Mario And Luigi Visit Washington, D.C.

Mario and Luigi have taken a trip to Washington, D.C., for the White House Easter Egg Roll. During their visit, the mustachioed mascots went sightseeing and saw several prominent landmarks, including the Capitol building, Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Nintendo has uploaded some of the pictures from the brothers’ journey to the U.S. capital onto its Facebook page.


  1. Why they didn’t bring WiiU to advertise there???WiiU party! Lol. Here’s my news! Im Alex in canada to say hi to people weee and stuff!

    1. They probably did in some way. But it doesn’t matter. Not like anyone at the White House even cares about video games…

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    3. Lol they didn’t bring anything because they got no games. People got tired of Mario. They want real games like Candy Cr- I mean Call Of Duty. Where real men play Xboxes. We turn on our Xbox “Xbox ON” and you talk to yours IT DON’T DO SHIT. Lol. Gay games like Mario. Oh another Mario Kart? I already have that for the Wii! LOL! Nintendo exposed like fuck. Time to lock Iwata up. Send his ass home in a box. Lmao.

      1. Was I talking about the promotion? No, I wasn’t. Congratulations, you made yourself an idiot as well.

      2. Its his latest manwhore lover. You didn’t know or heard? The creature finally found himself a woMAN. Isn’t that just wonderful? XD

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        PS4 only has Infamous Second Son and Knack while the rest of both of those consoles are half ass ports of BF4, Ghosts and cash grub ports like Tomb Raider and Last of Us being the “Ultimate Edition” when its the exact same game.

        Wii U has what? Mario 3D World, Wind Waker HD, Sonic Lost World, Pikmin 3 and oh there will be more later this year like MK8 next month.

        Think Nintendo has no games? lol You need to check the other “big boy” toy game shelves again to see what original titles it has now because compare to Nintendo, those two “powerful” boxes are going through exactly what Wii U did last year when it started thanks to 3rd parties screwing it and Nintendo just standing aside for some reason.

        Just another bitch fan of sasori who is below average walking, talking garbage.

      4. No offense, but I actually have Killzone, Second Son, Battlefield, and Metal Gear 5 for my PS4 and enjoy them all. I also own Windwaker, Mario 3D world, Nintendo land, and Monster Hunter on the WiiU and enjoy them as well. Heck, I even bought Titanfall for the XB360 and have had a blast with it. Why can’t a gamer enjoy games on multiple different consoles? I love my WiiU titles and my PS4 as well, and can’t wait for all the new games that will come out for them in the near future.

      5. Because Xbot and Pstards like to attack Nintendites for the most dumbass reasons and Nintendites react hostile to them(but with a good reason) because they’re tired of the constant bullshit that you get attack for when they didn’t even provoke anyone.

      6. Real men play COD? All I see and hear in that game are a bunch of 10 year olds pretending to be grown ups like if its a Peter Pan meet Mr. T segment.

        Bro, you’re just as wrong as yourself dry humping a pillow.

      7. Well, at least people got bored of Mario games after 30 years, Call of Duty has been around for 11 years and people are already bored of it.

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      2. So in what way does this expose Nintendo? An identity thief doesn’t really provide much evidence, or do you like to over-exaggerate and get yourself an ED article as well?

      1. The guy under that costume probably gets fat stacks from Nintendo. I wouldn’t be surprised if his car was a Bugatti…

      2. I’d agree if I didn’t have diarrhea soon after. Both are amazing in my book.

      3. Exactly, you get explosive diarrhea nearly 10 minutes afterwards and you suddenly feel hungry again.

      4. Clever bastards, indeed. Only place that’s worse than them is Arby’s.

      5. Dang dude. The must have really f****d you up with their pizza. That stuff never happens to me. O_o Although, my mom says the same thing so your problem certainly isn’t uncommon. XD

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      10. Golden corral sucks, lol. If I dated a chick who wanted to go their I’d break up with them lol. Nothing but old people there

      11. Well yeah, but I am a guy and I like food. Lol. Where would you recommend going then?

      12. Lol that’s awesome. Too bad not alot of women I know like that. Expect me to have my pockets full of cash and going to overprice diner eating some $10 salads and whatnot… -.-

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    1. What games are you referring to? If you think every American plays cod like it’s their savior, you’re incorrect.

      1. Xbox was made by us for people like us. They have better games than the Piece of shit U. Lol last gen graphics. PS3 can run Mario Kart 8. Nintendo exposed.

      2. Are you related to sasorideidaraobi? You certainly sound like it for the most part.

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      4. It uses enough power to cause an electrical outburst in Las Vegas…

      5. No, its even worse, it has enough to cause another 2003 Northeast Blackout.

      6. I see these idiots prasing Xbox as a “superior console”. Xbox is nothing more than a gimped PC and that’s fact. Its not as powerful as a PC and will never be that powerful unless these foolish manufacturers behind it wanna make it exactly as such, overprice it and risk losing money like what Sony did for PS3 (just to copycat Xbox’s direction) and cost them billions on that product alone.

        These morons don’t get what a real console is anymore and they’re bashing the wrong kind. Wii U isn’t weak. Its customized and its exactly why devs are turning away and why they chose the others to milk the same games every several months because they fear putting a bit more labor into their work and wanna make easy money out of suckers like these graphic loving rejects who buys games and consoles for the incorrect reasons nowadays and their transparent plans are working. There’s a lot more crazy, lazy bafoons today than I originally feared.

      7. Actually it can’t because Wii U uses different architecture PowerPC oppose to PS3’s Cell Processor so what the fuck are you talking about “power” when that alone has nothing to do with both systems using different tech. You stupid ass only judges games and console by looking at pixels and resolution which is fucking sad it hurts my soul..when I laugh at pathetic jokes like that.

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      8. No, they should play on PC and ignore the Xbomb, because is always superior.

      9. Lmao Xbomb. PC has way better graphics and I love Steam, but it costs too much for me, so I have to stay as a console peasant… -.- I know u can build one but idk how to. I really want me a gaming PC man. :c

      10. My brother is so obsessed with PCs, he’d be happy to talk you through the whole thing xD you can always check online for guides on how to build a PC. I personally don’t have the time for PC gaming v.v

      11. Good, your brother is a true gamer and should never touch an Xbox…

      12. 360 that has Red Ring and inferiority compare to PS3 and Wii U or that Betamax tryhard that can’t do 1080p and also explodes while trying to run irrelevant functions like TV (we already have that for more than a century), voice command (why when we have a remote to turn on a fuckkng console and TV boxes) and…Kinect (pointless ass NSA tool that failed not once but twice which is why its forced in bundles and costs are up)

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  2. I want to visit Nintendo’s headquarters. No, not NOA, I mean NOJ. They’re original headquarters. I want to go in there and see where all the innovation happens…

      1. You’re just jealous because people on this site like me and hate you xP

      2. One day you’ll understand when you love our empire unconditionally and play our sacred games forever while bashing the Xbox Done…

      3. One day you’ll understand Console Diversity and we shall all love each-others empires

      4. Once the Xbots are nothing more than a distant forgotten memory, then yes…

    1. Lol stupid Nintendo faggots spend more time looking for leaks cuz they have no games to play. I’ll be playing Watch Dogs and Witcher 3 this year. Wii U has worse version of Watch Dogs and not strong enough to run Witcher 3. Bayonetta 2 is last gen compared to Witcher 3. NINTENDO EXPOSED

      1. Stick your head between my leads I want to get my period blood all over your face.

      2. Well I’ll be playing mario kart 8, smash, bayonetta 2, X, zelda wii u and tons more

      3. I do agree with you, but that’s not the case all the time… I saw the Mario Kart 8 comparisons and I was like… Jesus. That game looks too outdated for me. Dang I’m glad Mario Kart 8 looks so good. Me personally, If a game doesn’t look good, I’m not gonna buy it. XD There are only a few exceptions to this though like N64 games and maybe some fighting games.

      4. Dam it, You’re right HollowGrapeJ. I hate going back on my words at times…They are great. The graphics are outstanding…but I want to know the gameplay, how good is it and the best way to know is on may 30th.

        Ugh, I admitted it…(I can’t believe I gone back on my word about graphics…still I guess it was ok to say the truth about how I feel of the game, I just hate backing down…even to my own words or if I know I lost).

      5. Nah, your barebones console doesn’t have enough power to run as good as my PC, while Witcher 3 is a borefest. Your intelligence EXPOSED.

    2. Why do you even bother? you can’t even paste a proper image onto a 3ds screen without it looking fake

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  4. I wish I owned a costume like those. Then again, where would I ever wear it? Hmm….

  5. All these funny ass haters are so jealous of seeing the Mario Bros. having a blast making a scene in Washington and probably had the chance to meet the President.

    They rather wish to see themselves streaking and get arrested by FBI then see Mario & Luigi that two are clearly more famous than any other fictional character on earth.

  6. Hello I am Nintendo here to say we sold Wii U to the ocean we will make a new console please understand.

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