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Here’s The First 50 Minutes Of The Gorgeous Child Of Light On Wii U

Tilmen from Nintendomination has uploaded the first 50 minutes of Ubisoft’s latest title, Child of Light. Child of Light is a reimagining of classic fairy tales, inviting players on an epic adventure into the magical painted world of Lemuria. Players will uncover mysteries, participate in turn-by-turn combat inspired by classic JRPGs, and explore the mystical kingdom. The game is released today in North America and tomorrow in Europe.

98 thoughts on “Here’s The First 50 Minutes Of The Gorgeous Child Of Light On Wii U”

    1. *smacks your hand* Me: Um… Hahaha. Don’t worry Ubisoft.. He was just joking! Ubisoft: Oh, good. Good. Here. Take The Crew and AC5 as your reward for apologizing. Me: :D

    2. Ridley Clone XIII: Kalas

      If Child of Light & Watch_Dogs fails to sell well on the Wii U, I’ll wave bye to Ubisoft with a smile on my face as they drop their “support.”

      1. If they haven’t willingly fucked Wii U by delaying two big games WHEN ALREADY COMPLETED, they wouldn’t be hated as much and maybe see better support.

        Ubisoft clearly didn’t learn their lesson from Rayman when delaying WatchDogs for Wii U so time to tell them we won’t stand for such BS or continue support if they intend to keep this nonsense going.

        1. They announced Watch Dogs season pass details and it once again SKIPS Wii U. Why would they do this? It’s already bad enough they had to break up some of the game into retailer exclusive DLC, and now they don’t even give us the OPTION to get it? WTF. They need to give us FULL support. If an ancient 2005 console can get it, so can the Wii U. NO EXCUSE. DX

  1. Off topic, but I sent my Wii U in to Nintendo to get repaired on March 14 and haven’t gotten it back yet. I’m afraid that I might have just lost $350 and a whole generation of games… :(

      1. In all honesty, I’ve given up hope at this point. They actually already shipped it back with UPS (and that isn’t who I sent it to them with) and now I need to go through all of this complicated crap. UPS apparently says I don’t have the right address or whstever and now I have to change it but they want me to make an account to do all of this WTF? Well, if it DOESN’T end up coming back, at least I have my 3DS XL (which I also bought in March. I don’t even have nearly enough to buy another Wii U. -.-

          1. I’m gonna call UPS tomorrow and see what I can do. I’m going to be very disappointed if I never get to play my Wii U again. I was gonna get Sonic Lost World and Mario Kart 8… :(

            1. Ridley Clone XIII: Kalas

              If UPS loses your shipment, you should contact Nintendo to let them know. They might replace your lost Wii U since UPS losing it was out of your control.

            2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Never trust the UPS, the idiots are lazy, incompetent and just plain liars…

              They forced to go to another city just to get my physics books…

              This is what awaits them from our empire…

        1. You have a problem with UPS. I had a problem with USPS lol. They delivered my package to the wrong house. The package showed up as delivered, but it clearly wasn’t. I called them day in, day out for about 4 days. Each day they would say they were “investigating”. On the 3rd day, the supervisor said, “Are you sure you’re not lying?” Bitch, I wouldn’t be calling you if I was, wouldn’t I? So a week passed and I called back, “Hi I’m just asking about my package. You said you would’ve sorted everything out by now.” Guess what she says… “We’re still investigating!”

          So as you could tell, I was beyond pissed. So I asked for her name, and threatened to file a report on her. Scared that she might lose her job, she finally got off her fuckin’ fat ass and you know what? They found my package a few moments later. The shipper wrote the address a little sloppy, but that’s not the point. The point is, it’s funny how some people work harder when their actual job is on the line. Pathetic.

          1. Haha. That’s funny. USPS is actually who I shipped it to Nintendo with. What’s even funnier is that I mentioned it to my mom and she said UPS haven’t delivered her stuff yet either and she ordered it in February! Lol, we all hate these fucking postal services… =__=

            1. Yeah it can be very frustrating sometimes. Hopefully, Nintendo or UPS will sort all of this out and you get your Wii U back. Just be persistent!

            2. Ridley Clone XIII: Kalas

              *continues from where Giygas ended* And don’t be afraid to get aggressive with them if it comes to that.

    1. cheaptendo robbed you lol. good thing my wii u isn’t broken yet, i wont give my wii u to a company you makes anything look cheap made.

      1. I wouldn’t say I’ve been robbed quite yet. I’m gonna wait another week and then go to the post office and pick it up hopefully. I have too many Wii U games planned out, and it’d be a shame to not play them. I just bought The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for Wii U and I can’t even play it. *facepalm*

      2. So you won’t give up a console you intend to sell for a crappier console with DRM…

        Double Standard much?

  2. Congrats to Ubisoft for blatantly ripping off Limbo, adding colour and some dialogue, and calling it a “new IP”.

    Even many of the sound effects are pulled directly from Limbo. Disgraceful.

    1. its not like nintendont even makes anything thing. ubisoft is very innovative unlike nintendon’t who depends on a gimmicky new feature to sell a game.

      1. What the hell are you talking about?

        I didn’t say anything about Nintendo.

        And Limbo isn’t a Nintendo game anyway. Ubisoft didn’t innovate anything with this game, except maybe the art of ripping indie developers off and trying to capitalize on their vision and hard work.

      2. Kinect says hi fnaboy.

        Speaking of innovation, how’s it going with fixing that Brokeback Mountain gorilla face of yours?

        1. 1) Kinet is completely different from anything Nintendo did. It’s a controllerless full body motion capture & finger-tracking device, not a stick that you waggle around that has a simple gyroscope and IR receiver (aka 20 year old technology).

          2) What are you, 9? You don’t know what I look like; you can always tell when someone has reached their wits-end and has no rebuttals of any worth by the fact that they resort to childish personal attacks and insults. You’re 1 step below someone trying to “win” an argument by sticking their fingers in their ears and yelling, “Nah nah, I can’t hear you!”

          Well done, kid.

      1. You say it “looks” nothing like Limbo and then cite a gameplay mechanic, not a comment on visuals. That is like saying, “A Porsche looks nothing like a Corvette, because a Porsche’s has Bose speakers!”

        This game both looks like Limbo (but with colour, as I previously mentioned already) especially with regards to art direction, and has incredibly similar gameplay mechanics (movement, physics, animations, et cetera).

        If someone modded Limbo to be in colour, and added a simple battle mechanic to it, the resulting product would be EXTREMELY close to this game. The fact that Ubisoft touts this game the way they do is shameful; it would be like taking Super Mario 64, adding in a JRPG turn-based battle system, and changing the colour pallet and calling it a “new, innovative” game.

        And the fact that you say this game “is nothing like Limbo” when even Ubisoft themselves say that it was “inspired by Limbo” just goes to show you that you’re blindly defending the game simply because it is a Wii U game / on a Nintendo console.

  3. Not sure 2 get this game on the Wii U or PS4. Wii U 720p with some gamepad support & PS4 1080p with bonus content.

      1. See? Ubisoft continues intentionally gimping/delaying games for Wii U and expect me to buy their crap anymore?

        Good thing I learned they took shortcuts on Wii U while giving PS4 version everything else before thinking about buying it. Now I’m sure to never support them again.

    1. Is the WiiU only 720p for this? Rayman was 1080 and 60 fps. This game uses the same engine so I expected similar.

      1. And Ubisoft expect Wii U fans to continue supporting them when they’re still doing this gimping/delaying shit to them and for what? They fucked up Rayman and blamed us. I say screw them.

        1. Hm.. Let’s see… AC3: Choppy framerates, didn’t get DLC same time as other platforms. AC4: Didn’t get DLC AT ALL. Splintercell Blacklist: HORRIBLE load times for just the Wii U version. Rayman Legends: Delayed for almost an ENTIRE YEAR. Watch Dogs: Delayed again while ALL other platforms get it same day. The Crew: Non existant on Wii U… -_-

          1. And lets not forget they possess more than 9200 employees which most are programmers and they can’t even give Wii U any fucking equal ports to help boost the install base at all?

            Obvious deliberate sabotage is obvious.

            1. Seems like some of the only 3rd party people we can trust are mainly companies like Platinum Games and Sega. They have given us full support especially SEGA supporting Wii U since launch. That’s why I can’t wait for Bayonetta 2 and Sonic Boom. Hell, even Activision is giving out more support (albeit shit like CoD and Skylanders XD) I just don’t get Ubisoft. Why would you strip away content from Wii U gamers then whine when it doesn’t sell well? As a matter of fact, Watch Dogs wasn’t even originally confirmed to be on Wii U. I don’t know how the fuck we even got it, they’re just gonna half ass it again. If Watch Dogs only uses the Gamepad as a map or some shit, I’m going to be pissed. They need to stop pulling excuses out of there asses and put forth some effort.

              1. Ridley Clone XIII: Kalas

                Considering Capcom hasn’t screwed Nintendo over yet, I like to give them a benefit of a doubt. I’ll be okay if the only game we get from them consistently for Nintendo consoles is Monster Hunter as long as they don’t skimp on the games’ development. I love the co-op online multiplayer of the series.

              2. Only Sega seems to be Nintendo’s best 3rd party friend since they know and compete each other in the past and Platinum is here to stay with them definitely.

                Activision is also stripping support too but its mainly thanks to Treyarch for porting Wii U games with such passion and I like them far more than Activision themselves. They can be as much of greedy assclowns as EA but not as worse. Crapcom, regardless of what they do, deserves to die but they should surrender Megaman to Inafune or Nintendo first. EA can go to hell, worship that Spyware disease Origin and wipe their monkey asses with money in full view of XBetamax DOne’s NSA Spy toy cam all they want. Ubisoft are now fucking stupid hypocrites hell bend on destroying Wii U while pretending to be Nintendo’s close buddy which is also saying they’re nothing more than a parasite.

  4. So can somebody clear this up…… nintendo is NOT having a live press conference but having ANOTHER direct. DIGITAL DOESN’T sound like an e3 press conference. What a fail they’re.

          1. Really?

            If you have to ask that question, I genuinely feel sorry for you.

            And native English speaker or not: when you’re trying to insinuate that someone else (person, company, or otherwise) has failed / is a failure, it helps not to fail in basic sentence structure. Failing to sound intelligent is a far more pitiful thing than a multi-billion dollar company failing to meet some random internet kid’s expectations.

        1. That excuse would hold more water if it wasn’t for the fact that his spelling was more or less accurate, as was sentence structure. Clearly not the mark of a person struggling with a secondary (or tertiary) language, but rather someone who is uneducated and is too lazy to try to sound even halfway intelligent.

  5. I bit off-topic here but with all that Nintendo this and Nintendo that… I have been waiting an entire day for a PS4 game to be released on PSN and and after 24h still is not there (in UK). Also in PSN and just for curiosity I wanted to see if Child of Light was out and yet nothing. I guess release dates are very flexible with Sony :/

    On the other hand, Child of light was available for purchase through Nintendo eShop as soon as the clock marked 0:00 on release day.

    Thought it was worth sharing the experience.

  6. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis is a national shame to Scandinavia and a murderer of aborted Trisomy 21 fetuses. He has not accepted the idea of allowing life to flourish when it consist of “Mongolians of unnatural decent”,,, sigh….. You disgust me…

      1. i am afro too. being racist to a fucker like sasori?. I am being human!!. if someone puts a bullet on his head, that person would do a favor to mankind!!! over this guy only falls gold rain, with gold rain i mean man piss, cuz it is what he loves!!!
        you do not deserve to live!!!
        and he is so idiot as me (and more!!), spreading hate only because people play Wii U, a person can’t be more idiot as sasori!!

        1. You need to get a life. I find it funny how a 15 year old is owning the living shit out of somebody because they say bad things about Wii U. Go loose your virginity for fucks sake or at least move out of your mothers house.

  7. So PS4 gets full content of Child of Light at full 1080p but Wii U gets gimped at 720p?

    This is exactly why I stop supporting Ubisoft. They help fucked the Wii U from the start delaying a completed game for other systems, releasing it close to GTA5 which is where all their hopeful sales went, blamed Wii U install base for that whole mess despite Rayman selling the most on Wii U after all that delaying debacle and now they turn around to delay Watchdogs Wii U which I so bet its done right now and gimped Child of Light when the Wii U is more than capable of supporting the same caliber as PS4 since its a simple 2D game running on the same engine as Rayman Legends.

    Fuck you Ubisoft.

    1. Im actually wondering why they made the Wii u version only 720p. Rayman legends did 1080 I don’t see why this downloadable game can’t.

      1. well, you were exposed by the people you wanted to destroy.
        fucking nazi ass!!!. I mean, you sound rally pissed in your last video. you try to sound like a “man”, but you sound really like you wanna cry.
        Acept the fucking fact that you are a poser and a loser. and you always will be exposed as the idiot you are.
        i am saying this not as a Nintendo fan. you got a taste of what you started, and sincerely, no one has been BURNED as you were.
        EPIC BURN!!!

          1. Ridley Clone XIII: Kalas

            Apparently you haven’t been paying attention, kid. Even the Playstation, Xbox, & PC fanboys are hating on you. There’s probably only one or two people that defend you constantly, & they are just as ignorant & full of crap as you are, believing the same bullshit as you. I would pity you, kid, if you weren’t dragging this all on yourself.

    1. Ridley Clone XIII: Kalas

      Well I’ll be damned! It IS one of the features! Now to just steel myself for any immature punks talking trash. But knowing Nintendo, they’ll regulate it somehow like maybe a ban from online if you break any rules. Just have to watch myself & make sure I don’t cuss. lol

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