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Mario Kart-Inspired Game Super Toy Cars Coming To Wii U

Eclipse Games has announced that it is bringing Super Toy Cars to Wii U. Described as a mash-up between Mario Kart and Micro Machines, the upcoming racing title features 16 cars, 12 tracks and a career mode that consists of 48 events. It also includes a four-player local multiplayer component, as well as an online multiplayer portion that supports up to eight players. In addition, the game contains a track editor that allows users to build and share their own tracks with other players.

53 thoughts on “Mario Kart-Inspired Game Super Toy Cars Coming To Wii U”

      1. This seems awesome . ill get it cuz it has online and a track editor… btw if MK8 doesn’t have a track editor and while this eshop game does… that’s just sad…

        1. This is an indie game though. Whereas Mk ocho is a great looking game with some content that may have already enticed players to its charm. Abrazos!

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Good, I don’t know, I’m always confused about the time zones and the names…

        Here it’s 11:00 CET I think…

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Yes and Mario Kart 7 and Luigi’s Mansion for multiplayer…

            Obviously I’ll get Smash Brothers when it comes out…

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              My favorite game on 3DS so far…

              It’s not a game for the casuals, noobs, Xbots or Sonyans because they are all too weak and pathetic at real hardcore gaming…

    1. Yes this game is happy and I like a bundle of sticks for campfire too.

      Care to misuse another vocabulary like a dumbass “cracker” racist?

  1. I tought this was gonna be like activisions spyro where you have to buy toy cars in real life and items such as ramps and shit then you can connect it ipon urnwii through nfc. I mean that would make shitloads of money yknow

    1. Funny because it looks nor feels nothing like Mario Kart in any sense and I’m not hating the game. I just go for the obvious best version of these genres.

  2. If it doesn’t suck, definitely worth a look. It’ll probably suck though, so don’t start cancelling your Mario Kart 8 pre-orders!

    1. No… Sasori is way more disgusting looking than this game… This game actually looks like it has a life outside of video games

          1. Agreed. Strip away the sparkling of the vampires and you have a good love story. Strip away sasori’s… uhm. Strip away his… well hell! I can’t think of anything to strip away from him to make him better.

              1. I actually hope his name & his icon are there just to troll even further. Him alone is making me feel guilty for being a Naruto fan.

      1. don’t make me remember that ugly face and don’t be so rude…with that game, it looks bad but sASSori looks worst.

  3. lol Nothing against this game but I don’t see how this is gonna sell jack anyway since Mario Kart 8 is coming within the same month and everyone on Wii U is waiting for that game anxiously.

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