NewEgg Description Says You Can Design Your Own Tracks In Mario Kart 8

Online retailer NewEgg currently has Mario Kart 8 up for pre-order. The interesting thing is is that the description says that gamers will be able to customise their vehicles and build their own tracks in the game. This hasn’t been confirmed by Nintendo, but if this is true then it’s a more than welcome addition to the Mario Kart franchise.

Mario Kart 8 Wii U is a new game for the Wii U. It features new elements such as customizing bikes and designing your own tracks. It is the sequel to the game Mario Kart 7.

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    1. If this turns out to be accurate I’ll eat all of my hats. Retailers don’t know squat. Why would Nintendo create this amazing feature and then leave it to some random retailer to announce? Makes no sense whatsoever. Retailers get their wires crossed all the time.

      1. That -might- be the case but I really doubt it. The odds seem small enough to me that I’ll stand by my hat-eating commitment if it turns out to be true.

      2. ITS BEACUSE.
        its coming may 30th
        a mk8 direct will come that month probbnaly
        leaves space to HYPE HYPE HYPE more
        leaves space for further announcemednts for e3. SIMPLE.

      3. Exactly. This would be a HUGE reveal on the nintendo direct BEFORE the game launch. Hype train would be full blast.

      4. Yeah, because what a developer says earlier is always set in stone. If that was the case, the stupid restrictions announced by MS at E3 would still be here, yet, MS reversed their plans. Nintendo can do the same damn thing anytime they want.

      5. Yeah, because what a developer says earlier is always set in stone. If that was the case, the stupid restrictions announced by MS at E3 would still be here, yet, MS reversed their plans. Nintendo can do the same damn thing anytime they want

      1. kinda reminds me of a certain other game…

        *Cough!* SSBB *Cough!*

        sorry i must have a cold.

      2. Because it was very limited. We know. But hey, I’ve seen some impressive and imaginative designs anyway.

  1. It’s the kind of trump card that Nintendo would surely have pulled out by now if they were actually doing it. Don’t get your hopes up – even if it’s there it’s probably very limited indeed.

    1. Why wouldn’t they wait until the direct right before the release to divulge this information? The hype train would be full at launch. Instead of divulging 6+months prior and having it be an afterthought. I’m on the fence if this is true or not, but it would be a truly fantastic addition to the franchise if this is true.

    2. Its one of the top games to be preordered right now, and they have already announced that their are new mobius strip tracks, anti grav sections, and you can play as all the kupalings. And the kart customization is more in depth then in 7 (thank god) so if their was more to announce I wouldn’t be suprized if they waited. Mario 3D world they waited to the game came out to tell us their were like 3 bonus levels. So I wouldn’t be surprised to learn this, at the same time I don’t see Nintendo doing this. But the touch screen would be perfect for it

    1. I would rather have coop like DD than custom tracks, but I’ll be happy with either… If it has both, I promise not to complain for at least a month. (because I’ll be playing Mario Kart…)

      FUCK! I need to get my Gamepad repaired! I’ve been putting off the $100 repair, but maybe it’s time.

      1. Toggles are screwed up. It is always trying to scroll down. I’ve recalibrated, re-zeroed, re-everything. No dice.

      2. Besides the shitty material used on the 3DS screens, this is the only other piece of Nintendo hardware that’s failed me. D:

      3. really? wow. gamepad is awesome for me and the only problem with 3ds screens is that youcan see lines on the sidesfrom the bottom screens

        on my xl that doesn’t happen since its xl.]
        u really need to be more careful.

      4. I have a regular 3DS and XL. XL scratches less often, but I have both repaired, at Nintendo’s expense twice a year. At least they don’t charge me to fix the screen scratches.

        And I live the game pad, it just broke a few months after the warrantee expired. :/

      5. Nintendo pays to have screen repaired that much? I dont think Ive ever had an issue with the screens scratching on my XL, but nice to know N stands by their product.

      6. Nintendo cannot dispute screen scratches so long as it’s in warrantee. And each screen repair resets the warranty to one-year again.

        I guarantee they won’t use cheap materials in their next DS. Talking to a rep, screen scratches have been a nightmare. Anyone who carries their 3DS everywhere, and forgets to put a microfiber cloth between screens, will eventually scratch.

      7. I’m just do a lot of gaming! ;D I have Hori Screen protectors on everything now. Nintendo Might get out of their bi-annual screen repair. Lol, But it’s not able to fix my toggles. :(

      8. There has been a dead bug in between the screens foreverrrrr on my gamepad…. The gf squished a bug like a week after getting the system that was crawling on the screen… only it was in between screens. Its tiny, so it isnt too much of a distraction, especially since there isnt much to look at on the gamepad at this point ;-) . Im sure I could just take it apart pretty easily, but lazzyyyyyy.

      9. Yes, I called customer service once to send my 3DS XL in and my warranty expired one day before I called and the guy noticed on Club Nintendo how much I supported Nintendo so he expanded the warranty out a few months :D

      10. This happens to me but its because another oneof my controllers gets turned on by accident and starts moving things

      11. Its possible the z triggers are dirty just stick something thin enough through the edges it should help. Same thing happened to me

      12. It’s not the triggers. It’s the toggles. And I was getting back into ME3 and on a MH3 run as well. It’s sad. I may try to operate this weekend.

      13. I hope co-op is its own mode or just an option. Mandatory co-op might get a little annoying. But imagine if you could use eight controllers this time xD That was my problem with co-op. Only one team vs. one team.

      1. Sales-wise, sure, bit MK8 is already much better than MK Wii. So I’m a happy customer. Why not let Nintendo worry about sales and profits and stuff.

      2. Hopefully they fix the online hack. Got really annoying when people would just spam blue shells and then win regardless of them even moving.

      3. They did. It’s called Wii U :)

        Hackers need direct access to the “active RAM” to create codes, and the only way to do that on Wii is via USB Gecko. As Wii U doesn’t provide GC Memory Card slots, it’ll be VERY hard to access the active RAM.

      4. Lol. It doesn’t matter how much better mk8 is. It still will not sell anywhere near as well as mk wii did unless the wii u actually picks up it’s pace.

      5. Mario Kart 8’s sales may not rocket as much as Wii’s at first cause of poor Wii U sales but looking at this gorgeous game and having already a good chunk of brand new racers and racer possibilities. This is a game to buy the Wii U for, I’m more hyped for Mario Kart than I am Smash Bros. They added seven characters that I’ve loved and wanted to play for years, Smash just adds Little Mac around the same time as them. None of my requested characters have even made Smash and the only one that is worth playing is Rosalina.

      6. needless to say that if MK8 can boast community race tracks it’s even more of a reason to buy a wii u for
        i really hope this rumor turns out to be true.. and a good editor too, not just some basic stuff

      7. Might I add that I play Brawl online pretty much every day for a few hours straight and yet I want Mario Kart more? Yeah I want Sakurai to get his shit straight and just give us a way to add characters of our choice. Like going out and buying a Skylander figurine but a Smash trophy figure to be exact and implement the characters of your choice in that way.

      8. Lol! I’m more excited about Mario Kart 8 too! It’s probably because it’s only a couple of months away while as Smash Bros. feels like it’s taking forever.

        They really need to better the online mode in the upcoming Smash because it takes a long time to get in a match, and there’s a lot of lag.

        But I’m not sure how implementing the trophies like Skylanders would work, because the devs still would have to program that specific character in, and they had to balance him/her. It be better if they just add all the characters in the game for us to unlock with no additional cost.

      9. It will be interesting to see how well it sells. The install base for WiiU is pretty low. This will surely boost system sales, but by how much?

        The SMART move, would be for Nintendo to reconfigure the WiiU to work with a pro-controller right out of the box, and have the tablet be an additional “enhancement” It would drop the price of the unit and allow for much more rapid adoption of the system. They should release this “basic” system with the launch of Mario Kart and watch the install base explode. They could get the system down to the golden $199 price range. System patches could easily be pushed to recognize if a tablet controller is being used or not, and (most) games could be patched to work simply with the controller. (Nintendoland and Game&Wario wouldn’t work off the top of my head)

      10. The only problem with this idea, and I’m all for it to get more people playing the Wii U, is that you can’t use the eShop without the gamepad. That could be easily fixed with an update, but I just don’t see it happening. Hell the console launches with the selection screen on the gamepad display, you have to manually make the selection screen be on the tv and I have yet to find a default setting for this configuration, again easily fixed with an update, but they won’t do the whole “gamepad as a peripheral” to the Wii U… It would e nice, but won’t happen.

      11. When has Mario Kart ever sold poorly? This game will probably push the Nintendo Fuck U ahead of the PS4 and certainly the Xbox One. If you look at Vgchartz weekly sales the Fuck U and Xbox One are ahead, and yea i saw your previous profile picture :D

      12. Your comment is exactly why i enabled “Notify me of follow-up comments via email”

      13. What Lara Croft picture? I got my Jill picture just by typing in Resident evil Revelations, you’re more than welcome to use it.

      14. XD I just typed in “WiiFuckU” because of that parody video.

        The results were just links to that video; no porn sites. Instead there were random pictures of Iwata in a Direct, the game Wii Fit U, the Wii U and some other video game related stuff :P

      15. Is this guy new here? I haven’t seen him before, he types just like Super Gravy.

      16. Nah, he’s not new. I remember that he had that Mario avatar; the one from the Smash Bros. website.

        But I miss Super Gravy :(

      1. Combining characters to have two people I love representing a race would be amazing! I can imagine the mixes of Yoshi, Birdo, and to everyone Bowser related.

    1. TRIPLE DASH!.

      not many people ike double dash but maybe there will be a SEPERATE mode with separate vechicles for that.

  2. Not a big deal for me, I can play the same stages from Nintendo for ages, same with Smash Bros.! But if it makes people happy, why not?

  3. LMFAO this is utter Bullcrap!!!
    You seriously think if this was true that Nintendo would have not announced it in their last Direct?
    This is just some losers talking smack trying to hype up the game more!!!
    The idea of being able to design your own tracks was talked about last year between different developers.
    These tools have just latched on to that idea and are now making it sound as if it is 100 percent real!!
    The design your own track idea should have been on Mario Kart 7!!

      1. Erm NO I will not!!
        Is the same as Mario Kart 7 just in HD and you can now go upside Wow so worth $60!!!

      2. Ok. Then do us a favor and stay off the MK8 servers when it comes out. Those of us that plan on enjoying this game will appreciate you not being there

      3. Should’ve expected you will make a fool of yourself here.

        Here I will help translate for you again pig arse.

        “NO because I am DUMBASS.

        Actually I’m just going to stop translating your stupidity right there. You have sick fantasies little boy.

      4. Sorry, its impossible, because I’m bi-polar, I have the side your talking to right now, and the retard side who goes and speaks shit from my mouth because of my addiction to shrooms. It could happen at any moment that I could go full retard again, but feel free to make fun of me while I am in retard mode, its oddly entertaining.

      5. lol Like you ever touched Mario Kart 7 to know exactly what its like in the first place you asshat.

        And besides, they haven’t announced MK8 pricing yet so go be stupid somewhere else kid.

    1. well no,

      for mk8 they will bvery likely have a SEPERTAE direct for that like they did with wii fit u and 101 and louvre.

      since its releasing on may 30th…..I would not be surprised if they did that for mk8 in may.WHICH WOULD LEAVE MORE ANNOUNCMENTS TO BE MADE AT e3 SOON AFTER :D

      1. No. You need to lay off the STUPID of yours in general. Stop excusing yourself. Its too pathetic to watch.

      2. Because I am stupid, you see, if you were to shove your head up my ass, you be able to live off the air in my head.

  4. if this is true the sales will surely go through the roof, not counting my chickens just yt but mario kart cud very well be the bolt of lightning the wii u needs

      1. Ha! I’m a fan of the original. Bolt of lightning + science fiction equipment = bring the dead to life.

        Makes a good WiiU analogy. I know it’s not dead, but it’s limping like a zombie at present.

      2. And its all thanks to the 3rd party BS-ing Wii U in every way to brainwash fools even further over its hardware which they never bother to fully utilize to know its true potential.

        Plus Nintendo not putting enough serious advertising effort as well which is another major issue that shouldn’t have happened. As for the console itseld, I don’t see any problem with it and I don’t give two fucks about how “old” these morons think the tech is. Its still relevant and working because..hello, PS3/360 is still around while so called “next gen” that’s barely any better or different still barely has any games to play.

  5. That’s pretty awesome! Hopefully it works out good unlike the smash bros stage maker. Does the user iceazeama still come here? I actually know him. He told me about this place and we laugh about it.

  6. It’s already happening in Mario kart Wii. (Of course, thus hacking and even play online with others.)
    But I still doubt it because it’s from Nintendo. Like in New Super Mario Bros.

  7. They said in an older interview that this feature will not be available… I’m trying to find the link but they confirmed it last year!

    1. there’s no confirmation in the actual interview..

      the only thing you can learn from the interview is that they’re *considering* an editor but that their focus currently (almost 9 months ago) lies elsewhere

    1. Well an editor and builder are different. It’s like the difference between Character editor and making new character (soul) in Tekken or Soul Calibur. ;)

    2. read the actual interview

      nowhere are they actually saying there won’t be an editor, just that they think it an interesting idea but won’t talk about it too much so they don’t get any hopes up (meaning they hadn’t decided yet on whether to implement an editor)

      1. Just wants to be a buzzkill because he’s also riding the Wii U hate train and Xbox DOne’s $550 combustible dick at the same time. Liking that double feature there? Good. Now hop off. You’ve had too much of it today.

  8. hmmm I hope its true and why wouldn’t it be? they could announce it with the launch date looming. imagine seeing a commercial for the 1st time marketing the game and that’s 1 of the surprise announcements think of the hype the game jut received in a 30 second commercial that’s more than any direct could do that maybe a lot of people may not see. besides this game will sell extremely well and THERES NOTHING THE PATHETIC HATERS CAN DO ABOUT IT! who wants to bet this will outsell any software the ps4 or one has and will take off like a runaway train. happened b4 and lightning can strike twice

    1. agreed!.

      aslo I EXPECT a Nintendo Mario kart only direct whether its before / after the normal one in may. :D.

  9. To think the game couldn’t get any better… Aghhhhh! I hope it’s true! Also, if it is, it should definitely be better than the stage builder in Smash Bros :P

    Anyone else forget and remember that they still have not shown us MK8’s RAINBOW ROAD!? Not only will it be in glorious HD and have an astounding visual surrounding, but it will have those anti gravity sections :O

    Not to make anyone
    poop their pants, but also, the greatest rainbow road ever to be conceived (once revealed to us of course) would most likely be the Mario Kart stage
    in SSB4 Wii U…. yeah… I pooped too…

    1. oh rainbow road im expecting in a mk8 direct in may :D.

      but really I don’t expect a mk stage for wii u that is a rainbow road since we have that on 3ds but its possible.

  10. Newegg’s info hasn’t been terribly accurate. Didn’t then “leak” Luigi’s Mansion: New Moon for the Wii U several months ago?

    1. what.

      also its dark moon
      but there was a “leak” in December /jan about luigi mansion 3 on wii u which I hope is true and gets revealed next month

  11. I take this info with a grain of salt, but I would like to see this feature in the game. Nintendo is not really known for allowing their fans/players to “tinker” with any of their designs, so I doubt we will see this come to pass. Although if they did a monthly subscription type service for the community; which allowed a subscriber to not only make, but download tracks for a small monthly/yearly fee. Then I could see this happening, not that they are in the business of making money ;) but I could see the community designed levels being huge and the monetization of this one game could keep the Wii U afloat for a bit longer, or they could just go the DLC tracks route and we don’t get to make our own tracks. Either way this feature would be a great addition to MK.

  12. this feature would add so much to the game.. just imagine being able to download new community tracks every day :)

  13. That would be an incredible feature to add to the Mario Kart series. I would definitely use it a lot and I’m sure that many people will find it exciting. The fun would be endless because people would never run out of ideas for tracks. I know that it would help the replay value for me as well.

    Mario Kart has always been a system seller so I’m expecting big things from this one. Double Dash is still my favorite because having two people on a kart was awesome, but this one is definitely going to be awesome. I’ll be playing it for a very long time.

  14. This would be really cool for people who play these games multi-player (which is probably everyone but me).

  15. Hmmm… Where’s the track editing part? I can’t seem to find it in the Newegg link you gave… Maybe they already removed it :(

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  17. I would only be happy with this if you could create tracks professionally with a 3D modeler on a computer, and export them onto, say, your SD card for use in the game. Still, even though I really want this to be true, I have to call bull. :/

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