Check Out This New Watch Dogs Trailer

Ubisoft has released a brand new trailer for its forthcoming open world action title, Watch Dogs. The trailer shown is presumably from the PlayStation 4 version which is due for release on May 27th. The Wii U version has been delayed till an unspecified date.


  1. **Disclaimer**

    It will certainly not look like this on the Wii U. That’s even if a Wii U version is coming out due to lackluster 3rd party sales figures

    1. I agree; it will look even better on the Wii U. Having a team develop it specifically for the Wii U is better than splitting between 5 platforms.

  2. Really want this game! Pre ordered it ages ago for Wii U, though I don’t mind the delay. I have DK, Mario Kart 8, and lots of unfinished games to play first!

    1. Yess another game we will not get ;) ill be saving that money for bayonetta 2 of course !!!

  3. Lol butthurt Damage control

    Can’t want to play this game on playstation4

    1080p on my Sony Bravia TV will look better than my girlfriends big booty

    Thank you Sony and thank you Nintendo for making a lame weak baby console that no one likes but lil stupid anger tantrum prone babies

  4. I have it on preorder for the WiiU, but depending on the delay i might be getting it for the PS4. Until now there is no reason for me to get one, but that might change. Usually The jrpgs let me buy a playstation.

  5. something seems off, did the graphics get worse? Not a graphics whore but didn’t the 2012/2013 e3 demo look better?

    1. They did look better, those were probably high-end PC’s running the games. Not saying the consoles suck, they just aren’t the super machines people think they are. You can’t get $1000+ graphics for $500 or less, it isn’t going to happen. Nintendo went “Gamepad!”, Microsoft went “Kinect!”, and Sony went”POWUH!!!!!!”, and these people honestly think that the PS4 is a powerhouse. It is, when compared to other consoles, compared to PC it is just as lacking as the other consoles. The reason there is some disappointment is they expected high end PC games, and are getting low end PC games.

  6. Consider this though. In order to sell more copies of the Wii U version when the Wii U version does come out, it may come with all the DLC and “exclusive” missions all on the disc. We’ve seen it before. And it might be wise for Ubisoft to do that since Wii U owners have to wait longer for this game.

    1. If it comes out for more than $40, with or without DLC, I’m not going to get it. I don’t spend more than $40 on old games, especially when I kno the company selling it is going to milk that game yearly. I got ACIV for $25 and it’s what, four months later?

  7. Hmmm… I always thought that this game was going to focus on stealth… I don’t mind the action in this video, ’cause it looks great; but I hope action is not the root of this game. I will buy nevertheless…

  8. This a playstation exclusive trailer! Why you post this here? Get your shit togheter, sickr.

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