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Assassin’s Creed Series Sells 73 Million, Just Dance 48 Million And Splinter Cell 30 Million

Ubisoft has posted sales figures for its biggest franchises including Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, and Splinter Cell. As expected Assassin’s Creed is the company’s biggest series, selling a staggering 73 million copies worldwide. Just Dance has also performed spectacularly selling 48 million units worldwide. You can see the sales figures, below.

Worldwide best selling franchises:

  • – Assassin’s Creed®: 73 million
  • – Just Dance™: 48 million
  • – Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell®: 30 million
  • – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six®: 26 million
  • – Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon®: 25 million
  • – Petz®: 24 million
  • – Rayman®: 25 million
  • – Imagine™: 21 million
  • – Prince of Persia®: 20 million
  • – Driver®: 19 million
  • – Far Cry®: 18 million
  • – Rayman Raving Rabbids®: 14 million
  • – The Settlers®: 10 million
  • – The Experience: 9 million
  • – Anno™: 5 million
  • – Your Shape: 3 million


  • – 3rd independent publisher in Europe
  • – 3rd independent publisher in U.S.

92 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed Series Sells 73 Million, Just Dance 48 Million And Splinter Cell 30 Million”

      1. Yes. Cause Zelda comes out every generation console with a 4-5 period time span with a new mechanic, and story line. Yes, that is sooooooo milking.

      2. Mario, I can understand the milking insults, but Zelda!? Oh wait! This is the most hated guy on this site, and the biggest troll right now, so nevermind.

              1. Do I really need to? I mean it in plain sight….but you already know most like:

                COD, battlefield, final fantasy, kingdom hearts (that’s right I gone there), Modern warfare, Street Fighter (nuuuuuuuu), tekken in a way, dynasty warriors (by the way the Zelda one does look awesome), Pokémon (yeah I got too…Nintendo fan or not), Fifa, Madden, tomb raider, need for speed, GTA, AC, Resident evil, I believe monster hunter is too, angry birds…need I go on?

                Even Mario to some is too…but you won’t find a person here to agree often and I am a big Mario fan, but that’s mostly spin offs and I don’t count them in the same category as original Mario games like galaxy, 3d land/ world or even the original super Mario bros. Now, I’ll ask you again, need I say more? Most of those I mentioned are from xbox, Sony, or all three consoles…very few Nintendo games are in the list.

                1. Uh… You do realize none of those are neither Sony nor Microsoft first party franchises……… Means, both Sony and Microsoft can not milk those franchises because they aren’t even theirs.
                  So to come back to your previous comment, I’d say, the only argument that is “fail” here is yours. Sorry.

                  1. did I say they are from them, like directly? Oh my bad…BUT THEY ARE ON THEM, so I don’t see how my argument fails here, either you didn’t understand or your blindly trolling, I also never said they are first party games either so you failed to my eyes, sorry.

                    1. Directly quoting you: “and xbox and sony are milking 5 to 6 of several games a year”
                      So yes, you did say it is them who are milking franchises.

                    2. and I’m requiting from my own saying “did I say they are from them, like directly? Oh my bad…BUT THEY ARE ON THEM, so I don’t see how my argument fails here”. meaning I took in my fault and sticking to my story sir…you will not change my mind of this…

                    3. So if a title of a milked franchise made by 3rd-party developers appears on a platform, the company that owns that platform is the one milking the franchise ? Seems legit. /s
                      That’s why it fails.
                      And I’m not a sir, by the way.

                    4. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Yet you milk baseless arguments, and surprisingly, you still haven’t gotten the intelligence to figure that my PC ass stomps your Betamax One.

                    5. Every 2-5 years in between games and still works to perfect and grants fun instead 9-11 months like Assassin’s Creed, EA Sports and COD and grants little innovation, glitches and overpriced DLCs.

                      Care to be debunked again Brokeback retard?

                  2. good work ubisoft. you guys desever it. dont listen to these nintendo fanboys. there jealous lol. i will be buying assassin creed 2 for my xbox 360 am getting in the summer. ubisoft is way more innovative than nintendo in every way.

                    1. Just Dance is innovative? You are a pathetic excuse for a troll. Too bad you can’t refund sperm because you’re a waste!

                            1. And how many copies it sold altogether? I so highly doubt it beat Mario’s legendary record and has a better legacy.

                              You lose again.

                              1. Nope, Rayman is better than NSMBU in every single aspect from art style to originality. I am guessing you have never played Rayman. (and don’t compare Rayman to the 3D mario series, that’s unfair).

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  I was talking about as a franchise…

                                  But yes, it is better than any NSMB game because those games are the only ones I count as true rehashes and laziest games ever made by our empire…

                                2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                  They don’t need to listen to you because you lack intelligence to provide any type of criticism. I’ve seen Nintendo innovate more than what my PC can do.

                                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                      Yet you fail to remember how many Xbots had to buy several Xboxes, therefore meaning it’s even lower. You fail at logic.

                                      1. That’s their scam: Intentionally making their consoles run like shit in hopes of their moronic fanbase to double dip on another shitty console.

                                        This fool “sasorideidaraobi” claims it to be the best and better than Wii U because it has an achievement system..BIG FUCKING WHOOP DEE DOO.

                                        The only thing Xbox is good for is 1. How to rob idiots blind and get away with it & 2. How to be an inconsistent, POS, PC-gimped HD-DVD player (another failed gimmick invention of Microsoftdick) that’s no better than a high end 2003 laptop.

                                          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                            Wii U doesn’t need a a useless non-gaming feature, I can do that with my PC which still ass stomps your Xbox. Exposed again.

                                          2. If I want a blu-ray player built into my gaming system, I’ll just buy a PS4 to complement my black Wii U. The XBox might be heading out the door soon if Microsoft loses too much money on their game division again. Unless Microsoft sells it to someone else.

                                            1. Lawl xbawx got more than steam victory for xbox 360!! Ps IM a faggot ps4 wiiu pc sucks thats why i only play xbox ! My mom hates me so i got to go online and act stupid #nolife

                                                1. Speaking of can’t copying, that’s your only routine at “trolling” (copying your own weak ass grammer ill comments) which you suck at and making sense.

                                                  1. In 10 years opposed to Steam in less than 3.

                                                    Try again and look over the facts instead of shitting out of your mouth first and forget to wipe that ass every time.

                                                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                          Then the Xbots think they own the IPs just like when they thought they owned Donkey Kong…

                                                        2. As if Sony has any money left to afford the legendary Mario series.

                                                          Oh sorry. The truth hurts doesn’t it? Poor Sony..literally.

                                                      1. To each their own. I like Mario games, Rayman just doesn’t have it for me. I like Just Dance, because it’s the only game I can play with my wife! Anyone with a brain can look at the Mario games and see how some titles are milking and others are innovative games with characters from other games. Those who choose to generalize that all Marios are milking are mindless trolls. I don’t care for Ubisoft and neither to some of their employees. Never heard of revolts in the Nintendo ranks, because while they aren’t perfect, most of the flack they get is because they refuse to be like everyone else. How people can praise UBI and then claim Nintendo is milking is beyond idiotic. Everyone milks the cow, but most do it because they only have 1 or 2 good ideas.

                                                          1. I hope you’re not referring to yourself as “real (true) gamer” because when I take all the insults and negative (unconstructive) comments you have expressed towards both Sony and Microsoft into consideration, it’s not very hard for me to tell that you are not a true gamer, but rather one of the many fanboys that are a disgrace to the gaming community.

                                                              1. As stated before, I will defend Nintendo because it is my home console…but that doesn’t mean I’m a fanboy, no no…I’m done over that…I used to think xbox and playstation was nothing and Nintendo was where its at…I was waaaaaaaaaay worse than Nintendo commander and stranga combined. I’ve beaten myself out of that when my brother told me, “a real gamer plays anything they can get their hands on”…comes to my saying “a true gamer plays all”. Yes I do consider myself as a real true gamer…but I will admit, it is pretty dam hard not to criticize…even against Nintendo, I do it mainly to show dip shits that not everything they have like only xbox 360 fans (fanboys/fangirls as you all call them), or simply saying shit like what sasorideidaraobi, or anyone like kalimari, I just use it right back at them. I suppose that is where you’re not seeing me as I say but who gives a dam right? Surely most don’t…as I told sasorideidaraobi yesterday on a thread about what it means to be a real true gamer…I did not get through to him if he’s still saying this shit…so until I see otherwise, I just might continue the way I am. Criticize me if you want…but I know what I am, I am a fan of Nintendo and to the gaming community. You know what friend…I like how you think. Maybe friends?

                                                                1. Someone with a brain finally gets it. Thank you sir for that informative speech. :)

                                                                  But too bad, we smart people can’t always cure the stupid like “sasorideidaraobi” so let them be stupid and suffer in their own little worlds because it’ll be their loss and our gain.

                                                                1. Just Dance became popular because of the Wii and the casual crowd behind that. It’s an okay party game. At least, it was when the franchise just started. Now, it’s more …. meh.

                                                                  As for Rayman, it’s kind of sad that it doesn’t do better. The games have almost always been great.

                                                              2. Lawl woiu stinks like my mother ps ive got no life im a butthurt faggot on the internet who plays xbawx 360 pretty graffix and blood and gore all betyer than amytjing ninyendo. #xbawxrulez #teamfag #imadumbass #dumbassconfirmed #ivegotnolife

                                                                  1. Got a nerve struck? I didn’t know an ugly ass random creature like you even have a nerve since your brain is clearly missing.

                                                                  2. You forgot one thing to add to that…holding his hand the entire time…

                                                                    (shame that I have to use that sentence because even Nintendo does this for the younger gamers these days…pathetic for all of them to do this, no challenge what so ever).

                                                                1. Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance, both pure garbage, both sell well because most people are brainless idiots. I gotta give props to Ubisoft for successfully exploiting these sheeple for years now.

                                                                2. The funny thing is that just dance was on wii and all 4 games sold about 7-8 million EACH, which means they all outsold zelda and some mario games, which is very sad. It just shows how many casuals bought wii.

                                                                      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                                                        “all outsold zelda and some mario games”
                                                                        So in general you ment combined right? Or do you really mean individually?

                                                                      2. Nintendo should buy Ubisoft. Ubisoft makes the best games ever (and so does Nintendo, SEGA and Naughty Dog) and Rayman is better than Mario (in my opinion) if Rayman was advertised more the franchise would really raise Wii U sales.

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