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Mario Golf World Tour Scores 77 On Metacritic

Reviews for the forthcoming Mario Golf: World Tour have come streaming in and the average review score for Mario’s latest golfing adventure on Metacritic is a respectable 77. At the time of writing there’s been 20 reviews with IGN Italia stating that Mario Golf: World Tour is a great golf game that gets even better with its online modes. It’s very good looking and extremely fun to play. A demo for Mario Golf: World Tour is available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

52 thoughts on “Mario Golf World Tour Scores 77 On Metacritic”

    1. Agreed. I played the demo. It’s well done, but…it’s just another Mario Golf.
      I’ll play the demo a few more times, but I honestly don’t think I’ll pick it up anymore. It’s is exciting at first, then it sets in..”Oh. This is Golf. Why the Fuck has Nintendo been putting resources into this while the WiiU is dying?

        1. Yes, yes. Mario Golf, DKTF, Yoshi, all these IP’s need attention…but it’s NOT what their larger fan base wants, and not going to keep their hardware afloat.

          I take it you like golf? Good. You’ll love it. It’s a great golf game.

      1. Lol it… it did that to me. I was super excited for this. And then I played the demo. I was like “…What the fuck? I was actually gonna buy the season pass for this?” XD It’s good and all, but Idk. Might pass and get Fire Emblem Awakening instead.

        1. I know!! The demo was a good demo, lots of courses. But after a few holes I was just…IDK, I really did try to get excited. I’ll play the demo a few more times just to give it a chance, but I think the Demo saved me $40-$55 USD!

  1. Got a eight.five in ign
    I wpild give it an eight beacuse I dont like holf in real life and that personally effevts the long term expirence with this. Seventy seven is a really greay svoee score for such a gamw!

        1. I have a windows phone! That’s false! I admit, I love Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 interface. But I do not game on it.

  2. Well it is a game you have to have a certain taste to enjoy, I and plenty of other people don’t and that doesn’t necessarily mean liking golf

  3. too bad Metacritic can be affected by obvious troll haters like Edge Magazine. That has to be the worst publication/website as far as Nintendo hatred. Why they even bother reviewing Nintendo games is beyond me. And sadly, really low scores like their 60 can cause havoc with the averages.

    1. I see your point, but fanboys can screw up ratings to just look at the wii u shop everything is basically 5 stars! In the end though it’s all a matter of opinions and shouldn’t take other peoples reviews seriously, the gamer should make the decision if the game is good or not.

    1. Nintendo Or Nothing!

      Correction: Mario CAN make golf exciting. It’s the only sport-related video game that I love. It’s so fun and relaxing. And I love forming strategies and trying to get hole-in-ones & birdies. I’m very sad at how long it’s been since the last major console Mario Golf game (Toadstool Tour).

      The N64 Mario Golf is still my favorite. Not only because of the mini-golf mode. But because the play control and movement/physics of the ball seemed to work better. The ball went where I wanted it to go more often. In Toadstool Tour, the ball doesn’t roll long enough on the green.

      The only real sport that not even Mario can make exciting is American football. Ugh! Though I’m not a fan of Super Mario Strikers or Mario Tennis either.

      1. Funny, because I love all the other Mario Sports games, but not Mario Golf. Mario Power Tennis is my all time favorite. Love the Mario Strikers series and Mario Sluggers series and even liked the first Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.

        I guess you could even consider Mario Kart a “sport” seeing as kart racing is just as much a sport as NASCAR is. If that’s the case then Mario Kart would be my favorite Mario sports game by far, even over Mario Tennis.

        Can’t get into golf though….

    2. Mario’s a loser, now if Bowser and Midbus were getting it on the green with Yoshi taping… Golf would be golden, even beyond Gold Mario.

    1. This is a fake reaction. They use these guys for all kinds of “reaction videos.” I believe the thing they were actually reacting to was finding out some lady was nominated for Miss International or Miss Universe or something. They were supporting a world wide beauty pageant and the woman representing their country moved onto the next round or something.

      At least…. that’s what I heard.

  4. Tried the demo. It was fun, and a bit less forgiving with mistakes than I’d expect. I may get it if ever there’s a price drop, but a day one purchase it is not. It does what it sets out to do quite well, I’d say, and the overall rank (at press time) seems about right.

  5. I get the score though. Its a golf game with Mario themed but hey, its good for what it is and offers.

    I didn’t know there’s a demo. I’m gonna go download to try it :) But I’ll say one thing about this game: Its better than Mario Party 3DS for reason: Online play.

  6. Most reviews are 80 or above. It´s only that those idiots on EDGE that are pulling the average down with another biased and unprofessional review

  7. Funny that I canceled my gamestop preorder just before this was posted. I preorder remorse and was fairly sure this was not going to be a great game. Keep in mind I have about 450 games, I dont want to start collecting mediocre ones.

  8. LMFAO ANOTHER lame pathetic rushed pointless 3DS rehash that NO ONE wanted!!
    77 already is hilarious,This game will bomb big time, the 3DS is slowly running out of gas, the ONLY big 3DS game on the way is Smash Bros and that’s it!

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