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About 18 Percent Of Nintendo 3DS Owners Bought Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Nintendo has revealed that approximately 18 percent of Nintendo 3DS owners have purchased a copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The life simulation title launched November 2012 in Japan and arrived in June 2013 in North America, Europe and Australia. As of January 2014, the game has sold about 7.38 million units worldwide, making it one of the best-selling 3DS exclusives to date.

66 thoughts on “About 18 Percent Of Nintendo 3DS Owners Bought Animal Crossing: New Leaf”

  1. Definitely worth my $34.99

    My first Animal crossing game was City Foll (Wii) and I hated it because of how sluggish everything was.

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  3. its higher than 18% because nintendo is not accounting for the high number of 3DS Systems that are broken or upgraded or homes that have multiple users that share games. I have 3 right now in my home and we share usage of games

  4. Over 7 million suckers. What an overrated franchise. I especially hate the half-assed art style of the characters.

    Rune Factory 4 is a better simulation game by far.

    1. That’s your opinion. The “7 Million” people aren’t suckers. That’s just what they like. You like Rune Factory? good for you.

    2. Lol! You’re funny, man. Let’s see you try to make a game like Animal Crossing. And ACNL sold far more than that game. Good or not, that’s just your opinion.

  5. I bought this game on day 1 and continue to play it just about every day. I’ve loved the franchise since the GC one.

    1. You should still give it a try. I thought I’d never play it because I’m not into those types of games. I only played for a couple of months but I still had fun.

  6. GIVE ME NON-FRUIT TREES, MOTHERFUCKERS!! I need them for Hanami and I only have cherry trees…. (how stupid is that cherry trees do nothing in Hanami?)

    1. exactly!!!!!!!!! NINTEBABIES want so much to have baby games that they purchase the same game twice!!!!!…..

    2. You really think everyone bought 2 copies? I know plenty of people who struggled just trying to get one.

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  8. NINTENDO USER BASE = newborns, infants and elder people…. confirmed!!!!!!!!!!

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            1. the way you write, and your way to are the baby here. Because you think that your likes, opinions are the best, you think that you are right.. you are here to underestimate the people that like the game, why? What you win with this? Maybe you are a loser in your life and just want to think that you are higher with some feelings and likes than others..But, hey, every person has a different opinion and likes, so, if you don’t like animal crossing, so what? Don’t judge someone for liking something.

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            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

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    1. I honesty dont know why im here. All i do is troll and act like a bigot. Even tho as long as im a gamer complaining, all i ever will amount to is a baby

  9. Only 18% of 3DS owners bought this? Wow! This is definitely one of my favorite 3DS games (and series) I own. And that’s coming from a 36 year-old.

    Although lately I’ve been real burned out on it and haven’t played in a while.

  10. Haha, I bought 3 copies. 2 for me and one for my nephew. I also got the ACNL 3DS XL.
    Pretty relaxing game. Really good for someone with generalized anxiety disorder, like me.

  11. I am one of the 18%. Best Animal Crossing game – exceptionally well made in every regard. I’m at the stage where I go through phases of playing it now, but there is still an awful lot to do.

  12. I only wish this game had the playable NES games like the very first Animal Crossing game. That’s the only thing that’s missing that would have made it even BETTER.

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  14. I really love the game. With a stressful life I had last year, Animal crossing was a great game to play and to relax, I love the play times I had..


    Here’s why it’s important:

    Have you ever imagined playing an old classic that you loved and wanted it to be online to show off your skills or even play with friends and family that live to far away to play the game with them. Imagine Super Mario World with online and voice chat, Mario kart with online and voice chat or even super smash bros! from N64 with online multiplayer and voice chat the list can go on and on this can be something that I know will be a hit! We together can make this happen if we show nintendo that we really want this! This would be amazing!

  16. The only reason this isn’t higher is because presumably it doesn’t take into account people who have bought multiple 3DS’s (but only one copy of Animal Crossing)

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