Nintendo Says It Made No Complaints About ‘Flappy Bird’

Nintendo spokesman Yasuhiro Minagawa has told the Wall Street Journal that the company didn’t make any complaints about the smash hit mobile game, Flappy Bird. A number of publications pointed out the similarity in art assets between the popular title and Nintendo’s Mario series, but Nintendo says it wasn’t too concerned. The creator of Flappy Bird has pulled the game from the App Store as he wasn’t happy with the attention the game had brought him.

“While we usually do not comment on the rumors and speculations, we have already denied the speculation” last week, he said.


    1. you just went full retard… never go full retard. I don’t even believe you are trolling so even if you say you’re trolling I won’t believe you because I seen your type of stupidity everyday… so good work on being labeled one of the dumbest people in history

      1. *just stares at with amazement* Yes. The character that is bigger & more recognized than Mickey Mouse totally sucks. Kids…

    1. Lol my score is 101 yes it is addicting and frustrating but I love it. Not too happy about them pulling it bought a new IPad mini and now I can’t even play it on my IPad mini. Hopefully when I sync it it’ll load on it but some how I don’t think so :-(

    1. Yeah and when u warp down the 50th pipe in Flappy Bird ur taken to the negitive world… swear to Gawd.

  1. App developer is an idiot. He doesnt HAVE to give any interviews or respond to questions/attention. Dude was making 50k/ A DAY off ads. Why the hell would ANYONE pull the #1 app in the world that was producing that kind of income???!!! Damn shame, i wouldve just had the money put into a savings account and disappeared for a few months until the hype died down and been a multi millionaire.

    1. I totally agree with you but I think their biggest bitch was the fact that the adverts interfered with the game play, that is my main bitch because everytime an advert popped up the game had a slight glitch then the bird would crash, that’s the only thing I did not like about the game but all they had to do was add and advert removal option and the issues would’ve been resolved

      1. On my Flappy Bird ads only appear outside of gameplay i.e. on the title screen and after you’ve died.

  2. Has nobody noticed that floppy bird stole more than their style of pipes? The whole concept is just like balloon fight for the NES.

  3. Has nobody noticed that he stole more than the Mario pipes? The whole game is a rip off of Balloon Fight for the NES.

      1. I’ll agree with you there. Every time a new casual mobile game takes off, I just drop my jaw at what’s popular these days…to me, this was quite possibly a new level of low.

  4. Too bad the guy is shy, I know people who are obsessed with his game. I tried it out and it is challenging and I could see why people would get obsessed over it.

    Oh well, I’m sure the rip-offs are coming or are already here lol!

  5. my high score is zero because i dont have a smartphone and i play real games and some android apps that are games, i know you saying how the hell do i play android games if i dont own a smartphone, its simple, i borrow a friends phone and play games he/she and i are onto like valkyrie crusade (card game) and rpg games made by kemco. i dont get why people whine about games like super mario 3d world not coming to ios and android when a simple answer is mario belongs to nintendo and can only be played on hardware made by nintendo, if you dont like it then you must have been mentally molested by a ginger cow calling you the biggest retard that is more retard than an actual retard.

  6. you know what games i want on wii u and 3ds? guacamelee, spelunky, and rouge legacy. why? well its all thanks to jwittz who has like 3 channels and one is called wittzgaming and makes me wanna play them.

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