Ancel Hopes To Create “Memorable Moments” With “Strong Consequences” In Beyond Good And Evil 2

UK gaming magazine Edge has recently had the opportunity to speak to lead game designer Michel Ancel concerning the long-awaited release for Beyond Good and Evil 2. The action adventure sequel’s production was reportedly put on hold temporarily due to Ubisoft’s Montpellier division working on the Rayman franchise. But with Rayman Legends released last year on multiple platforms, Ancel’s team is back on track with the game’s development.

Speaking to Edge, Ancel believes that games have yet to create truly memorable moments, and he hopes to rectify that in Beyond Good and Evil 2 but claims that “it’s something that we need to work on.” He also says that exploration is a big part of the gaming industry and, though game design has evolved particularly in recent  years, Ancel believes the next step is to partially “move away” from graphics. Michel Ancel doesn’t lay down any specifics on the game, but it’s clear Beyond Good and Evil 2 is looking in a new direction.

“I think there are some very memorable moments in games, and in the one I’m working on we try to make moments memorable and [imbue them] with strong consequences. It’s not only about a single moment, but the whole journey that the player is led through in the world.

“In Beyond Good & Evil, we tried to make the player travel and discover different things, and I think it’s something that you really need… It’s like in a good story, or a good book, or a good movie: the whole book is supposed to bring you to this special moment. It’s meant to make you feel something very strong, even if it’s short. It’s something that we haven’t achieved yet [in the game industry]. I have the idea to build this kind of thing, but honestly, it’s something that we need to work on.

“When we did Beyond Good & Evil, we really wanted to make something different, even if it’s in the style of a classic action-adventure game, and make a real experience game.  I think that it’s a game that people are still discovering, and maybe these kinds of games still have a place. We’re all waiting for games like The Last Guardian, after all.

“We know how to take care with design better than before, but now the next step is to move away a little bit from the graphics. We know how to make games, but we need to work on how to make them really exciting and mysterious at the same time. We’ve made games with big cinematics and expensive sequences, and we’ve tried to make the games for millions of people. Now there are other explorations that we need to do.”


  1. Is this game even coming to the Wii U ? seeing with the whole watchdogs situation its going to be canceled lets face it .. Ubisofts sales are only 2% on the Wii U of what they earn across all of the platforms. Splintercell Blacklist only sold 35k .. Lol

    1. I believe Michel Ancel is one of the last few people at UbiSoft who still give a damn about the WiiU. Also, this “move away from graphics” is somewhat promising for a WiiU version (at least).

      he has expressed multiple times how he thinks the WiiU is a very impressive piece of hardware and how he loves Nintendo’s view on the improvement of gameplay through hardware, so, who’s to say.

      I just hope for one (bold) thing: if Ubi tells you to not develop it for the WiiU because it wouldn’t sell well, I hope he sees this as the right moment to leave this company and found his own studio.

  2. lets admit it, it would sell best on the wiiu, so if it ever comes out, the wiiu version will somehow be sabotaged…

    1. How so Mr. Fake? How does this solidify that it, in fact, will not be coming to Wii U? Because they are deciding to focus on gameplay rather than graphics which is the exact same M.O of Nintendo? Did you even bother reading the article? Please child, don’t belittle the name of an intelligent individual with your snobbish, ignorant comments.

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