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Marvelous AQL Is Changing Company Name To Marvelous

Marvelous AQL, the popular Japanese video game developer and anime producer, has revealed that it is changing its name to Marvelous. The company says that the name change will strengthen the brand. Marvelous also says that it’s reorganising its staff.

“On April 1, current executive chairman Haruki Nakayama will become the new president and CEO; current president and operating officer Kyoda Shuichi will become the new president and operating officer COO; and current executive vice president and operating officer, digital content general manager, and online content senior executive manager Toshinori Aoki will become the new executive vice president and operating officer department COO while retaining his latter titles.”

11 thoughts on “Marvelous AQL Is Changing Company Name To Marvelous”

    1. If sickr wants to, he can come up with a much better April fools joke *cough* last year April fools joke for example *cough*
      I don’t remember what it was exactly, but I was lol’ing hard, when I found out he was joking

      1. It’s only March. And it’s not even a major name change so why would someone joke about something like that?

  1. wtf First Sega is getting a new presdient now this what is up with april 1st they should call it the day video game companies changes a few things day or a big thing

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