4. Damn it Capcom! Get your asses to make Resident Evil 2 with the MT Framework engine! Stop making Resident Evil 4 ports. There are so many already. Angry hugs!

  5. Probably another crappy mobile, I’d like a new Mega Man of any series, but then again, it’s Crapcom, they suck…

    1. If they do something for wiiu, then it will probably be a port like “super resident evil 4 ultimate HD alpha special Ops – refurbished edition”

    1. deep down

      tho it’s still questionable whether the final game will actually look like that or if that video material was.. tampered with

      wouldn’t be the first time something like that happens

      haven’t seen any material since its announcement

      1. I haven’t even heard of it, kind of reminds me of Skyrim. Is it suppose to be like Skyrim?

      2. not really
        it’s a dungeon crawler, meaning you’ll spend most of the time exploring dungeons

        in the meantime i took a look at some gameplay material that’s been released since the reveal… maybe it’s just me but the reveal trailer looked more impressive
        still having the impression that the reveal trailer was .. modified

      3. yeah.. seen them now.. and i didn’t have the impression that any of them looked quite as good as the initial trailer

  6. I think Crapcom has already keeps making mistake after mistake
    first the Ultra Expansion for SF4
    Then the Disc DLC
    then abandoning Megaman
    and now this
    I love to see that the framewrok they only know is for the last gen consoles, no wonder the WiiU can run it perfectly
    I wonder when they will realize the real potential of the WiiU

    1. I’ve given up on 3rd parties and the Wii U. It’s a lost cause. I’m just waiting to see if Iwata will make good in his promises of mergers and acquisitions.

      1. Indie games period are going to be what saves the industry after the crash that IS coming. I agree that AAA games have gotten bloated, overstated, over-budgeted, and overrated. I can’t remember that last 3rd party AAA game that I had a blast with. The last one I bought was Gears Of War: Judgement and that sucked ass all over the place. I probably won’t buy another one. I’ll stick with 1st party stuff on all three consoles.

  7. consoles can be over rated its all about the software and if Nintendo creates lego sets of their franchises then its bye bye phony sony. name 1 sony franchise that’s made as many sales or as much money as the Zelda franchise. no1 will ever be able to becuz there isn’t 1. I sold my playstation stuff and cant remember any of their 1st party games but some of the third party still stand out in my mind. its no wonder that sony is so low on money. so for me it will be an alienware steam machine running the steam OS and a wii u to have all the best software covered with the steam machine that is 5 times the power of ps4 what would be the point of owning a ps4 ?

  8. people don’t know the definition of next gen it has nothing to do with technology or graphics its the next predecessor of a system there fore true logic dictates wii u is next gen as 3ds is next gen hand held so if people want it to br about power and specs aka Capcom don’t seem to have a dictionary. by the same logic ps4 and xcrap 1 wouldn’t be next gen either that title would solely belong to pc as its 2 years ahead of every consoles that’s new. if u have a child they are next gen people don’t say they cant be next gen they are not yet big and strong. so people pull out a dictionary to help u,

  9. Wow so many whiny people.
    MT framework is in use for the consoles mentioned above – yet didn’t mention where they will be using Panta Rhei.

    They just said “Multi Plat Next Gen”. So PC won’t get Panta Rhei (even though a cheap PC can run as good as a PS4?)

    Stop getting ur knickers in a twist. It’s probable that they are just working on one or two titles with that engine at the moment, but it will be in use for the next 5-7 years (at least).

  10. That’s pretty cool. Would be cool if they made an exclusive for the Wii U.

    They have Dead Rising as an Xbox One exclusive, Deep Down as a PS4 exclusive, now the Wii U needs something (not Monster Hunter).

  11. Just the fact that they’re using the words “high-powered content” is almost like saying, “We’re skipping the Wii U”. Even though the Wii U has a lot of power of it’s own, but you know what I mean. Sounds like they’re only concentrating on feeding the needs of graphics whores *cough, PS4. *Cough, Xbox One.

    1. Stop acting the victim.

      They never even said that at all. The Wii U has been out longer, so games in development have been using MT.

      They haven’t announced what games/platforms Pants Rhei is on. High power content just means good games across the board.

      Stop. Please. SMH

  12. So Wii U and PC gets stuck with the last gen plebs yet the “Next Gen” consoles get the more fancier engine? That’s not right -_-

    1. They didn’t say Wii U won’t get that engine did they

      They just said that they are using MT for Wii U.
      Just because MT is used on Wii U does not mean that Panta Rhei won’t be as well.

      Same with PC.

  13. LMFAO!!!Even Nintendo;s great friend Capcom think the Wii U is last gen according to their new diagram above.
    So more high powered games are gonna miss the gimmick U!!

  14. im wii u fan, but this is life, and its true, the u is just ps3.1 a 7 year old console.
    its the same like buying today a iphone 1. nobody does that ;-)
    sorry nintendo, was an epic fail to make the u so powerless.
    you did not learn anything with the wii situation.

    1. @Frentz,
      But for people like myself (who’s never played an HD game console until the Wii U), I can’t see any problem with it. The graphics looks breathtaking and beautiful, so I don’t see what people’s problems are? Why does everything have to have more power than another just to get people interested? As long as a successor console is improved over the previous console, that’s all that matters in my opinion. If the Playstation and Xbox consoles didn’t exist, everyone would be thrilled with the Wii U.

      1. @Nintendo Sage
        I know what youre meaning.
        For me ist also a new (nintendo) world, never before a Zelda (not windwaker) or Metroid was in HD.
        For those People the only hade Nintendo Consoles ist great, but those People are less. I had 7 gaming friends growing up with Nintendo.
        all of them had a Nintendo 64 and then…it was the last Nintendo consoles. All of them are know Sony customers.
        Just of them buyed a Wii, because his son.
        So even me… buys every Sony console when its cheap.
        With the U… the old Gamers would not come back, with this old machine. The Casual and Familys stay with there Wii or changed to tabletts etc.
        Know you see the Problem… there almost no Gamers left for Nintendo.
        No Gamers, so selling of the console, no Support with the games.
        Developers wonna go further, with the U ist the same Generation that they worked wiht the last 7 years.
        In the past the Nintendo Konsole was always up to date, and everybody had woooaaahhh on the grapihcs (SNES, DKC, Rendering Ranger, Contra, / NES SMB3, MM6, Little Samson) and now… thats all gone.
        I love Nintendo, but the made a big mistake.
        The wont go under know… but lose a lot of Money.
        If the U was similar to PS4.., the gamer would come back with the U slowly an in the next Generation (PS5 Wii U2) Nintendo would have there Fanbase back.

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