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Here’s A Good Look At The Ace Attorney Nintendo 3DS Collection (Video)

Prolific blogger NintenDaan has managed to get his hands on a Japanese copy of The Ace Attorney Collection for the Nintendo 3DS. The collection, which features the first three games, launched in Japan today, so hopefully that will make an impact on the Media Create charts. Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection features both English and Japanese language options. You can watch it, above.



    1. Oh I played the original trilogy, they were fantastic especially the third one, you are in for a real treat


  1. Well if we don’t get a US release date at least I know I can import a Japanese 3DS and a copy of this game since it will be in english…I do hope Capcom brings this over. This will get more people into the series before AA6 comes out.


  2. I always wanted to get into the games but don’t really feel like paying 20-30 bucks for each game. A collection of the first 3 games is a reason why I held off for so long, if it makes it the west, I’ll definitely get it.


    1. If you want, they have the first three games on Wiiware for 10$ each. Or you can also get the iOS collection (Which I believe is also cheaper). Of course, you can also wait it out and hope they’ll release the 3DS collection in the West.


  3. One of the greatest trilogy in gaming, that. I’ve been sort of averse towards replaying an AA game–any AA game–because how could it be as good the second time around? What have I done to deserve this.

    Nevertheless, I just might give this a chance. Playing real games on a smart phone just feels awkward, could never get into the HD version.



    thats awesome if this game never makes it outside of japan, at least they already have it translated (or you know, you could just BUY the three games)


  5. OH MY GOSH! I’ve wanted to get into Ace Attorney for the longest time! This would be perfect! I hope it comes to the US!


  6. Still one of the greatest series of games ever – this needs to come over here, I dont have a copy of the first three anymore! D:


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