Original Creator Of Skylanders Developing New Nintendo 3DS Skylanders Game

Toys for Bob, the original development team behind the incredibly popular Skylanders franchise, is reportedly developing a brand new Skylanders game for the Nintendo 3DS. Details are fairly scarce, but the last Skylanders game developed by Toys for Bob was Skylanders Giants for home consoles and handheld. The game received an average review score of 80 on Metacritic.


    1. a smash version $$$$$$ . but with only Nintendo characters.i still cant wait until: link,zelda, samus, Kirby, Pikachu, ice climbers, pit and fox are GUEST characters as playable in Mario kart and each have their own kart that they could use and everyone else :)

  1. Is the Skylanders games any good? I have Skylanders Swap Force (only because it came with my Wii U, but I have no interest in playing it. It just seems like a kiddy game. Especially with the little figures and stuff. Is this one of those “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” moments?

  2. I made a new Skylander. Actually, it’s two Skylanders in one. Their names are Zig and Zag. Zig and Zag are a two-headed skeleton with sky-blue eyes and horns (and of course they have a bony tail). Zig is the one with the longer horns and the shorter snout. Zag is the one with the shorter horns and the slightly longer snout. Their first attack is shooting black mist out of Zig’s mouth. Their second attack is shooting grey lightning out of Zag’s mouth. Their third attack is seperating themselves to become two different skeleton dragons. You control Zig, and Zag follows you and attacks when Zig attacks in this mode. they have 200 health. Their heads look like Spyro’s, except Zig has the longer horns and Zag has the longer snout. Their platform pose is standing with all four of their legs apart and their mouths open, like they’re roaring, and an angry-like expression on their faces. Their voices sound like Spyro’s, except more low-pitched. Their catchphrase is, “The heads of them all!” When they die, they sit on their hind legs, cross their front legs over their chest and glare at each other.

  3. When I was watching a skylanders SWAP force trailer, at the end I saw Rattle Shake take off his hat. XD IT WAS SO FUNNY I COULDN’T STOP LAUGHING HAHAHAHAHAHA

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