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XSEED Interested In Forbidden Magna, Will Be Keeping An Eye On Further Developments

Marvelous AQL’s subsidiary XSEED Games has expressed an interest in the newly announced strategy RPG Forbidden Magna for the Nintendo 3DS. The US company responded to a fan on its Facebook page saying that they were interested in the Japan-exclusive title and couldn’t wait to experience the game sometime in the future.

With Rune Factory 4’s success in North America and the game facing stock issues, XSEED will be keen to equal such success with other titles in the future. With an interest in Forbidden Magna, XSEED says it shall be keeping an eye on further developments. Let us know if you’d be interested in seeing a localisation for Forbidden Magna in the comments below.

“We just learned about [the game] ourselves, but agree that it looks great. We can’t wait to get our hands on it and check it out ourselves eventually.

“We’ll be keeping our eyes on it.” – XSEED Games via Facebook


      1. I’m so tired of you ending your sentences with three periods at the end….
        It is so annoying….
        To watch….
        Isn’t it…..

        Anyways, that’s your opinion on the art work, but I think it’s safe to say that a lot of people are pleased with this type of art in video games….I know I am. o wo
        Maybe you got too used to the “Cartoon” like artwork in Nintendo games “Commander”
        Yeah. o wo

      2. You have excellent taste in art.^^

        But really. What do we even know about the game yet? I think one should be awaiting more knowledge before starting too ask for localisation right away. But it’s a consumers society, all right.

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