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Square Enix Says Bravely Second Will Focus On Story Rather Than Exploration

Bravely Default series producer Tomoya Asano has explained that Bravely Second will have more of an emphasis on story rather than exploration. Asano mentioned that Bravely Default and Bravely Second both predominately target adult audiences, much like Final Fantasy and to some degree, Dragon Quest.

“Asano also let us know that Bravely isn’t a series that is focused on exploration. Rather, it’s meant to be more of a story-driven experience. This is why Bravely Default doesn’t make enemies visible on the map—referred to as “symbol encounters” in Japan—and instead, opts to use an adjustable random encounter rate, in order to let players streamline their experience. This system will remain in Bravely Second.”

“Originally, showing exploration more naturally is not something we put importance on because [the game] consists of deformed characters walking on a deformed map,” Asano shared. “However, having symbol encounters is convenient in that it allows players to engage in battles at their own pace. The adjustable encounter rate accomplishes this.”

“An interesting point worth mentioning is that Asano says both Bravely Default and Bravely Second target adult audiences. Asano pointed to the adult audiences of both Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy as the target audience for the Bravely games. In the past, Asano and character designer Akihiko Yoshida have said that Bravely Second’s heroine, Magnolia, is turning out a little more adult in nature than Bravely Default’s characters.”

“On the subject of Magnolia, Asano said to us, “With regards to Magnolia, we wanted to focus on new characters rather than the current four. It should be interesting, so I hope you are looking forward to it!”

29 thoughts on “Square Enix Says Bravely Second Will Focus On Story Rather Than Exploration”

  1. I wish they release Dragon Quest 9 to Wii-U already.. -_- I rather play there, so I can record, edit and make it another historical log. Yes, a ds version…. Ask Nintendo.

    1. Well, nothing’s confirmed but…


      There’s a short teaser trailer for Bravely Second at the end of Bravely Default if you get the true ending.

      1. Gameplay should never be a plus, gameplay should be the main thing to focus on, then story, then graphics.
        If a game has decent story but plays horrible I turn out leaving it, no matter how great it is, I buy consoles to play videogames not anime-esque cutscenes with 3D models.

  2. The exploration was something that I noticed ALOT of people loved about it. I feel like they are gonna try and step back into their tropes for JRPGS

  3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    So basically another western influenced crap game where cinematics and story is more important than gameplay…

    1. Nooooot necessarily…
      Bravely Default’s battle system is a step above the norm for the turn-based JRPG genre. If they keep the system as it is while adding new elements and more stuff to equip ourselves with, then Bravely Second will already easily have the “gameplay” portion of the quality test covered with an A+, since you’ll likely do way more combat than exploration in the long run anyways.

  4. I don’t play games for the story, even though rpg is my favorite genre, I never played it them for the actual story, it was the exploration, combat system and sense of adventure that the games gave me. Games like Xenogears, which is my favorite rpg to date, I love the story, but the combat system and graphics drew me in first just like every other rpg.

    If you take away exploration from Braverly Second, you might as well call it Braverly XIII, the corridor. I don’t want to bash Braverly Default based on the demo that I only played, (waiting on a price drop for the real game), but the exploration was piss poor. The towns themselves is just backgrounds and you can’t even go inside buildings outside of the castle. If you going to make the exploration even worse Squarenix, I might as well stay away from the entire series.

    I’ll be getting Shin Megami Tensei IV before I get Braverly anything.

    1. This^ An RPG without exploration/non linear is a lame one.
      And even so the story, what can I tell, will they copy-paste it this time from FFIV?

    2. Judging the entire game based off the demo? You sound like the typical video game reviewer, you might wanna look into that.

      1. I said I didn’t want to bash the game based on the demo, which is the only thing I played of it. The town in the demo is still in the full game though and my point remains.

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