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Game Theory Says Wii U Is The New Virtual Boy (Video)

Popular Youtube channel The Game Theorists has compared Nintendo’s latest home console Wii U to the ill fated Virtual Boy. The video claims that Nintendo made all the same mistakes with the Wii U as it did with the Virtual Boy back in 1995. The channel says if Nintendo had remembered its own history, its current financial troubles could have been avoided.

Thanks, James

195 thoughts on “Game Theory Says Wii U Is The New Virtual Boy (Video)”

      1. Except, like you, he’s another BS fandork of a theorist like Michael Patcher riding the “Wii U Hate” dick train nonstop until its dead end.

        So course your dumbass one-track mind would agree to this stupidly irrelevant “Point A to Point Z” guessing games to drive more dumb hate towards Wii U.

        By comparison: Commericial flop? Half true. Hardware/software sales? Not a chance.

        Go back to school and actually learn how to RESEARCH before agreeing/disagreeing someone’s GAME “THEORY”

        Have a nice day fanboy.

  1. Stupid comparison. The Wii U passed Virtual Boy sales a LONG time ago… Don’t believe me? Check Wikipedia…

    1. You are all missing the whole point of the video. All because it sold more doesn’t mean it’s not a complete failure and following the same footsteps as the VB

        1. ???

          The gamepad is essential for this console, if they left it out then the console itself might have been more powerful. If one them is a failure, that makes them both failures.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Yes but as a gaming device it’s not a total failure but since barely any game uses the Gamepad as a real part of the game, then it is considered a failure in that regard…

            For now…

            1. I can see why others might think that, but i’m the minority that really, really likes the gamepad. Not only is it a complete delight in your hands, i sincerely enjoy having the HUD down there. Tailored for maps

              1. Love the gamepad too, I just wish games were made to use it properly.. In my opinion ZombieU was great offering an unique gaming experience just for its use of the gamepad, and I am also sure that it was nothing compared with what can be done.

              2. There is something I simply can’t seem to understand regarding Nintendo’s innovations. I truly love & prefer both the Wii’s motion controls and WiiU’s gamepad over the classic control scheme. Two questions:

                1) why am I and people like me in minority? How is it possible that majoriry prefer boring classic controling over control scheme that is fresh, intuitive and that adds more value to the content of the game that is played?

                2) More importantly, why IN THE HELL Nintendo itself doesb’t use it’s own inovative tools in it’s own games? WHY? It happened with Wii’s motion controlsm it is happening now again with the gamepad. Why do they do that?
                Take Last Story, for example. Why no motion controls there? Why not even a glimpse, or even an optional use, when it is clear as day that the gameplay would profit from incorporating it?

                Please only reasonable, coherent answers, thank you.

      1. kinda but in some areas its not. unlike the virtual boy, the wii u hasn’t had any good marketing. Devs aren’t as limited with the wii u’s power. His main theme kinda has a bad message that innovation is punished in the industry almost. third party will always go the cheaper route. The virtual boy had issues in it didn’t know what it was. I do agree with some points, but not all.Its only been a year, so lets see what happens after this year and then we can start saying this kinda stuff

        1. Convince others to believe another persons opinion? Bro your thinking is all twisted. That’s the point, one persons opinon is their own not everyone else’s. To expect everyone to agree would be moronic. To claim the reason is because “nintendrones” even more stupid because you are saying you believe we should all agree and there is just a cult that refuses to accept. Just… Wow…

      2. Define failure? In comparing to other systems sure but as in sales and profits, it’s still green for them so failure, in no way

    2. Did you watch the video at all?
      he clearly states the sales numbers for both systems.
      I seriously hate when people comment on videos before watching them. typical Fanboy shit.

  2. They should examine that claim first. The Wii U is, for the most part, way more recognizable just by its name alone. And it does have a respectable amount of games on it, original and ports. Hug me!

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Personally I liked just -U- only more…

      But that’s me…

      Still doesn’t change the machine in any way though…

    1. i hope they make games for the next xbox or ps5 because i will never buy another nintendo console again. what a very shitty company that didnt even care for the wii u owners that paid 350-300 for this. nintendo can die and gaming will continue

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      When I first heard this guy, he sounded gay, like seriously I thought he was a homosexual but after this video, I think he is an unenlightened fool who is a joke, comparing the Wii U to a system released nearly 20 years ago is like comparing Apartheid to the Holocaust…

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          Oy, I don’t mean that as an insult, to me there are 2 types of gays, the normal gays and then there are the flamboyant gays, I assume you are the former

          The normal ones are just like normal, don’t attract attention, you could walk down the street and no one would know if they are gay, bi or straight

          The flamboyant ones are the ones I can’t stand, they are the ones who walk around acting like stereotypical gays, walk around in costumes or transgender clothes, and speak with that annoying “accent”. you don’t see me walking around with a shirt that says “I am a straight Jew and proud” (although I do have pride for my religion, it’s not something I flaunt like i am something special)

          But I suppose with any people, their are the good ones and the bad/annoying ones, I know some Jews that are nice people but I know alot that are arrogant and like to flaunt their wealth…

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Although I lean more towards the “normal” whatever that is, I’m neither…

            I don’t let it define me like many others…

            If someone is defined by being gay or christian or whatever fine, that’s their business but I’m a lot more than just one tiny thing…

            1. Nintendo is my Blood

              Well it’s like anyone, for instance, Christians, most people I meet are Christian so it’s not a big deal, but how do you feel about the other Christians, you know, the ones who go around preaching about how Jesus is the only way to save your soul, being gay like worshiping Satan, evolution is false and god is true

              Yes those Christians, who shove religion down our throats, whether we are willing to swallow or not

                1. Nintendo is my Blood

                  Exactly my point, same goes for vegetarians and eco-maniacs, to a point they are fine but when they turn into PETA freaks, making campaigns against a children’s video franchise because of far fetched (no pun intended) reasons is borderline insane

                  I could go on about each and every race and religion but that would make me into a preacher and as you know, I can’t stand them

                        1. I usually say it to other christians when they say the bible says not to be gay (I am yet to actually find a passage that even refers to homosexuality either way, but there are few that are about being respecting your neighbors even if their views aren’t you own), basically if god is pulling the strings, its one way to keep the population of the world from growing. But mostly I say it to see what kind of reaction they get from it, its pretty fun.

                  1. Really? I’m more of the first. I don’t go telling everyone I’m gay. Except here I guess. Lol. Flamboyants are a mixed bag for me. Annoying or just funny.

            2. He actually does lots of research for his vids, he is rather smart guy in person, but he does leave out details. Also who cares how he sounds, thats his voice he is also married

            3. How is the trivia that you thought that the guy was homosexual relevant to… A anything?

              Also, he should be able to compare two systems so wide apart because… We do it to, and it makes sense to compare two of their falling systems… the fact he had to go back twenty years is a good thing because it shows it had been twenty freaking years ago that they made a crappy system. (Not insinuating the wii u is bad, it has Finn games, I had great times on it but you can’t disagree that they did kind of made the same mistakes they did with the vb on only on a better in general product.

          1. Here’s a fun fact for ya?? The nintendo foundation probably have several billions of US$ by now, nintendo isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, bud….

          1. I wouldn’t be surprised if sickr ran out of ideas for the hour, and saving stuff like this for a special occasion :)

        2. Man. I’m sorry, but stop this shit MyNintendoNews. This is NOT news. I’m sick of being emailed irrelevant stuff like this. The video is old at that. Can we get news that’s actually…you know, NEWS? I’m all for hearing about popular YouTubers voicing their opinions and doing something relevant like creating a fan project or something of the sort, but I never thought this would be in my inbox after about a week or so watching the video. Really.

            1. You use the word fanboy…
              Yet, your username has Nostalgia_w…
              Hmm…I think you’re looking at your own reflection.

              1. Right… Because the word nostalgia only has to do with video games… As if liking old games makes you a fanboy… Don’t be a fool…

                1. But you’re on a gaming website. You’re trying to justify yourself, but it’s not working. Gtfo

            2. You should not presume to tell someone that the only sensible way for him/her to address his/her distaste for something is to silently look the other way. That’s a little stupid. What’s so wrong with displaying revile for something you find wrong or foolish (let alone somewhat-constructively criticizing it, as can be seen in megamanonthereal’s comment)?

          1. I agree. This site is terrible. You deserve better and should leave. There’s the door –> [|]

            You’ll be back, because all the other sites are booooring. I’m certain I’ll see you here bitching again, because there is something this site has you can’t get enough of. Mmhmm. You either will be unable to leave, or you’ll be back.

            1. You got the wrong “fanboy”. I never said I was leaving. Just because I have a complaint, does that mean I can’t voice it? When you voice your opinion, that’s how you can get things done. And since we’re making assumptions, you must be a person who takes shit repeatedly from your favorite company?

        3. This guy has a point. There aren’t very many companies in the video game industry that are in it for making art anymore, it’s all about profit. The only one example I can really think of is Valve and they have an excuse because they’re private. I think we have out solution, folks

        4. kinda wish matt didn’t make this kinda video, I rather had him focus on the other side of gaming like looking at characters and themes of games like he usually does, this kinda stuff causes fanboy wars, and feeds trolls, though I do agree with some points but he does leave out other stuff. And message of his video kinda says a bad lessons that innovation is bad for nintendo and other compaies, because no one will support it if cost more money to develop for. Plus the wii u is in a different area of struggle. No one knows about it really, and the support on the system has been bad due to the third party sells. Nintendo is trying to support this system as much as they can and try to get more devs on it. I also disagree about nintendo forgetting about the virtual boy, they reference it many games, and it inspired the 3ds. If u were going to compare the system compare it between the gamecube and n64. Nintendo aleast advertise the VB its just with all the negative effects Red and black graphics, and cost development that it failed

            1. I still think the wii u has a chance but if it fucks up this next year, or so, it is fucked. Then nintendo knows that they have to support it by themselves with some from indies, that they will try to aleast get their hardcore on board. The casual crap messed up their flow

                1. Nintendo is my Blood

                  The Wii U, i’ll admit is a commercial failure, but it is by no means a failed console, it just wasn’t in the right time or the right place, but it falls upon Nintendo to either make or break it…

        5. The Virtual Boy was an amazing idea ahead of it’s time, but the tech was still large and clunky. The refined, modern version is the ass-kicking 3DS. The final product of an idea started long ago. Nintendo can easily keep their struggling WiiU alive with the profits from Animal Crossing alone.

          If this idea is true, of the WiiU being like the Virtual Boy, then what they are really saying is Nintendo had a brilliant revelation, but failed to apply the tech needed for it to be widely accepted.

          In a nutshell, if the WiiU is the next Virtual Boy, then there could be a Titan console being developed to become what the WiiU was intended to be. And they better leave the term “Wii” off the fucking thing.

          1. yeah the wii brand needed to die off after its first go. I kinda saw what they were doing like a nes and snes theme, but even then it confused people. And the marketing and confuseion shows that they haven’t done things right with the system

          1. Wow. I completely remember how many complained that shit but still spent more on PS4/One anyway and what did they get out of that besides shitty Ryse or Shadowfall? lol Still worth every penny having a slightly updated machine that barely has anything to play until Watchdogs.

        6. I agree with all the points made except for one, batteries. Are people really so fucking stupid that they don’t think to find a spot in their house where they can comfortably play close to an outlet? News flash, you can continue playing even while the GamePad is charging, you don’t NEED to buy a bigger battery #dumbasses

        7. this is not even a comparison..
          My comparison looks like this…
          tv screen = Top screen of DS
          Gamepad = DS Touch Screen
          I believe its like a spaced out NDS.

          1. Because the software line up help boosted its popularity. Once Wii U has its own, they’ll be eating their own shit for breakfast.

          2. You really need to stop making that comparison. The WiiU is WAY off from the 3DS situation. The 3DS was saved quickly, and then the early adopters compensated. WiiU owners were just fucked, and there was no attempt made to save it until everyone lost interest.

            I know where you’re coming from, but the WiiU struggle has epically surpassed what the 3DS went through.

        8. only the virtual boy was a terribly useless piece of hardware

          the wii u is quite useful even when not playing a game

        9. The Wii U is great, it got some issues but it’s still highly relevant in this dark times with all the ADHD/FPS-games everywhere…

        10. His point regarding Nintendo failing due to boardline gimmicky innovations is far from true. The Wii, Ds and 3ds were all first time attempts at a new technology, and they all sold extremely well.

          1. As oppose to the Kinect but I guess he’s one of those morons who still think its revolutionary when its basically a PSEye/Wii Remote ripoff that doesn’t fucking work 100% of the time.

        11. He got a point, and for that reason I will not let Nintendo fool me again, even to someone like me, that is a sucker for Nintendo games, the Wii U was/is a bad product for early adopters.

          1. Unless you got the 32GB and buy digital games to get 500 points ($5) back as a bonus until 2015.

            Still think early adopters get screwed on Wii U? As oppose to early PS4s breaking down or Xbox One exploding in living rooms? Hypocrites…

        12. I really don’t see how idiots here agree to this when everything about this comparison is completely off.

          First of all, the reason why Virtual Boy failed was because the timing of its kind to shine the market wasn’t right plus with the rising of 64 bit and PS that occupied many gamers and the fact that VB design didnt really please much consumers, its failure was just.

          Wii U on the other hand, thanks to everything and everyone that contributed its negative outlook: Nintendo not showing enough moral support, 3rd parties like EA and fanbases from other platforms talking out of their asses about it, Wii U’s reputation is on edge but its not close to being a failure because unlike VB, it has relevance left in it and many big games coming.

          By comparison: Are they both Commericial flops? I would agree. But the line of everything between them two is as blur as all of the internet haters and trolls put together. Wii U is long from being a failure. In fact, I predict it’ll do far better than GameCube did and speaking of that, did anyone compare nor complain about the GameCube? No? Then there shouldn’t be so much BS going on for Wii U.

        13. All of the same mistakes as the Virtual Boy? So that explains those horrible red & black graphics that causes bad headaches and migraines. Uh, wait a minute……….

          1. Or what about the well timing of its technology?

            Wii U following the tablet popularity in 2012 isn’t as dated oppose to VR in the 90s which wasn’t a thing back then.

            So how is Wii U failing like VB again?

        14. as a wii u myself i fell like nintendo only forcus on kids. mii verse is kiddy theme with too many restriction because they think were kids. the wiiu exculsives are just boring,kiddy ,barebone and rehashed games.this my last nintendo console i will buy.

        15. the virtualboy only ever sold 770,000 units and sales fell off very quickly , the Wii U is heading towards 6 million yes its slow growth but not that slow. the only console that has seemed to have slowed down dramatically at the moment is the Xbox one not that i think it is in trouble just yet. the problem with the VB was it was bulky badly thought out you had to sit stooped in front of it. and to top it all it gave you a head ace. i don’t think any of the consoles out just know are like the VB at all

        16. What was the point of posting this? I mean, I’m a big fan of Game Theory, but is there really any reason to post this here, especially when the video isn’t even that current now?

        17. It is not, it’s not that big of a failure like Virtual Boy was, this is just a troll bait video to get Nintendo fans angry and get a lot of views, since it’s what the gaming media has been doing and successfully getting views with this shit.

          The Virtual Boy never had the games, sales and support the Wii U is having. So, the GameCube was also a Virtual Boy?

        18. All the Nintendo fan boys on here are acting like he’s apart of the Wii U hate train even though he stated that he’s both a Nintendo fan and never said in the video that he hated the Wii U but instead said that the Wii U is failing and giving his thoughts on the situation. Yet, no one here gave a crap and just assumed he’s another Sony fan boy attacking the Wii U for no reason when he clearly states evidence in his video.
          I’m pretty sure half the Nintendo fan boys on this website didn’t even watch the video and just read the title and just said to themselves “oh my god, another one? F*cking Sony fan boys”.
          MatPat, the guy who made the video, is a highly popular game theorist whose made many videos that can and will blow your mind:

        19. Makes sense, but there’s one clear difference which isn’t mentioned: design potential.

          Although most games currently on the Wii U don’t use the idea of an added touch-screen that well, the few games that do like Nintendo Land, some of the Wii series games, Rayman Legends, and in particular, TW101, are showing that it at least has the potential to create excellent new experiences if the developers know how to use it. Think about the touchscreen’s use in something like a level editor (if the unlikely rumour about MK8 having a track builder somehow turns out to be true, that would be a brilliant example). Most importantly, the console is comfortable to play on, and a lot of the games for it are actually brilliant.

          On the other hand, the Virtual Boy was clunky, uncomfortable, and quickly caused headaches, making it difficult to enjoy no matter what was done with its software. None of the games for it showed anything even remotely beneficial about the “VR” experience. It had little potential out of the gate.

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