DFC Says PlayStation 4 And Xbox One Will Both Reach 100 Million Units, Around Same As Wii

The researchers at DFC Intelligence believe that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will both reach 100 million units sold. The original Wii which launched back in 2006 exceeded the 100 million units sold mark. The firm expects PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to reach the 100 million units sold by 2020. The company says it has modeled price cuts into that, but think they will happen fairly slowly. DFC says things could change if a new console was added to the marketplace.


      1. If XB360 did 81mil worldwide and only 1.6 mil in Japan. Then it has every chance you morons

      1. Pure opinion, but I like their opinion. Xbox is riding solely on 3rd party games, I don’t see any worth playing 1st party games.

      2. Original Fable was good, bungie developed Halos were good, now both of those ips have lost their magic imo. They also have all those great Rare ips like Banjo but most/all of them seem to killed and Rare sucks nowadays, which is sad because if Rare would be on their prime i would gladly support Xbox brand, Killer Instinct on One seems to have good reception but its not Rare developed so its not a suprise that it actually is good, im not sure is that one game worth it to buy a expensive. I think Ms would have good 1st party line up if they put all those good rare ips to use and put other devs than Rare to develop them.

      3. Oh GOD… Banjo Kazooie: Nutz and Boltz… THE HORROR!!!
        Wow… that game was just terrible. Cars? CARS?! WTFFFFFFFF!!!!

  1. I don’t believe so. I say it’ll be around 80mil again and for the wii u 50-60 mil unless they make huge changes

    1. Im rooting for the U, but dont think it will hit 50-60… Im guessing like 30-40m for the U.. and thats IF Nintendo doesnt ditch the system in 2 years for a new system. IF that happens, U will see 15-20m in sales.

      1. I shouldnt say ditch… they will very likely introduce a radically upgraded “2.0” system that is much easier to port games and has the gamepad as an accessory instead of being essential. Atleast thats what I would have done.

      2. which would be equivalent to ditching since those games would then not work on the wii u

        and no nintendo won’t do that

        they have ditched a system only once ever and that was the virtual boy which was such a devastating failure it probably pains them to mention it to this day.. and that they’ve done after half a year

        so if they’d planned on ditching the console you’d know by now

        the gamecube didn’t sell much better and they stood by it for 6 years regardless

      3. They were making money off the gamecube system though. WiiU is a money loser as it currently stands. Nintendo cant afford to sit on their ass and let the industry pass them by… well, they actually could seeing as how they have a nice sum of money on hand. I would rather them acquire studios and work hard to become the leader of the industry and the system that 3rd party studios aspire to release on, than fade into a niche market… which is where they are headed. It seems like they just want to press hard for the next big gimmick, instead of releasing a solid gaming experience targeting real gamers. Iwata spoke of “leapfrogging” current tech to “non wearables” as the future direction of the company. This sounds horrible to me. Are they looking at a clone of kinect? I personally hate kinect. I would rather have a nice controller in my hands than be moving/jumping around while getting frustrated with a game that doesnt really register that well.

        They got lucky with the Wii, but in essence that was just in reality an extension of the gamecube. A “2.0” of the gamecube that was developed for use on that system. Problem is when it was finally tooled up and ready to release, the other platforms were releasing new systems which forced Nintendo’s hand to release a non-hd, bridge system. I highly doubt Nintendo expected it to sell so well, but it did. Problem is, this system drove a wedge even further between 3rd party studios that didnt want to invest time in motion controls and non hd. (i know, boo hoo to the lazy developers, but whatevs) WiiU, in my opinion, is the system that wouldve been released had the motion controls been perfected much earlier on for the gamecube. It wouldve altered the gamecubes path greatly with a much larger bump in sales, and wouldve allowed Nintendo to release an HD system with the other platforms for the previous generation. My guess is Nintendo just didnt want to scrap the idea once the Wii took off and put the WiiU on the back burner, with a few tweaks here and there.

        Now Nintendo is trying to grab back all the casuals who picked up a wii.
        The problem with casuals is they have either moved on to phone/tablet games or will only purchase one or two pieces of software, which ultimately costs the company $$$.

        Essentially motion controls were both a savior and a curse to Nintendo. Had they come closer to the release or at the release of the GameCube, it would have been a juggernaut. Nintendo, likely, wouldve followed up with the WiiU which wouldve been on par with the other platforms at the time (im taking into account of not much better bc components likely got upgraded while it was on the back-burner) FInally we wouldve had a system that would have competed with the newest generation platforms on specs. Now Nintendo is looking to “leapfrog” which imo means that they want to blow past and offer a much more dynamic system than either other platforms, in hopes of entrenching ahead. Problem is, by that time, people will already own the other platforms and will have no interest in something that is marginally better or is a gimmick. Its a double edged sword, and it all really goes back to the time it took to perfect motion controls.


      4. “They were making money off the gamecube system though.”

        not initially

        not even close

        and sorry but the rest of your 2 comments is just way too long for me and skimming over them they don’t seem to have much to do with what i said anyway

      5. Yea I knid of went off on a tangent there. Wasnt really related to your point, just the overall point of gamecube era of nintendo moving forward. I thought it was a pretty interesting stance.

        By this point in the WiiU cycle vs Gamecube cycle, gamecube was making a ton more than wiiU.

      6. The fact that Nintendo is STILL losing $$ on WiiU is not a good sign and doesnt really compare to Gamecube, which was making $$ by this point in its cycle.

      7. by this time in the gamecube life cycle the gamecube had sold about 8 million units which is only about 2 million more than what the wii u has sold so far

        and nintendo earns money with the games not primarily with the consoles (the gamecube was subsidized aswell).. and at this time in the gamecube life cycle most nintendo released games weren’t a lot better off on the gamecube than they are now on the wii u

        the wii u, like the gamecube, still has the potential to earn them money.. if they ditch it now all it will have accomplished is make them lose money.. all the R&D would have been for naught
        they don’t lose money on the console sales (by now most likely) and they earn money on game sales… ditching it now would be stupid

        and besides: what would they do should they discontinue the wii u? developing a new console takes upwards of 3 years (wii u pre-development was started over 4 years prior to release).. they’d have nothing to replace it with for years to come

        even IF they decided to ditch it and replace it with a new console (which they won’t) it would be around for at least another 2-3 years

      8. Those games COULD work on the WiiU. Nintendo could easily push a patch to make the tablet controller an accessory with a pro controller being the main controller. The problem isnt the tablet controller, its Nintendo’s lack of illustrating its value. 90% of the time, it is just a map display. Really the only two games I can think of that couldnt be played with a patch are Nintendoland and Game&Wario. Both great games, but the fact is Nintendo has not invested enough to show the value to developers to put in the time/$$$ to develop unique content for the tablet. Developers will instead pull other content from the WiiU versions (gimp the game) and just throw up a map display, or will bypass the system all together.
        Every other game SM3DW, ect could have patches pushed for the MINIMAL use that each game has for the gamepad. So yes, a pro controller 2.0 system could work just fine. I expect the WiiU to have a life of 5 years before a followup system is rolled out. Thats pretty consistent with Nintendo’s release schedule though.

      9. “Those games COULD work on the WiiU”
        “a radically upgraded “2.0″ system that is much easier to port games”

        no.. no they couldn’t

        if the development process is changed, if so much as a single chip on the mainboard is switched out games developed for that console will *NOT* work on the old wii u

        “Nintendo could easily push a patch to make the tablet controller an accessory with a pro controller being the main controller”

        you can’t just start selling wii Us with optional tablet controller because, guess what, those games that need it wouldn’t work anymore

        besides: then it would really be degraded to a gimmick, because which developer would want to develop for an accessory that is completely optional? just look at the vita/ps3/ps4 if you want to know where that leads

        seriously do you see people complaining about a PC requiring a keyboard or a mouse to use? no
        so stop complaining about the tablet already and learn to accept it as part of the system, just like the wiimote was part of the wii

        if you don’t like the tablet controller just don’t buy games that require it.. you’ll never have to use it again, this time nintendo actually gave you a choice

        or ignore the wii u

        it’s entirely up to you, just stop complaining about it already

    2. at 60 mil???? … they’re selling 60k a month … hmmm … i just did the math … 1000 months … so, almost 100 years? … he he … ok Mr. Anonymous

      1. that’s the NPD numbers for january you’re quoting there (which are on top of that just estimates for now)

        i know it’s habitual for the US to think they’re the center of the universe, but really, they’re not

        nevertheless 60 million are of course unrealistic if current sales don’t pick up a lot

      2. Sometimes I feel bad for Americans. But then when I see all the things americans say , and all they do on the Internet and in public, I can’t help but to resent them for being such barbarians. I think I’m an awful person.:c

      3. The United States of America is the best country in the world because it’s a country made and supported by the world itself. We are immigrants and visionaries that come here as our home countries cannot provide what the U.S. can in order to shape our dreams. You’re not a horrible person. You are just mistaken in your view of us and don’t understand that there will be idiots and scum in the world no matter the country, and they always manage to voice out the loudest. You’re not an American and you’ve most likely ever immersed yourself in this country. But it is the best in the world and you’ll be surprised how jealous it makes others for some reason. Don’t be ignorant.

      4. you are immigrants and yet the US discriminated black people, who were immigrants themselves, until well into the 60ies
        black people are STILL at a disadvantage in the US to this day

        health insurance? basically at a level that it was at 100 years ago in europe

        but the US manages to spend 650 billion dollars yearly on the military for developing weapons that were intended for the cold war and so you can support an army that no one but the US themselves require in order to lead attack wars on unsuspecting and largely defenseless countries so to further their economic and world political interests

        don’t even get me started on your so called “democracy” which isn’t much better off than russia’s nowadays and theirs really cannot be called a democracy

        and yet at the same time you manage to be self righteous and flamboyant about it.. hilarious

        yes truly the best country in the world ;)

      5. Sadly you’re right, I didn’t say it was a perfect country. I just said that overall it is the best. Military spending is actually unknown, not even the majority of people in the government know where the fuck it goes. Racism is everywhere, not just the US, and black people here are treated fairly and at least in from personal experience in mostly all southern states which are supposedly the most racist ones, they have more chances to get a job than any white person because of the support they receive from both the government and the general public. The majority of the United States chose a black president because that’s what they wanted. Overall it’s impossible to eradicate imperfection because that will never happen, you can just get close enough but never there. I don’t want to hear opinions from a person who obviously gets his information from third party sources online and has most likely never lived anywhere except your own damn country, probably same city, your whole life.

    1. If they are called Xbots then yes…

      Divide the current numbers of the 360 by 3 and you get the real number…

      1. I like all 3 consoles. This is an unrealistic number. Unless the economy picks up very well, then this number will not be reached. They believe in 6 years time 200 million consoles sold by those 2. They must be expecting a lot of those consoles to fail. There is not 200 million gamers in gen 7. Consoles sold do not equal the amount of gamers. Bought all 3 consoles last gen and would be considered as one gamer.

      2. When the Xbox first came out, I just wasn’t appealed by it…

        When the Xbox 360 came out with all these media gimmicks, I disliked them…

        When the Xbox Done was mentioned, I just hated them because they stand today for everything gaming does not…

      3. I do not hate companies. I dislike people. Companies cannot harm or hurt me but people can.

      4. But they are run by people…

        The Xboxes are really the least of my problems with the Microsoft Realm…

      5. You shouldn’t have a problem at all. It doesn’t concern you, unless you’re in the gaming industry or currently a Stockholder. Ubisoftians.. really? Last time I checked I can work for Ubisoft and still be a Nintendo fan, grow up kiddo.

      6. Maybe it stands against all you believe in, but it’s a pretty darn appeal console to pretty much every mainstream gamer on earth – which is why it’s doing so good. Not to mention the 360, it’s a killer console and still does incredibly well.

      7. That’s the problem…

        Mainstream “gamers” aren’t real gamers because real gamers wouldn’t care about Media gimmicks…

      8. 740 million people in europe.. 320 million in the US… 130 million in japan .. 1.4 billion in china (which is just opening up to the market)
        you’d think there are more than 200 million potential gamers on the planet ;)

      9. i have no idea what i said or did to trigger that but i could have done very well without that info

      10. Unfortunately, it is not. Many people re buy consoles and they still just one gamer. Last gen, I bought 2 wii’s 2 PS3’s, and 2 360’s. That is 6 consoles by one gamer.


  3. PS4 maybe but not the Xbone… the PS4 is now 5.1 Million while the Wii U is 5.7 Million (About 0.1 Million) while the Xbox ONE…. Still has budged from 3.4 Million XD

      1. The numbers speaks before than fanboy BS opinion thats just without research. Still mad because its still in 3rd place, blowing up when running and still can’t do 1080p on the fly? lol

      2. I have nothing to do with the companies, it’s not like I’m an invester. So why would I, or anyone else get mad? Don’t forget how long the shitonu has been out.c;

      3. ༼ つ◕_◕༽つWHY YOU FAIL?༼ つ◕_◕༽つ

      4. Not really, seeing how both the Wii U and PS4 are selling twice as much than the Xbone… I’m sorry if I made the poor lil Xbot cry XD

    1. 1) the Xbox one is 100$ more so of course numbers are lower.
      2) nither system has any games, so these numbers are only from early adopters.
      3) Nintendo has money stored up, Microsoft has huge profits every year. Sony is doing every thing it can to not plunge further into debt.
      4) Sony probably won’t be around for another 7 years, the Xbox one is a great system with a lot to offer, and Nintendo can make up for lost time on their next system.

      1. Also, you sound like a damage controlling Xbot.
        Sony is actually doing incredibly well with the PS4 which is whats earning them money to stay alive but Microsoft…. I don’t see them surviving and the Xbone will be their last console since Windows isn’t doing great and the new SteamOS is coming out… the only one who isn’t going to last 5 years is Microsoft.

        Sorry kid but…

    1. Xbox One won’t reach those Numbers, PS4 will reach those numbers and the Wii U with Smash Bros AND more amazing exclusives on the way will surpass those numbers :D

      1. To be realistic here it won’t…

        But our power will echo across the stars and the next generation we will achieve total Nintedomination!

  4. Well if the generation lasts 15 years, counting on the fact that half of them will go broken every 5 years, maybe.

    But the Xbox One is too cheap and too American to become a worldwide go-to platform like the 360 was and many of those who bought a PS3 because it was a cheap Blu-Ray player won’t feel the need to buy a PS4.

    1. My problem with the Xbox is the lack of 1st party titles. When it comes down to it, the xbox is successful only because of the 3rd party games. That’s why I prefer Sony and Nintendo.

      1. The same goes to the Sonyans…

        Their exclusives only gets successful because they are basically the same as the games from these lesser Third Class Forces…

  5. Classic nintendrones, attacking anything that isn’t nintendo or a part of the company. Fucking fan boys.Hahahahahahahhahahahhahhhahh #RIPWIIU #WIISCAMU #WIIUEXPOSED #NINTENDON’T #NINTENYEAROLDS #NINTENTARDS #SWAG #420FUQDaPOLICE #GANGSTER4LYFe #SONy4LYFE #XBOXRULZ #LILWAYNEIZTALENTED

      1. It least its not COD milk: Over produced, expired crap. But I think you’re one of those types of crazies who loves anything dated and hate being told otherwise.

        Good luck not getting sick from real boring, dated crap.

    1. attacking?
      it is the facts
      The Wii sold that much due to to its hackability and lower price
      now look at the current gen consoles

      WiiU is hackable due to the bugged Wii mode
      X-One probably if someone hacks into their OS
      Ps4 is not worth hacking, too much trouble with the PSN

      also, you got me with lil Wayne

    2. Not really acting and more like facts.
      Microsoft made a weak console that even the Wii U (if used correctly) can over come. Face it, Microsoft is done for this generation.

  6. Like how the negative press hurts the Wii U, this BS positive press does the reverse for those consoles. More evidence people just do not like Nintendo.

    1. I’ve been saying it for a long time, everybody wants Nintendo to fall despite them never royally screwing over gamers/consumers like Capcom, EA, Microsoft, so forth and not realizing the potential gaming marlet fallout they’ll create by ruining Nintendo’s image for selfish reasons.

      But wait until (god forbit) that day happens and they’re gonna beg to god that they’ve shouldn’t have forsaken them for graphics, powerful specs, endless spam of overused mature crap and shit.

  7. unless samsungs console thing coming up becomes popular.
    =sony dead. Samsung is doing much better than sony in tvs washing machines pcs and especially phones than sony.

  8. would the piece of shit assholes stop coming on here to attack Nintendo fans becuz u feel threatened. get a life and go on your own sites I still have a PSN ACCOUNT I COULD EZILY USE IT TO ATTACK U WANNBE LOOSERS THAT THINK U ARE GAMERS CUZ U BOUGHT A PS4 OR XCRAP 1 some douch ran into a burning building to save his precious xcrap 1 what a moron that’s what a real fanboy is so suck it douchbag

  9. Perhaps they would’ve reached that number if this was still in 2005… but with worldwide economies declining, more competition in the technology industry and general buyer behaviour, these consoles will sell maybe 50-70 million tops

    1. If the Steam Box becomes successful, then I predict the Xbots will be severely damaged…

      What a glorious age we will enter then,,,

      1. ofc
        but you cant deny that hacking is the reason Ps2, Wii and DS sold like free cakes(and Ps2 being a cheap DvD played)

        I would like to be successful without that though

      2. I can’t really think straight right now (joke intended) but how does hacking improve sales?…

  10. I seriously doubt the PS4 and Xbox One will sell that many. They will probably sell well, but not that well. Not by a long shot. I doubt they’ll even pass the PS3 and Xbox 360, or at most will be even with them.

    1. many games on Ps4/X-Bone are coming to Ps3/X360
      I kinda think that, even if we dont see it, many devs are killing this gen(all of them) by keeping support on old ones

  11. I highly doubt this. I don’t think any of these 3 next gen consoles will reach anywhere near 100 million.

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    *Gets air*


    1. It’s obvious that when you type, you have to tribute your intelligence for it. Can you tribute your stupidity next time, its a much better choice.

      1. ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ YOUR IRONY IS STILL HILARIOUS༼ つ◕_◕༽つ

      2. You sure are good at hiding your butthurt buddy by claiming fake victory there. Whimsical, simply whimsical.

      3. no. what I am good at is exposing pathetic retards who are easily offended. much like yourself.

      4. Very original, do you have ANYTHING remotely inspiring than using my name to insult me? How childish, simply childish, my own grandmother can insult me better than you. I as well suggest you change your icon to a cat, because your more of a pussy using cowardly insults than being a narcissist.

      5. I wasn’t insulting you. just pointing out a fact. can’t blame me when you’ve shown nothing but stupidity. how do you expect any better when your name is that of a video game character, but of course, of course I’m the childish one.

  13. DFC is not that intelligent to think that any console this gen will sniff 100 million. PS4 will probably win, but not 100 million.

  14. That’s hard to believe. I’m sure they’ll sell a lot, but not as much as the Wii did. Remember, a lot of people that weren’t gamers also bought the Wii, but the Xbox One and PS4 are definitely not in the same boat.

  15. The Wii U is a disaster and PS4 and Xbox 1 are set to dominate. Nintendo really effed up by making Wii U CPU underpowered. If the CPU’s Nintendo got was so cheap they should have put two of them together in each Wii U.

    1. let me think…
      ouh sony and MS are competioners.
      the same target almost the same market. So… yeah there is nothing important to be a U news ;-)

      1. They said nothing about any Nintendo console except the Wii, which they made a small mention to

        I do not expect that to be ‘Nintendo’ news

  16. ok here some hard facts. there is still a recession and a lot of countries had not yet recover from it.

    The price tag is way too high for a lot of people and even with a price cut about £100 for the console it will be still expensive cause the game will still be £45-60 (remember MS and Sony have make it harder for 2nd hand market) without taking into account the price for the DLCs which comes after.

    On the top of that we know that casual people are playing game on their tablets/phones. The PC people will opt for the steam machine which gonna hurt the console market. If we plan for a recovery which will happen during 2015-2016 people will try to pay their debts rather than buy a console (well lot of people in UK do not get their priorities right).

    Saying all that, there will be a lot of repeat buy as seen during the xbox 360 and PS3 so 30x10e6 or 40x10e6 units will be a good number taking those facts. I am not an analysis but by god it seems I can do a better job.

  17. Is this a fucking Nintendo news website or what! This place if full of cocksucking Sony and Microsoft fuckfaces! Who gives a shit about sime random fucking prediction? Get a grip will ya, jesus fucking christ!

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