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Kickstarter: Hover Revolt Of Gamers Described As Mirror’s Edge + Jet Set Radio Is Coming To Wii U


A new Kickstarter based title which is described as Jet Set Radio mixed with Mirror’s Edge is coming to Wii U, Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. The soundtrack behind Hover: Revolt Of Gamers is created by the legendary Hideki Naganuma who composed the Jet Set Radio soundtrack. The game will also be compatible with Oculus Rift. The Kickstarter campaign goes live today.

Between the crazy Jet Set Radio, the interactivity of Mirror’s Edge and inspired by films like “The Fifth Element” or “Star Wars”, Hover let you play as a Gamer Team from another world, appalled at the dictatorship in their city.

Totally free in a large futuristic open world city and wearing a special high-tech suit offering you the ability to move around unlike anyone, you will have to impress all the Gamers of the City doing crazy Triks and “Parkours” in order to recruit an impressive team and enrole in more serious missions to overthrow the tyranny.

You will have to locate and infiltrate in the control centers of the anti-video games propaganda, free the citizens confined by the authorities, get back the consoles confiscated from the population, andfinally dethrone the new Mayor at the origin of this whole mess. Many security drones are patrolling city so be alert to the risk of being chased, and be prepared to shake off them.

Each Gamer you recruit in your team is playable and the experience gained can be used to upgrade their stats.

You will be able to switch into the multipayer mode just by connecting to a server. Cooperate with other players in missions or challenge them in fully configurable events (for example you can create race tracks in real time).

Thanks, MetalSonic

Update: The Kickstarter is now live. The Wii U version won’t happen until they reach 100k.

60 thoughts on “Kickstarter: Hover Revolt Of Gamers Described As Mirror’s Edge + Jet Set Radio Is Coming To Wii U”

    1. Jet Set Radio was originally a game not he Sega Dreamcast. You had to go around the city doing missions and creating graffiti. It was really cool.

      I reckon this game will be amazing.

  1. mirrors edge is way better than this trash. am getting that gaming with my 360 in they summer. mirrors edge is actually one of the most innovative game on the seventh gen.

      1. Super Mario Galaxy is overrated. It is probably the most innovative Mario game of the 7th gen, but other than that, not really. I found it extremely boring and I hated the motion controls. 3D World is by far the best Mario I’ve played to date. But then again, this is just my opinion. And I’m one of the few who own a Wii U and played 3D World while much more people played Galaxy.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I wouldn’t call it overrated but it certainly isn’t the best game ever made in my opinion…

          I found the ending to be a bit unsatisfying…

          1. The best game ever made is Zelda OOT. But then again, I am kind of biased towards the Zelda series. I bought my 3DS XL just for Zelda (and I didn’t get to get the gold one, they were sold out -_-). I missed out on the Gold Zelda SS bundle too, but from what I’ve heard, SS isn’t that great. So eh. Also buy a Wii U, Commander, and play the best Mario game ever made… :)

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              I will when things are cleared up, no worries…

              I personally think MM is the best Zelda…

    1. By the time the PS5 and new Xbox come out, this guy will still be talking about his Xbox 360 that he will never get.. I mean seriously if you haven’t been able to afford an Xbox 360 by now.. I don’t see it ever happening.

      Just drop the subject already. No one cares and if any people responding to you make it seem like they care, they don’t care about you getting an Xbox 360 seven years late at all. They care more about why you are so ignorant about it and for some reason have to mention the Xbox 360 every time you comment here, as if there is something special about you getting a seven year old console.

      I feel bad for you more than anything, one, you seem mentality challenged, and two, you still haven’t been able to buy an Xbox 360 with how cheap it has been over the years. Maybe that has to do more with you being mentally challenged and not paying attention to anything around you. Maybe that explains why you don’t have one yet and it explains why you are the only person probably in the world, still bragging about an Xbox 360.

    2. Mirror’s Edge is Mirror’s Edge. Jet Set Radio is Jet Set Radio. This is Jet Set Radio meets Mirror’s Edge! The best of both worlds! Besides that, this game is coming to whatever console they decide to port it too, possibly, including your Xbox 360 (emphasis 360). I would wait for the sequel, however, seeing as it is also a prequel.

  2. I loved jet set radio as a kid, and will be watching this game with eager excitement. There is a lot of games coming up for the Wii U that will pull me away from Titanfall and Killzone.

      1. I’m probably not going to be playing Titanfall that much because there are better games coming out like Watch Dogs. But I’ll admit that as a FPS, (which I don’t usually play) It did impress me.

        1. Funny how I find myself playing free to play Ghost Recon instead of Titanfall or Battlefield 4 (though bf4 has been a major let down, worse than bf3, and that already was a kick in the nuts for a battlefield gamer).
          But yes, Titanfall is better than I expected.

  3. The city just looks so bland to me. Maybe the end product will be better but a game like this should look better, because Jet Set Radio looks better than this still and that was made 14 years ago.

    I wish they would just make a new Jet Set Radio. One of my favorite games of all time.

  4. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    I know it’s old but it’s a prime example of the Xbots and Sonyans thinking they are mature when they are just exposing themselves as arrogant little children…

          1. What? Dude no way. I played AC1 on PC and thought it was cool. You just have to try experiencing it more to get in it. Try getting AC4 for the Wii U and you’ll see what I mean. That looks way better than 1 anyways.

              1. infamousplumerwithbanjo

                I’ve played AC4, and I can safely say that the game’s soundtrack is pretty good. Also, it’s a fun game that opens up far earlier than the first one.

              2. AC isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but to be honest, I was skeptical about it too at first. But when you get into it, it gets better. Playing the role of an awesome assassin/pirate while waiting for Mario Kart 8. Heh. But even if you’re still skeptical, just let me assure you that it is way better than Call of Duty. Lol.

              3. Without the great gameplay. In asscreed you can simply keep 3 buttons pressed and you climb everywhere. Where’s the fun?

                  1. Everything lacks depth in asscreed. They give you an open world with a few fun puzzles and boring gameplay. But that is my opinion. I prefer games like majin(amazing level design), asura’s wrath, Catherine. Sadly these games don’t sell as well.


  6. Damn. That looks awesome. If the Wii U version has the ability to seamlessly connect to servers for drop-in/drop-out multiplayer, this could be exactly what the console needs. I’m very intrigued.

    1. You have a dreamcast? Man, I envy people like you who got their hands on older consoles. I had an N64 and that’s it…

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