Nintendo Explains Why Kirby Usually Looks Angry In The West


Much has been made of Kirby’s different look in the west compared to how he is portrayed in Japan. Kirby: Triple Deluxe director Shinya Kumazaki explained that the Japanese love the cute look of Kirby, while the US prefers a more serious looking Kirby.

“For the Japanese versions we are, at [Kirby series developer] HAL, involved in everything throughout development, including the package design. The most powerful image of Kirby is that cute image, we think that’s the one that appeals to the widest audience. While it does start cute, we know there is a serious side to Kirby as well, and throughout the gameplay we see more and more of that, and the games themselves have quite a bit of depth. That being said, we recognise that Kirby’s cuteness is his biggest draw in [the Japanese] market. What we have heard is that strong, tough Kirby that’s really battling hard is a more appealing sign of Kirby, so that’s what we feature in the US.”


  1. I do agree that battling Kirby always looks badass, but I don’t think a happy-looking Kirby would be a turn-off of sorts. At least, not to me. I embrace both ”sides” of Kirby.

    1. What? Kirby looks cute whether he’s angry or not. Lol. He is a baby isn’t he? (According to the anime)?

    1. The west needs angry characters because they have forgotten what it is to be a nice life-form…


      1. All emotions are important. that’s what makes a human. ‘angry’ just appears more to the west because it’s cooler.

      2. No wonder why they worship Satan if we go by religious terms, or evil, money, corruption etc etc…

      3. No. Its an intent to impress Americans as they like edgier kind of stuff. Seriously? ^^;

  2. they did it to protect kids as usually. good thing i didn’t even preorder mario kart 8. lol no voice chat or even achievements system.

    1. 2 things not even in existence while playing the most wonderful game this summer…

      1. Hey Commander! He got noticed by someone in the ED community, prepare for him to expose himself even more because the lulz seems to just be beginning.

    2. So you didn’t pre-order a game that is going to sell millions of Wii U units because it doesn’t have voice chat or even a pointless achievements system?

      You really are very stupid. You get the game because it’s gonna be fun.

      Those two must be the most pathetic excuses in gaming history I have not only read but come across.

      1. It’s an Xbot, what do you expect…

        They know nothing about gaming…

    3. Explain this: Does Forza 5 even use voice chat and if so, how many people actually used it?

      See the suprising results? Who would wanna use voice chat in a racing game that last 2-3 minutes in a single race?

    4. Yet you would still buy a rehashed Naruto game even if it didn’t have either of those. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    5. The only problem is that it has achiefments, but you know. Here they are called unlockables and are actually useful because you can play with or on them in the game…

      That’s allot better than a stupid line of words because that’s just lazy…

  3. Well being a western country, they like characters looking more “macho” than what they were originally intended for.

    It was only a few months ago that it was revealed that Pikachu was to look more “macho” so that he would appeal the western audience, but Nintendo decided against that – good on them for doing what they wanted.

    It’s their idea as it is.

  4. I prefer the serious kirby… Maybe because when I played the games as kid, He always looked liked that, and I thought thats how he normally looked, never looked at a japanese kirby box until I later

  5. I want to disagree, but when I was a kid, I remember thinking that angry Kirby looked so cool.

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      I haven’t gotten a report in like forever…

      1. Yes sir! I tracked down the doppelganger to it’s source. Turns out it was created in a factory. There are hundreds of copies of these phonies and they’re being industrialized as we speak. Awaiting further orders Commander! *salutes*

      2. Good…

        Your new orders are to destroy the Xbot Sasowhateverhisnameis…

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      1. Preaching to this deluded fool isn’t gonna work I’m afraid. It’s one of those types of morons who wants to get hit by a city bus so let that creature be.

    2. I said it once and I’ll say it again…”I don’t give a flying two shits about reviews”. So you found a bad review…good for you but people already know that IGN is full of haters including the review makers…no one takes them seriously anymore. I’m beginning to think that your beyond saving…and I do keep trying to open your eyes…

    1. Who cares about achievement metals? Who on Xbox would wanna waste time looking at somebody’s profile just for that and without being told to do so?

      1. Not everyone is you, plus how would it affect you if Nintendo did added them? People want achievements/Trophies and if it would sell the game why not add them?

        I know for a fact that some really bad PS3 and 360 games have sold decently only because of achiement/trophy hunters who want the 100/Platinum.

        So why not?

      2. And if you’re gonna condemn Nintendo Wii U and even the 3DS which does amazingly without achievement metal crap, you’re a bigger fanboy than I thought.

        In the end, achivement metals means nothing and gives you nothing but a swift second of fame show off moment and that’s it. Like Kinect, achievement metals for showing off is meaningless.

  6. As long as they’re not giving him guns, smokes, or scars, I’m OK with this. It makes sense from a marketing standpoint.

      1. You could argue that him being a complete badass makes him even cuter.

  7. Where does Nintendo get their weird ideas about the West from? Why do they think that making Kirby happy or angry will sell the game better. I mean, if these are the things they spend big bucks on to find out, they are wasting time. I doubt Kirby would sell any worse or less if he smiled vs. frowned on the boxart…. seriously.

    Instead of worrying about random untrue shit, they should spend their money on finding out real, hard facts, like perhaps the fact that Western gamers want to play with powerful consoles… it doesn’t matter if the main character is smiling or not, if he or she is in a game made for the number 1 powerhouse system, they’ll play it.

  8. The second best selling Kirby game has Kirby smiling on the cover.

    This American hardcore thing is a poor stereotype.

  9. It’s decisions like this that annoys me. Because how do they know that ALL people in the US likes the mean looking Kirby? I like cute too. But man, the Japanese has kawaii shoved so high up their butts that they can’t see straight.

  10. They really can’t win by making kirby look angry on the box art. The people who wouldn’t be caught dead buying a game with a pink puffball on the cover probably won’t change their minds because the puffball is angry. The people who would actually buy a game with a pink puffball on the cover probably don’t care enough about masculinity to make the puffball look angry.

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