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New Prince Of Persia Game Apparently In The Works

French website Le Portail du Jeu Video is reporting that Ubisoft is busy developing a new 2D Price of Persia game using the UbiArt Framework engine which powers Rayman Legends and Child of Light. The site says “the same techniques of animation [as used] in the last Rayman” and see the Prince’s body “divided into several parts (torso, pelvis, leg, shin, foot, forearm, hands, etc..) that can be animated independently of each other.  “This provides a real diversity / credibility in the postures and movements of the hero…. “The quality of the work is to believe [it is] 3D modelling [with] transitions [that are] are fluid and feel well made.”

34 thoughts on “New Prince Of Persia Game Apparently In The Works”

          1. This is a Nintendo site. Why would die-hard Xb1 or PS4 people be here except to troll?

            Don’t they have their own sites to discuss topics with like-minded fans?

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              1. Admit it, kid! You’d drool at the idea of Zelda taking some of the acrobatic gameplay from Prince of Persia & give it to Link as the series goes 3rd person. lol

            1. “see the Prince’s body “divided into several parts (torso, pelvis, leg, shin, foot, forearm, hands, etc..) that can be animated independently of each other.”
              So it’s 3D porn?

            2. So now they are milking their game engine now? I get that it’s cheaper and easier to make games on the system, but something like Prince of Persia deserves the 3D treatment.

            3. I like this idea. Ubisoft has done beatiful job with that engine and everythin done with it is gorgeus on HDTV imo, Ubisoft is proud of their engine for reason. Anyway if this is true i cant wait to see what they do with it.

            4. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              If the Ubisoftians releases this for the Wii U too or atleast an alternate Prince of Persia game, I’ll take them off my list as I like the series…

              I was not very fond of the last games though although the Wii one had better music…

            5. Now the question remains: will it come to the WiiU ? There is no logical reason it shouldnt, but you never know when it comes to Nintendo consoles and third party games :/

            6. its just about the graphic.
              the first 3 i loved realy mutch, but the last one one ps3 was not mine.
              i dident like the graphic stile.
              i hate cell shade and co.
              ubi makes realy a lot of difference games. more than ninty does.

            7. hehe the last prince of persia i’ve played was the classical one, in DOS :P I don’t know much about the new ones, but this new “2D” one really interested me. I wish we could have a new 3d doom game with the creatures(like cacodemon) from the classics..but ok it is from ID software..
              I think the new prince of persia will come to WiiU since they are producing it in the same engine as rayman, I think the style is very suitable for Wii U.

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            9. People are so hypocritical. They love Prince of Persia, but hate Middle Eastern people…. People do realize Persians are Iranians who speak Persian, right?

              I’m not talking about anyone on this site in particular, just speaking my mind on gamers I’ve come across on the internet who are racist jackasses.

            10. If this latest PoP is as good as The Fallen King on DS, then I’ll definitely get it. Sounds like it’ll be more complex &, hopefully, more challenging. That’s if they put the same effort into gameplay as the visuals. Hel, the upgrade gantlets in The Fallen King were way more challenging than what was in The Forgotten Sands (such a cakewalk). I hope Ubisoft doesn’t make the new PoP too casual, if @ all.

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