Inafune Talks About Mega Man And Mighty Number 9

Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune spoke at length during a GDC panel about how creating Mighty No.9 has reminded him of the indie spirit that he felt while developing the Mega Man franchise back in the day. Inafune also revealed that said that the original Mega Man team consisted of only six people, and three of them were new hires.

“Mega Man was the first original total that came out of our team in those days,” Inafune recalled.

“In a way, if we’re talking about what’s big budget or not, in a way I would say that was our indie movement. We were not really doing what was asked by us; we were not necessarily adhering to what was requested to our team.”

“The heart of indie lies in those days,” he added. “We’re still connected with fans in those ways.”



  1. Rumor has it that Iwata has been involved in two known Burkakke videos in which he degraded a young lady who worked at HAL labratories. Can anybody confirm this??


    1. Right. If that did happen, news would’ve broke out quick.

      Take your Anti-Nintendo BS elsewhere please so it can be debunked just as fast.


  2. He, or should I say Capcom, MUST make some new Megaman games. Even if it is just one I’d be happy. And they should make it exclusively for the 3DS since so many people own one already. Easy money, satisfied fans. Hugs!


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