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Super Mario 3D World Wins Best Multiplayer Game At SXSW

Nintendo of America has announced that Super Mario 3D World has won the coveted award of best multiplayer game at this year’s SXSW. The award was given to a indie or mainstream game that exemplifies excellence in multiplayer gaming.

Thanks, Sonickid147

53 thoughts on “Super Mario 3D World Wins Best Multiplayer Game At SXSW”

  1. alright where the trolls at. they cant stand when Nintendo kicks sony’s or microsux’s ass at something. it seems people just resent Nintendo becuz they keep all their superior software on their own systems and that’s something that pisses people off. well fuckem they expect to buy a great game like 3d word on some stupid phone for 99 cents screw that.

    1. What are you going on about? You look like a total jack ass. Other games have won awards at SXSW this year too you fool, if you actually payed attention to it rather than one article about one game. Nintendo was not the only people getting awards at SXSW..

      This is great for SM3DW but don’t be stupid about it.

      I would know I literally live in Texas and actually was there and am still going, it is only an hour drive to Austin from where I am.. I always go to SXSW.

      God the ignorant fandom never ceases to stop. I guess since Tearaway got awarded also I should be an ass about it like you. /s

      1. was I talking to u idiot. for your information I played tearaway and enjoyed it. quite and accomplishment from media molecule. ive been a gamer b4 u were pissing in pampers. and even I can see all the Nintendo hate u gotta be blind not to see it. personally I like sony and Nintendo and hate microsux with a passion. so unless u have been a gamer since the early 80’s then educate yourself that was the glory days who the hell cares about shooter after shooter. COD = true baby game more kids play it than adults ask my nephew he 31 and he stopped playing becuz of all the kids.

          1. way smarter than u I bet. your wet behind the ears. probably a wannabe gamer. have u played soul blazer? how about the illusion of gaia. maybe final fantasy 1 on nes? how about the 1st evey Ys ? Zelda on nes? all the mega man games from nes on? did u ever score more than 100 points on super Mario brothers in the arcade? how about less known titles like times of lore for nes or faxanadu. maybe dragon warrior 1. how about pool of radiance or the bards tale for nes. I could go on but I bet u never played any of these.

        1. Yes, actually you were. You made a general statement inviting anyone to respond.

          For someone claiming to be so old, you don’t act like it although I guess being older doesn’t always mean you’re more mature. You should not make random assumptions about others; for all you know I am older than you.

          You act like an immature asshole regardless of your age. Using your age as a milestone for maturity pretty much proves that as if being older negates any stupid decisions you make.

      2. Not mocking you or anything, just a friendly tip from a plain bro which might help you in a test and grammar, ”God the ignorant fandom never ceases to stop.” The usage of the word ceases is wrong because cease = stop, so in a way, you said: ”…never stop stop” A correct sentence would be: God the ignorant fandom never ceases to amaze/be ignorant.

        Smell ya later.

        1. Not mocking you or anything either but it is a bit weird you would correct my grammar with punctuation that is a bit off.

          Sorry for the double negative. I actually meant “seems” instead of “ceases”, my brain will do that at times when I am typing fast. I was going to just end that sentence with “ceases” but then I wanted to change it to “seems to stop”, somehow they became confused.

          Unfortunately I cannot edit my posts once submitted. I guess that is my fault for never looking at the keyboard when I type; the signals get mixed before reaching my hands at times.

          I am by no means a master of grammar or claiming to be. I personally do not care how people speak or type as long as it’s understandable.

      1. Kinda sad. :( Hopefully with Mario Kart and Smash, we’ll see some other Multiplayer games come out too.

  2. The game won best multiplayer award somewhere and its doesn’t have to require online be considered good. :)

    Hmmm..I wonder how many Xbox/PS graphic ass kissers this is gonna piss off to try to troll. XD

    See? Nintendo is still relevant and Wii U deserves to stay and try to compete. Slowly and surely the whole “Nintendo is doomed, it sucks, they’re weak and its for babies” BS is dying out and can’t return.

    1. Seriously I don’t get you people. You just can’t take good news without trying to rub it in others faces. So childish.

      1. LOL look at this guy

        yes, cause obviously the Sony’s and the Micro’s dont take any bad news and call nintendoomed on us…. were just showing our enjoyment of nintendo. in all honesty, your a bigger troll then anyone. you dont have to call anyone a baby. just read the news, shut up, and continue on gaming. no need to be in this stupid war, just ignore for fuck sakes.

        1. So the solution is to just do it back to them, instead of just showing them that we don’t care? That’s basically adding more fuel to the fire, you idiot. If you are showing your enjoyment then you’re not showing, because if you WERE showing your enjoyment, you would be away from the internet playing their games. You’re childish, Period.

          1. LOL look at this guy

            ironic enough, i havent even posted anything on this topic, aside from telling her to shut it. yes, this whole war is childish. but your honesty part of the hate too. she makes it seem like were the only ones who do it. how can you not tell that these people obviously are hating on fans who are just happy to see some good news? who cares what they fight about ffs. im just sick and tired of people only attacking nintendo fans. your saying shes not attacking that person? its simple. anyone on this site who comments is childish. were looking at video game news… its not like these are politics. just let the kids have their moment, will ya?

    2. Lol jesus. It just won an award. It’s not like it’s flying off the shelves with CoD or GTA sales. XD But yes, this is a very great moment indeed. :)

  3. What does SXSW even stand for? IGN and Game Informer and GT will never award Nintendo a Game of the Year award because most of there patrons have Xbox 360/1 or PS3/4.

    1. IGN isn’t really anti-Nintendo like everyone thinks. I find their Nintendo analyses to be very good most of the time. I think they have really stepped up their game on their Nintendo support.

      I can totally see them awarding a Nintendo game Game of the Year…. Nintendo just has to be worthy of the award. As good as SM3D World and A Link Between Worlds were…. they weren’t game of the year. I think The Last of Us won the most GOTY awards for a reason.

      If Nintendo wows us with something absolutely spectacular (SSB4?) This year, then I wouldn’t be surprised if IGN gavw them the GOTY award.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        Some of the editors at IGN even voted for SM3DW or ALBW for GOTY (sorry, lots of acronyms). It was a vote though, so obviously it didn’t win.

        I agree, they’re very fair towards Nintendo. Sometimes maybe a bit too fair haha.

  4. I was always proud to be an Austinite. In terms of gaming, it’s cool to be in the same city as Retro Studios, Red Fly Studios, Renegade Kid, and branches of Bioware and Blizzard. Reading this is icing on the cake, especially being a Nintendo game…on Wii U.

    1. oh gawd. Texas is viewed as one of the worst U.S States. The laws there are quite disturbing (perhaps not as god awful as California’s and Florida’s at times, but still pretty bad) and the people there, I hear, are either obnoxious jerks and think Texas is the greatest place on the planet and everyone else is shit or they are wackos who just want to shoot up any thing that touches their property.

      I wouldn’t be proud to live there. I’m from New England and I’m proud to be from one of the most down to Earth places in our country (no I’m not from Massachusetts which is an awful, awful state both in their laws and the people who live there). The North East has all the Ivy league schools and is widely regarded as one of the best regions to live in the U.S. Especially NH, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut. You rarely meet racists (I’ve never actually met one in my life aside from online), most people tend to have honest opinions politically (again, except for Massachusetts…) and we have some of the most stable States economically (ONCE AGAIN…. except for Massachusetts.. the state sucks…don’t visit).

  5. Now watch how the little babies celebrate that their super Mario 3d land HD. Rehash got an award

    The worst 3d Mario game ever, I see. You little babies are happy in you cute lil baby cate suit Screaming Meeow lol

    I’m busy playing Killzone on ps4 and the last of us on ps3

    Ofcourse you babies wouldn’t know anything about those games made for real grown adult gamers.

    Hope you enjoying your Wii F U

    1. LOL look at this guy

      yea, were the babies. killzone is so much better then wiiu…. only kids go on and on about a console instead of playing them

    2. Arguing with internet trolls is like playing chess with a pigeon – no matter how good you are at chess, the pigeon is just going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board, then strut around as if it has won.

  6. I hate myself because I’m afraid I’m growing tired of Mario games. I mean, I still LOVE Mario (and always will), but lately when I look at Mario games, I don’t feel that overwhelming desire to play them like I used to. All I see is a bunch of grown. adult characters hopping and bopping, cosplaying and acting like kids.

    I know I should be looking past all that, but it’s getting hard. I just can’t see me ever paying 60 dollars for this game. I’ll probably wait until it’s at least 30 dolllars before I buy it. Even if it’s used. But actually, I feel that way about ALL games that are 60 dollars. I still haven’t bought New Super Mario Bros. U, DKC: Tropical Freeze, LOZ: Wind Waker HD or Assassin’s Creed IV yet. All for the same reason. The price.

    I guess collecting retro games kinda spoiled me. Who wants to pay a whopping 60 dollars for one game when they can buy several retro games for that same price? Before I started retro collecting, I didn’t mind paying full price for the latest games. But I’ve changed.

  7. This is good news! Glad a Wii U game is getting positive attention. This game really is a lot of fun in multiplayer. It’s not a deal breaker if you can’t get some friends together, but it does add to the fun, though you had better utilize the 1up glitch or you’ll be getting game over quick!

  8. Compared to NSMBU, 3d world felt short and boring.
    Think I spend a lot more time on first play through, and 100% the game.

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