Club Nintendo EU Service Will Be Intermittent Due To Maintenance On March 11

Nintendo of Europe has warned Club Nintendo members that the service will be intermittent tomorrow, March 11. The Club Nintendo stars catalogue will be unavailable for most of the day while Nintendo work behind-the-scenes on the website. There’s no telling whether these changes will affect the user experience, or if it’s simply a routine measure. Yesterday, Nintendo notified users that the Wii U and 3DS eShops will be undergoing extended maintenance worldwide on Thursday.

“Maintenance takes place tomorrow on the #ClubNintendo Stars Catalogue. The service will be intermittent all day. Sorry for the inconvenience.” – Nintendo of Europe via Twitter


    1. Maybe it will be to let us trade star points for Eshop money in addition to wii/dsi points

  1. Yuck! 3ds is where i find great games not the app store.
    i’m glad nintendo isn’t doing mobile games.

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