New US Club Nintendo Rewards Are Up

Nintendo of America has updated its Club Nintendo rewards and there’s some classic retro themed games in the lineup. As usual a couple of games state that they are for Wii U when in actual fact they only run on the Wii U using Wii Mode. Here’s the games you can get your hands on with those coins that you’ve saved up.

  • Punch Out: Wii U
  • Super Mario RPG Wii/Wii U
  • Donkey Kong Jr: 3DS
  • Pictobits: 3DS

Thanks, Blake and Lyle


      1. Except you can’t play these Wii VC games without a classic controller…which needs to be purchased separately…

    1. It’s too bad I can’t play this game…since I got no compatible controllers to play it on my Wii….. :(
      Oh well, I don’t have time for a long game like this, but still…..I’m missing out on a really good game! D:

      1. They still sell Wiimotes & Classic Controllers for the Wiimotes, so just buy the needed parts if you really want to play it.

      2. I know, but me not having any money is part of the problem. There are still many other things (accessories, games, ect) that I would rather spend my money on.

  1. |CLUB NIN UK ARE STILL THE WORST!!!!!!!!! not even a single game part from a whole gameand wtahc console with 1 little game is on there…………

      1. He was probably born way after it was released on the supernintendo… probably a COD generation kid… who knows xD
        But Super Mario RPG is anything but garbage…

  2. Without any of fanboyism, how good is super mario RPG? Is it better than the mario and luigi RPGs? Never had opportunity of playing this/never knew it existed so I’m wondering if it’s good because I hear a lot of good things about it.

    1. paper mario and mario & luigi rpgs pretty much came from Mario rpg. If you like those then you’ll like it. I would say mario rpg is better though, there’s something about it. Plus the battle song is way more catchy.

  3. Nintendo should have a Virtual Console Club where you get to have any free virtual console games you pick once a week.

  4. *heads straight for Club Nintendo* Another free game that I’ll eventually only have to pay $1.50+tax for to get on Wii U & play it using the Gamepad’s off-tv play feature. The final boss in Super Mario RPG might have been infuriating to beat, but I’ll do my best this time around!

  5. The Mario RPG!?!?!? :O I’ve never played it, but people go nuts for Geno in Smash lol!

    …maybe I should get it to see what all the hullabaloo is for Geno.

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