AE’s Wii U Exclusive Is Mad Men Football For Wii U eShop

AE games came out of nowhere and announced that they were going to become a dedicated developer for Nintendo’s Wii U. Well they have finally revealed what their project is and it’s a game called Mad Men Football for the Wii U eShop.  The game is an American Football with a twist as described by the developer, Mad Men Football pitches historical figures and groups from battlefields, and putting them on football fields. AE games says the title will be self funded.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


    1. what did you expect from a small unknown indie developer? this is their first game ever, so it won`t be a great aaa title for sure. however, i am glad they are supporting the wii u that much and i am looking forward what they will do in the future.

      1. its not that. its that…they couldnt come up with something else then Historical people playing football?

      2. Haha, yes, i have to admit, that this is a very strange idea :D
        But who knows? Maybe it is really funny in the end and has a cool multiplayer. And there are games with even crazier concepts, too.

      3. BULLSHIT!!This is fooking PATHETIC!!!!Hilarious how you Nintendo guzzlers are trying to downplay how sad this really is by saying it could be fun!!
        The fact that Nintendo actually allowed an unknown 3rd party to make a game for them just proves how sad and desperate they have become!!
        Historical people playing American Football…WOW sounds like an idea from a retard!!!

      4. AWWW get ready to play your historical football game from EA I mean AE!!
        This is so fake that you Nintendo guzzlers actually believed it!!
        EA Nintendos worst 3rd party…..AE Nintendos new 3rd party?Hmmmm………..EA is AE backwards dumb fooks!!!

      5. Dude, chill. “Trying to downplay”, what are you, paranoid? This isn’t some big conspiracy to get Nintendo to look better, we’re just gamers hoping this game turns out well.

      6. Sony allowed the last of us to be developed. Terrible game, just copied call of duty. Microsoft allowed titan fall. Another cod copy cat

      7. ..Please hear yourself again:
        The Last of Us is a COD copy.

        …Have you recently had a terrible head injury or was it a birth defect by your junkie mother who can’t even take care of a common cockroach properly?

      8. Nintendo: Sad and desparate?

        IDK which is worse: Your dumbass act of negative fanboyism towards Nintendo because you like realism graphics and shit elsewhere thats not a core priority of gaming or the fact that you’re deliberately ignoring Microsoft doing the exact same shit you’re openly bitching about by selling themselves off of their Xbox One in every possible attempt imaginable; from sponsored giveaways to bribing people to illegally talk positively to justify selling their piece of thick ass, combustible 90s-Betamax-imposing garbage like they’re a company of prostitution and here you are whining about Nintendo being patheticly needy by selling this crap that they know it won’t sell anyway but maybe give all Indies a welcome to produce and publish whatever they like because that’s how Indie Gaming Market works?

        Seems to me you’re just another typical fandork getting reality twisted again because you fear the truth. Whatever the case is about you, you lose regardless.

      9. You do know that everyone start somewhere right. Beside Sony and Microsoft do this as where to increase there game library, wither it’s indie or a game from a major developer. You should at least give them credit for actually trying and beside your comment about AE or gamers who own a nintendo console isn’t necessary. As a gamer you should support game companies and developer regardless because games are meant to be fun or something that people do for there enjoyment and before you start label me,I’m not a fan of any platform I own all 3 of the previous gen,ps4, and wii u planing to get a x-box one next month.

      10. People like different things, they are American Devs, they like Football. Its something new anyway unlike EA’s NFL games lol. You cant see into their mind and what they were thinking. A developer see’s his project in a unique way, the vision cant be shared until its a finished product.

      1. After defending Wii U, I hope this shit is just a dumb bad joke because this is only gonna embarrass the console even further.

        Then again, I reviewed this studio and what it made before, I had a sense that this crap was coming.

  1. I’m quite amazed they announced anything at all.

    Still not 100% convinced it’s real.

    The idea is interesting though. It reminds me of a game on the Amiga I had with Vikings playing American Football. You had all sorts of weapons like axes and clubs and stuff. It was pretty cool.

    1. I know it sounds like it would actually be a fun game, and I don’t even like american football. If they don’t make this game I might steal their idea.

    1. Weren’t you one of the people that wanted them to post these news. Wow another person with no life on this.

  2. LMFAO!!!!!So an AE developer went on a lame rant last week about how he was annoyed that all 3rd party are turning their backs on Nintendo and how AE were giving them their full support and said they would be announcing the new 3rd party game in a few days to prove that………Then AE announce that the BIG 3rd party game they have been working on is infact a shitty Wii U Eshop game about American football?LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hey AE you have just OBLITERATED yourselves to the whole world, you bragged about supporting the Wii U fully last week and then your big game is a fooking lame E shop game that has graphics of about 16 bit?PMSFL!!

    1. HAHAHA I find it funny that your insulting people who are making their 1st ever game and following their dream, while you a typical asshole insult people while your life is generic and you don’t have the balls to follow your dream. your probably some guy with a typical desk job who hates his boss and is ignored by his wife in the bedroom. (If you even have a wife) Although your probably infact a child. The fact they are making a game at all already makes them better then you. If you were to make a game it would be stick figures.

    2. What, you think all big companies now are the same way they’ve always been? Everyone’s gotta start somewhere, this is one of Activision’s earliest games:

      See what I mean?

      Besides, I’d like to see you make a huge AAA title when your company is completely unknown and doesn’t have sufficient resources.

      1. Activision was made by people from Atari, if you looked it up Activision is right next to Atari in the dictionary, lol. At least I think.

      2. LOOK AT THE RELEASE DATES MY FRIEND! 1980 vs 2014…. that skiing game in 1980 was properly the best you could get out of the atari graphics-wise….

    3. Thank you, as a Nintendo fan I’m disappointed. All that trash talk just to poop on the console with a concept the average Nintendo owner do not care about. It’d an eshop title tp make things worse. I didn’t expect a grand AAA title. I also did not expect to get more crap.

  3. What………. The……. Fuck……… Is……. This……………………………….. Fuck….. Fuck…… Is this………………,!!!!????؟؟

    1. This is AE cool developer showing their support for the Wii U!!!
      Historical people playing American Football?WTF!!
      And Nintendo have ACTUALLY allowed this?LMFAO!!!!!!
      Just proves how DESPERATE Nintendo are for games!!!

  4. Wow AE you really are such cool 3rd party developers………you cry that 3rd party are turning their backs on the Wii U and then how you are not and your so called big debut Wii U game is a PATHETIC E shop game about historical people playing American football?

    1. AE cried that 3rd parties were turning their backs on the Wii U, then they announce a game for Wii U…. yeah, I don’t know where you are going with this, Zorbo. They did exactly what 3rd parties are not.

      So what if it’s a crazy football game? Companies have to make games for every type of gamer. You don’t like it?- Don’t buy it. Otherwise…

      Shut the hell up…

      1. Indie’s are third party. Third parties don’t belong to the companies who own the major consoles aka the ones who do the “contracting” (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft). Second parties are “clients” so to speak. They are contracted by first parties to make games for their consoles and no others (unless the contract becomes void or the contract expires).

        So indies are a sub classification among the third party classification. Indie stands for “independent,” because indie developers do not work for a parent company (Ubisoft, EA, Activision, etc) and they self fund their games.

        So while indie developers are third party, other third parties are not indie developers.

      2. They call Indie because of their smaller development groups and non-contracted business partnerships with other companies. 3rd parties are larger and contracted with others but not as closely associated by main software/hardware manufacturers.

    1. LMFAO of course it is bullshit you tard AE is EA BACKWARDS!!!!
      The While world is taking the piss out of Nintendo and this really is PRICELESS!!!

  5. I’m I’m really hoping this ends up like NBA Jam for football. More sports games need to follow that example

  6. Yes this is what WiiU needs 2d indie football game, way to go, flamin other 3rd parties and comin with this. LMAOOOOO!!!!!

    1. They can flame 3rd parties all they want… at least they are MAKING a game for the Wii U.

      That was the whole point of their rant…

  7. Mario hasn’t taken on gridiron yet to my knowledge, so I guess there’s a gap in the market for a wacky interpretation of the sport.

  8. While its not going to be a high profile AAA game, anyone who thought it would be as their 1st was fooling themselfs. I’m just glad these guys are legit and not a hoax. I find it funny that AE Games is like the flipped version of EA Games and unlike EA will put a Sports game ONLY on Wii U lol. I support these guys, even though unfortunately I will not be getting the game itself. But I will follow these guys as the continue to grow as a dev.

  9. Make it simple and fun like a Tecmo Bowl or Blitz and I’ll bite. Might be fun to tackle Napoleon with a Czar or see what kind of TD dance Lincoln prefers…….Good luck to them, can’t wait to see what they can produce. And also did anyone notice? Mad Men-Madden? XD

  10. The concept of the game sounds amusing. Hopefully it has an arcade-y style of gameplay. Those are usually the only type of sports games I enjoy. Like NBA Street.

  11. Please make Feed for Deed: Most Hated, Ass Defect, Queen Latifa 14, AE Splorts brand and Pin City…

  12. hmmm… AE, EA, Mad Men, Madden… these guy are asking to be confused with their competition, and football? Really? I was looking forward to see more diverse games and less shooters and sport games but oh well at least they have support for Nintendo

  13. First wisely defending Wii U of its unfair treatment and manipulation by 3rd parties and then reveal this..WTF this is?

    This is just fucking embarrassing for the system at full extent and add insult to injury but there’s a game already familiar to this one and its called Techmo Bowl which has been around for more than 2 decades and several years ago on Nintendo Virtual Console.

    I should’ve guessed all that “taking sides” ploy was a pathetic attempt to hype this dated cellphone gaming garbage. -_-‘ That’s it. No more of this “I’m supporting you because you defend my favorite console” BS.

    1. That’s why our empire is always the only choice…

      The rest are nothing compared to the might of the holy N…

    2. LMFAO!!!EXACTLY!!!Seems like they were payed by Nintendo to go on their pathetic lame rant about how all 3rd party are turning their backs!!
      Their rant bragged how awesome the Gamepad is and then AE reveal that their first game for the Wii U is a fooking E shop Historical amrican football game that is a copy like you said of Techmo Bowl?WTF!!
      AE has just embarrassed themselves to the whole world, they way they ranted you would have expected an awesome new shooter or new type of platform game………..and then it is this pile of shit?
      Nintendo even allowing AE to make this game for them just proves how sad and desperate they really have become!!

      1. Desperate is when someone like the Electrons releases alpha stage games to customers…

    3. I’ve seen you say a lot of smart things… but this isn’t one of them. They were dissing 3rd parties for their unfair treatment of Wii U, and they said they’ll support the Wii U by making a game of their own. Who cares if the game isn’t great graphically as EA’s, Ubisoft’s, etc? Oh wait. Shallow idiots that want great graphics will care. Anyway, as long as the game isn’t gimped, isn’t missing any DLC, and is actually coming to Wii U, they are doing more than the other 3rd parties. Besides, this game being the way it is doesn’t make what they said any less meaningful. Don’t complain about the shitty support from other developers like no games or gimped games, but then smack a developer that is giving you a fully functional game in the face by complaining about it not being some big AAA title. Besides, it’s not AE’s fault if them defending the Wii U made you think the game they were making was going to be this big AAA title. I’d gladly get this game from AE myself… if I was into football games.

  14. If they take historical characters and give it quirky rules (think NFL blitz) = win. Either way, I’ll purchase.

  15. The parody name and game name reminds me of something the Animaniacs would do. Hilarious. It looks like the NBA Jam of football and NBA Jam was an awesome game. Now if I could play as Teddy Roosevelt then I’m sold.

  16. that is a joke. read the FAQ on their site.

    6) Do you have Wii U SDKs yet? The necessary forms have already been filled out with Nintendo. Development is continuing on the project, as I have heard it can take a little while for a response (sometimes a few months?). So unfortunately, no, there’s no unprecedented partnership to announce at this time.

    they don’t even have the necessary dev kits… this project is going to fail, if it is even going to start at all. this is retarted.

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