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Mario Kart 8 Contains “Game Chat” Feature

Nintendo has confirmed that Mario Kart 8 contains some sort of chat functionality. According to its description on the Nintendo eShop, the upcoming racing title supports “game chat.” The listing also notes that the game features online multiplayer, leaderboards and Miiverse implementation. It was recently rumored that a demo will be made available via the eShop. Mario Kart 8 launches May 30 for Wii U.


    1. oh so confirmed like when NSMBU was confirmed to be 1080p and ended up being a mistake.

      1. Does that really matter? Aren’t you being anonymous too? I don’t think that that’s your real name, right?

    1. It feels almost as good as a confirmation if my eShop is showing it as a feature. If it isn’t part of the game yet, they might add it later on with an update.

      1. It says “game chat” which could really mean anything and sometimes eShop descriptions are incorrect. BUT I’m hopeful.

      2. didn’t monster hunter had the same thing labeled on wii u e shop

      3. ༼ つ◕_◕༽つYOU SHOULD TALK BITCH༼ つ◕_◕༽つ

      4. Same. Least it’ll shut sasorideidaraobi up… least on the subject of game chat for Mario Kart 8. After all, he’ll complain about no achievements next.

      5. I saw it a few minutes after posting. If Nintendo ever started doing an achievement system, that little piss-ant would find something to whine about that. Or he’d say what he said with the game chat: “oh Xbox had their achievement system since *insert year here* blah blah blah blah!”

  1. That’s cool. Not something I would use too much, but people have been moaning about it for ages…

      1. Can’t wait for the 30. May, when you post your comment about how you got banned!

      2. With how strict Miiverse is, I doubt Mario Kart 8 will let you get away with the stuff a lot of people have a habit of doing on Call of Duty.

      3. And thank the gods for that! Even if it was a mature game, I wouldn’t want to listen to crying 12 years old. This is a game I can play with anyone, even children, though more unlikely, so I bet there’s going be strict rules!

      4. If you yell at little kids?

        As long as their system bannes angry noobs, and let peoole who play for fun alone, I don’t care.


        :D That’s why I’m a lot of fun and they are out of miiverse. LOL, Ok that didn’t make sense. Anyways, I know how to not get banned and know how to be kicked off so you won’t see me go on miiverse or gaming for a good while, I do talk shit on 360…specially on Street fighter x tekken and back it up. Oh man I wish they would bring that game over to wii u.

    1. Do you really think 8 year old kids will play this game?
      They’re interested in Shooter games more.

      1. Jajajaja actually yes they are more into shooting I see it every time I go to a video game store !!!

      2. Ya, 8 year olds these days are too hard core to play games like Mario Kart..

    2. If the game actually has the feature, I don’t think Nintendo would be so stupid as to not add standard features. 99% of games with voice chat have the option to disable it or mute individual players.

      1. Pokemon x and y had some good voice chat, which surprised me to find out it had it

    3. Shouldn’t get that problem as all the 8 year olds are on Xbox, so I personally wouldn’t worry about it.

      If you think about it, Nintendos stuff is far more mature than the likes of Microsofts.

      1. Not to mention Nintendo will most likely have some rules in place to keep it from getting as bad as Call of Duty’s online. After all, they already have some rules for Smash Bros’ online.

      2. Same for the other consoles having enforced rules like cheaters and verbal abusers in Live and PSN so Nintendo is not the only one (maybe) doing this so ya people need to stop think Nintendo is the only gaming company enforcing rules or rehashing games or using gimmicks because everyone else doing it right before your eyes.

  2. I expect this will be like Diablo 2’s voice implementation. Hotkeys that say certain things.

    “Time to die!”
    “This is for you.”
    “Follow me.”

    No way in hell would Nintendo let CoD-playin’ preteens call everyone N_____S all day long.

    1. This is true, I couldn’t help telling another player to die of cancer if they hit me with a red shell regardless of age

    1. Not that I use it very much, but how is Miiverse pointless? Essentially it’s the Facebook of Wii U.

      1. He’s referring to that bogus 3 minute waiting period between comments. It’s not just one post, either. Once you post a comment on any post, you can’t comment for 3 minutes on anyone other post. Not to mention the 2 minute waiting period between posts on communities is the same way: post on one community, can’t post on any community til after 2 minutes.

      2. I get the “only one post every two minute”, but how the hell are you going to communicate with people this way?! And one can only talk to people on ONE post at the time? Dammit, fix it Nintendo. Other than that, I love it!

      3. There is a lot of stuff Nintendo needs to do with Miiverse: edit button, make notifications more than just 20 at a time, separate yeahs & comments notifications, add a mature tag for the more adult oriented users that makes us immune to half the rules in the Code of Conduct, and changing it to where we set the waiting period between comments on our posts for those of us that like to carry a conversation. There’s probably other things they could do but those are the main changes to Miiverse that I would like to see, as I’m absolutely positive many others want those changes too.

      4. Yeah, those are the most important ones. And “following”/”unfollowing” other people’s posts would make it possible to get the notifications you want. I hate it when I comment on a drawing, and I get a notification for every “thank you” from the OP! Also, people would be able to carry on conversations on other people’s posts.

    2. Miiverse is frankly the best new feature of Wii U. You could call it pointless but it’s fun.

      1. But it’s still really awesome. Even though I go banned multiple times, it’s still an extremely effective social tool

    3. I have to agree. I got banned once just for warning about a hacker in COD Ghosts who not only cheats every game but can remotely hack your your system to freeze or boot you out if the hackers knows you know he’s cheating.

      What BS and the fact that everyone else did the same and weeks later after the ban, I still see those old posts up.

    4. Think about it, isn’t there a million places where you can curse or spam your soul out? Don’t you think there should be a place where everything is clean and orderly?

  3. Whoa. Wait.
    Did nintendo just add voice chat?! A feature that halo 2 had back in 2004!?
    That’s great! Glad to see nintendo realized that people want to chat with their friends online.

  4. Do we know if this means voice chat? Could it not just be a text-based method of communicating? I don’t care either way personally – I won’t use voice chat – but if it would shut the whiners up.

  5. The point of voice chat is useless, how are you going to hear people when the game’s music and sounds are playing at the same time?…

      1. Yes on the PC, why would I own an Xbox?…

        It just takes away the core of the game…

        I hate teamplay anyway so I don’t use it…

      2. Commander, get monster hunter 3 ultimate and you will see how it works. Yes I do know about the headphone features because I did own an xbox and my little brother has it. I did own a xbox one for about 2 weeks and the dam thing broke on me…Trust me fellow Nintendo fan, I know my stuff.

      3. I’m actually waiting for MH4U instead…

      4. Maybe, but Mario Kart 8 will keep me busy for years…

      1. I have a PC you imbecile…

        A PC that dwarfs your pathetic Xboxes…

      2. His answer is 360, a gaming console that was proven that the wii u is clobbering…if he was smart, he would go for Xbox one or PS 4 so he can really talk shit or never come back again since he said and I quote (I’m done with Nintendo). Oh and he calls me the hypocrite…fool just don’t know me that well.

      3. If this guy even had an actual brain he would get a life. Instead of trolling on this site over and over again, saying the exact same thing every time and calling others hypocrites.

      4. ༼ つ◕_◕༽つPC IS MORE REAL THAN AN XBOX BITCH༼ つ◕_◕༽つ

    1. I’m guessing its that since Wii U is extremely dependent on Mario Kart as its last chance to uplift its scarce saled, they may put it in to attract more hype.

      1. ༼ つ◕_◕༽つSHUT UP BLACK FAG༼ つ◕_◕༽つ

  6. while microsoft had voice chat since 2001 it took nintendo about 13 years to add voice chat which will be inferior because their no party chat anyway. am still not droping my money in this game whatsoever. wtf only 16 new courses and 8 new characters. no need to waste money on this when i can get forza 3 this sumer for about $7 with better experience. besides it’s a mario game or mario rehash soo am not droping $60 into this game. whats new in this games just new? 360 graphics or 8 kupa social rejects. The courses are very lame and the graphics aren’t even impressive at all because i seen better graphics on the xbox 360 and ps3.

    1. You were so autistic when you were born that your mom tried to put you back into her womb, but realized that she already had AIDS after having horse sex and giving birth to you

    2. proves that you are the social reject…and its been proven that the wii u is more powerful than the ps3 and 360, OH but here’s another interesting fact, you wouldn’t buy a game that has equal amount of stages 16 for both new and retro, but I bet you would pay for a few new maps for 20 dollars….wouldn’t you? Now who’s the hypocrite?

    3. Forza 3 is most certainly not better than Mario kart. It is easily better than Forza 5, however.

      1. this social reject should to mcdonalds to get a kids meal for a mario toy lol.

      2. this autistic bitch should go to a sex store and buy condoms sex with her species the donkey

      3. And this is ironic coming from the narutard that shoves Naruto figures up his ass.

    1. Do you really need to show off your achievements with everyone? Can you not just play and have fun?

    2. lol I knew you’d come here bitching about that as if an achievement system is going to make you look any less of a punk kid loser with an superiority complex.

  7. Hope it’s not like the horrible voice chat on Splinter Cell for the Wii U where it worked regardless if you had a headset or not which was retarted.

  8. Game chat, huh… I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t voice chat but rather typing, where a billion words are censored because Nintendo needs to take good care of kids and doesn’t mind putting everyone else in a disadvantage (Thanks again Nintendo, for removing Flipnote and Letterbox) in order to “protect” the kids.

  9. good for people that like this =)
    I don’t. My english pronunciation is terrible anyways hehehe, I prefer to play games with my husband and real friends.
    But good for Nintendo putting something like this indeed, I hope it’s something that everyone could enjoy.

  10. I severely doubt there will be voice chat on the public/worldwide settings. Maybe in private games with friends, but other than that I doubt it. It’ll probably be preset comments like in Wii Sports Club or something… meh.

  11. During the direct, it was said that the game is going to have game chat in the LOBBIES, not during the races

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