Pokemon And Adidas Team Up To Support Japan In 2014 World Cup

pokemon_japan_world_cupWith the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games completed last month, the next big sporting event settles on the World Cup due to take place in Brazil this June. To celebrate the football frenzy this summer, sports brand Adidas and The Pokemon Company have joined forces to show support for Japan’s team.

In the adorable picture above, Pikachu and friends are shown in a group huddle and gleefully sport Japan’s blue shirts. It’s not yet known whether Pokemon will have a spin-off football game to coincide with the World Cup, but potential merchandise is sure to be a hit.


  1. Are quadrupedal creatures like Bulbasaur and Fennikin even allowed to play football/soccer? Don’t they have an unfair advantage in that they can’t be disqualified for using their hands?

  2. Hello. I’m the person who found the news in the japanese pokemon page and posted it in the spanish site Espal3DS copied our news without citing us as their source. I’ll gladly appreciate if you could change the source because it’s not the first time that they copied us.

    For your interest, the news were originally posted on the japanese website of Pokémon the 28th of february, and posted recently, the 8th of march

    Espal3ds posted the news 1 day after withouth crediting us as the source of the news. Thanks for your attention.

    1. Hi Chibisake,

      I wasn’t aware this was posted on the Japanese Pokemon site first, so thanks for bringing that to my attention. I’ve added in a link to your site within the article. Cheers! :)

      1. Thanks ShilverShadowFly, I really appreciate it.

        Have a nice day.

  3. LOL. Good luck Japan fans in Brazil. Be prepared. Brazil is one of the most expensive countries for tourism in the world and will be even more expensive during the world cup

    1. Besides this, the World Cup will overall suck for both brazillians and our foreign friends. Delayed stadium constructions, bad medical emergency service, very expensive tourism, poor security…

    2. you are right, I’m Brazilian, and a lot of people from here like to trick the tourists, charging more expensive prices for things and etc.
      And if you are going to Brazil, don’t expect security, avoid to walk alone in the streets or showing you have a tablet or cell phone =/

  4. I click the article link from Facebook and was expecting to see a Pokemon-Adidas wear. Upon reading, I understand, that marketing strategy shows Japan is known for Pokemon and they made it a way of support for the Japanese team in the Olympics. Though I’m a poke-fan, I don’t want to agree. I think, the message would be strong if Adidas team-up with Gundam Mobile Suits.

  5. If Pokémon are behind Japan for this World Cup, I guess I am too! Got a better chance than my country, England, that’s for sure.

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