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One Piece Unlimited World Red Coming To The West This Year For Wii U & Nintendo 3DS (Trailer)

One Piece Unlimited World Red is coming for Europe, Australasia, and North America The New World and its fierce challenges await Luffy and his Nakama. Set sail and live as a pirate from the popular manga created by Eichiro Oda in a whole new never-before-seen scenario. Who is this mysterious character speaking with Luffy and what are his plans? Exploration, boss battles, flashy combos and co-operative gameplay are some of the main features to expect from this brand new game to come in 2014 on Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

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57 thoughts on “One Piece Unlimited World Red Coming To The West This Year For Wii U & Nintendo 3DS (Trailer)”

      1. This game is perfect for the Wii U because the original game was for the 3DS so you don’t miss out on any of the dual screen functionality that the developers intended to have.

  1. This is actually coming to the Wii U? No way!!! The Wii U just got its next big system seller! One Piece has a pretty substantially large fanbase after all

    1. Yes…and said fanbase probably already owns a PS3
      Or a 3DS
      Or a VITA

      So yeah, no matter how popular One Piece is, this game won’t be a system seller.

      1. Well, I am definitely gunning for the PS3 version as well, but I’m sure that there are some OP fans who will want to play on the Wii U. I just prefer PS3 for these kind of games and leave my Wii U for the exclusives

        1. sasori obinna onuorah

          rehashed games. i would prefere a naruto game on wii u than any nintendo game. good thing am getting an xbox 360

          1. sasori obinna onuorah

            Even though ironically, even naruto game is a rehash and I’m to stupid to realize it. Still good thing I’m getting the failbox 360.

            1. sasori obinna onuorah

              Not to mention that all of my comments are rehashes. And that Naruto has so many fillers that I don’t even know why I like it.

  2. I will admit I’m surprised this game is coming for the Wii U and is excluding the PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox one . This hardly happens lol :D .
    Cant wait for this game !

  3. FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKKKK YYEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t fucking wait!!! For WiiU too I’m getting both version!!!!!

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I don’t really like these type of games or anime but anything that joins/excludes the Xbots is a welcome sight…

  4. could be fun.
    though seems this game is further from the anime that I have seen, maybe should do some catching up.

  5. sasori obinna onuorah

    i want naruto storm 3 for wiiu. wii u is not even trying to beat xbox 360. am getting nintendo games for again. after how sm3dw was just a cash grab and scam. i was pissed off …

    1. sasori obinna onuorah

      I was pissed off that I was too stupid ask for a refund and return the game because I was so blinded by my butthurt, and the reason I say Wii U is not even trying to beat the 360 is because they already have, and I was so butthurt…

  6. I’m a big One Piece fan (today’s chapter was pretty great, by the way), but I’m not so sure about this one [/stupidpun]; I don’t think talking about bug catching and fishing (two highly irrelevant activities) from the get-go was a good design choice for the advertisement, and the cel-shading looks… sloppy. I’m not sure if it’s just me (I never did like cgi anime), but for such a colorful world as One Piece, everything from the environments to the character textures looks bleached out [/otherstupidpun]. I’m quite glad Wii U’s getting support from something like this, though.

  7. This looks way more fun than I would’ve expected, will probably buy :D
    Maybe not on launch but def pick it up somewhere along the road.

  8. Wow, you Nintendo worshippers act like this is an “AMAZING1!1!1” thing for wii u. Just letting you know, the wii u and vita versions are digital only ;)

      1. LMAO!! I own a wii u, so don’t try and call me a “hater”. Just saying you guys are blowing this out of proportions for an upscaled 3ds game that won’t be on a disc. Also that guys who said the “suckstation 4” wouldn’t run this is 1080p has to be kidding

        1. Hater, we’re not blowing this out of proportions. This game is mainly for the One Piece fanbase. No one expected it to be translated into English. Not everyone understands Japanese. What’s wrong with it being digital? They have the eShop for a reason.

  9. it make sense it comes in Europe and Australia. France and Germany being the 2nd and 3rd anime/manga consumer in the world since 1970 it’s a logical market. Since we also have Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and Italy where manga even being expensive sell like hot cake.. Europe is the first choice for this game (does not matter the platform). I would like to see Dragon Ball battle of Z on Wii U, as well as Naruto. If Bandai decide to release a St Seiya on Wii U I only hope they are going to start from the beginning up to Asgard (OAVs included) and the second one from Poseidon up to Hades (OAVs included). If they also want to include the lost canvas and next dimension I will buy them.

  10. I’m not sure if u care about this but if u know about shounin jump there is going to be a new fighting game with some popular anime characters it’s called j-star victory vs.

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