Scooter Based Game From Renegade Kid And Scarab Entertainment Coming To Wii U

Renegade Kid and Scarab Entertainment have announced via a press release that their freestyle scooter game is coming to Wii U, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Razor Global Domination Pro Tour is a robust freestyle scooter experience, where you flip grab, spin, and grind your way to victory by performing dozens of freestyle scooter tricks. Customize your apparel and gear to personalize your Team Razor rider. Enhance your performance and take your Razor scooter to new heights with special upgrades that award you with increased speed and extra airtime. Travel around the world visiting unique skate parks, street jam sessions, and dirt tracks to demonstrate your skills.


  1. Call me crazy, but I loved the 2 Razor scooter games that were released for the PS1. Probably because I was a stupid kid. Ha. They were pretty bad, but I enjoyed them anyway. I’ll check this new game out when it’s released!


      1. I loved the Tony Hawk series. I played the hell out of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1, 2, 3, 4, and Underground. I skated around town every day after school too. Yet I still liked those scooter games.


    1. first when we got it at schucks, we sattred it up and it didnt work then we checked everything and gave it to schucks to get us a new one and one worker asked me if we can fix it and they next day he gave it back and guess what he said? the cylinder was broken in 2 places and chipes where everywhere on top of the cylinder. then i just gave it back to them and got a refund and i got 200 more bucks and went and got a go-ped witch is better and american made not chinese shit


    1. What in the WORLD is that?!? It looks like some random bootleg DK cartoon. That cover art is embarrassingly bad. xD Pretty interesting to find something like that, though.


  2. No offense to those who ride scooters, they just kind of look stupid.. I even tried getting into it once, it even felt stupid trying to do tricks on them. The only time I ever saw anyone riding scooters at an actual skate park was usually little kids which never helped either plus adults on scooters just looks wrong. It was just never my thing, would love to see a new skateboarding game though or hell even a good rollerblading game.

    Maybe it would be ok as a game, I just personally never liked scooters.

    Skateboarded for years and was actually sponsored by a local team here called Good Times. Sadly I think Good Times is non existent now and their shop has long closed, they used to be one of the best skate shops/team in San Antonio.


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