Bandai Namco Channel Its Inner-Child By Projecting 80-Foot Pac-Man On SEGA Building

pacman_pr_segaBandai Namco has delved deep into its inner-child after projecting an 80-foot Pac-Man on the side of Sega’s headquarters in Chiswick, West London. The spectacle only lasted five minutes before security guards pulled the plug, but both Pac-Man and Sonic was briefly visible to all those travelling on the M4 – a major motorway running between London and South Wales – directly alongside the SEGA building.

The “Pac is back” PR stunt was created for the upcoming release of Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The game released last October for North America, but is due to launch in the UK on March 7. Bandai Namco UK’s PR and marketing director Lee Kirton said the following in response to the spectacle:

“We wanted to be cheeky, create some fun, but obviously do it quietly. Something that’s hard to do in the game’s industry, but slightly easier at midnight. We hope Sega aren’t offended, more delighted.”


    1. BEUTIFUL SEGA(even though u never knew it) AND NAMCO BANDAI!” that’s one of the GREATEST advertisings EVER!( plus tv).

      still think pacman will be revealed at e3 as playable for smahs 4 :)

  1. bring naruto to the wii u. i giving up on this console. what with all these kiddy nintendo games. am not even kid anymore am 15. nintendo is a kids company for kids and sccore mons. i wish nintendo would make an m rated game for once. cant wait to get a xbox 360. xbox 360 is way better than the kiddy gay wii u

    1. First, 15 years old is still a kid. Hate to break it to you. Second, Zombi U? Third, even if we pretend Zombi U doesn’t exist, we still have the assassin’s creed games. Which, as a 15 year old, you cannot play without a parent or guardian’s permission. Lastly, this was pretty funny. Quit whining, and you might be able to appreciate that. Good try, though.

      1. 15 years old? Oh man where to begin

        1) you are still in school boy, most likely still taking Ritalin
        2) us kids? you haven’t even grown a pair of normal sized balls and say you are hardcore? You do realize you can’t even buy a beer at a bar let alone buy 16+ game by yourself?
        3) You are probably writing on this site during your recess! now go back to class before I call your parents pipsqueak

    2. narutois childish imo.

      also……..buy Zelda maybe.
      or with it MUST Be m rated for some uneccesarry reason
      then buy zombie u ac4 /3 batman , MH3

      and later X and bayonetta 2.

  2. Hey,
    Why didn’t you post the news I showed you? Oh I forgot, if it isn’t bad news about the Wii U, you’re not interested… k

  3. kinda strange way of promoting their game. That’s some powerful projecting though. I doubt many people cared or noticed it. They just wanted to create a bit of controversy if anything. Honestly pacman shouldn’t even be anything beyond the arcade game because their other games are truly abysmal

    1. Pretty sure this game sold like two copies outside of the UK too. there’s like 1 review for it on metacritic lol.

      1. The Segans should launch an even better attack…

        Just turn up the volume to max and play -SEGA- with 1000000000 DB and blow away their building…

    1. commander. I belive you have misinterpreted the info.
      even if it was next to segas building…..sonic was there anyway.

  4. I dont think Sega is offended they are pretty much dead, SonicBoom is a make it or break it for me. I hope its good and i have faith in bigredbutton, but Sega themselfs cant do a shit right nowadays, LostWorld was a letdown, leaving console business was a kick in the face. Focusin on 4 pillar (Sonic,Aliens,Yakuza,HatsuneMiku) is lame because where are the new and creative ips like skies of arcadia? Nowhere and Sega themselfs are going slowly down, not that i care anymore……..

  5. They should just let Pacman die already.
    Fuckin’ trying to revive a past arcade glory, fuck him, and fuck no, no Pacman for SSB4.

  6. I always love seeing that Sega building on the motorway. Just a shame that Sonic has to give me such mixed emotions now – despite the fact that he was my childhood. And pretty sure Namco aren’t the first to have pulled this stunt!

  7. While this is certainly interesting, the “new” Pac-Man seems to have less appeal to me. Big nose, funny boots, and now he’s voiced by a female actor. He used to have a man’s voice, shame.

  8. Thanks Namco, maybe next time you could use those resources and money into putting out the Pac-Man collection on the 3DS or Wii U.

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