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New Rumours Emerge For Next Call Of Duty Codenamed Blacksmith, No Wii U?

An interesting and dubious rumour has emerged regarding the next instalment of the popular Call of Duty franchise. The game is apparently under development by Sledgehammer and is codenamed Blacksmith. The game is said to go back to its World War 1 roots and is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC only. The publication says the game is expected to arrive on November 14th. The details are below.

  • The official name of the game is Call of Duty: Patriots.
  • The project name is ‘BlackSmith’ – Smith Black being ONE of the main characters in the game.
  •  The game is being developed by Sledgehammer – Who intend to do a 3-part series.
  • The setting is going back to the roots of CoD and will be set in a fictional version of The Great War (World War I).
  • There will be more of a ‘Fantasy’ element to the game – One example we have been given is the fact that one of the main characters is from a previous CoD game, but in an alternate reality.
  • There will be a multiplayer mode in the game as well as a single player mode. The single player mode can be done via Co-Op. However, this can only be done online. There is no Split Screen.
  • The main campaign is expected to last just 6 hours. However, there will be TWO Sub-Campaigns. We aren’t sure what exactly this means.
  • The game will only be developed for PC, PS4 and Xbox One – There is no chance of a WiiU or last-gen version.
  • The release data is currently scheduled for November 14th 2014.

Thanks to those who sent this in.

81 thoughts on “New Rumours Emerge For Next Call Of Duty Codenamed Blacksmith, No Wii U?”

  1. Three part series? WHAT. THE. FUCK? It’s already bad enough this series is yearly, but 3 fucking parts of the same game? Holy shit. I don’t even care for CoD that much, but this is AAAAAWFUL. Let this rumour be fake. That’s just pathetic. XD

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      Why are you surprised? you call it three parts, I call it another term for DLC that they pass off as a whole new game

      Call of Duty is nearing the end, it has become too repetitive and too recurring, it is not like it comes once in a few years, it’s the same fucking thing over and over again, I think CoD is coming to an end

      1. Cod is being played at the xgames. They have yearly million dollar tournaments.
        Nadeshot has nearly 600k fans.
        Cod is not dying. You either never played or sucked at it.

        Every game is different. You know what the same game is? Mario platformer and DKC returns and DKC tropical freeze. Those were 100% the same game

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          “Cod is being played at the xgames. They have yearly million dollar tournaments.”
          What does that have to do with anything?

          “Nadeshot has nearly 600k fans.”
          So? Again, what does that have to do with anything?

          Now when I combine both your damage control reasons together, we get reasons that completely don’t relate to anything that was put out for you to debate against.

          “Every game is different. You know what the same game is? Mario platformer and DKC returns and DKC tropical freeze. Those were 100% the same game”
          Yes, every game is different, but that doesn’t mean EVERY game is immune to franchise fatigue, and CoD is doing that. Yes, you are probably right with Mario and DKC, but…they don’t come out yearly to increase they’re chances of franchise fatigue, CoD does, and Ghost is proof of the beginning of that.

            1. All because of a fucking tournament full of noobs themselves as its only means to keep a repetitively dull and dying game.

              1 million dollars wasted on trash players instead of investing it on real dedicated servers they lied about bringing for Ghosts and not investing on new resources to make the game refreshing again. So fuck COD indeed.

            2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              Maybe he should’ve just went dow to the point instead of going into the defense for the franchise using facts that are irrelevant to the subject, I’m not hating on the game, its just if you are going to defend something, just no irrelevant reasons and say it as it is.

      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        And is funnier how much more shit you can produce out of your mouth than with your ass. Your ass must be really jealous of that mouth of that mouth you have.

    1. Wise words. Any comment even slightly related to supporting COD is from on immature and holding back the planet as a whole.

    2. I’m pretty sure it will be released for the wii u, it’ll just be announced on august or whatever like the last 2 cods

    1. The powerPC, GPGPU say hello. PowerPC/ and the WiiU’s esram are upwards expanding therefore it out classes the PS4 in a skilled developers hands ( Criterion/EAD/Platinum/Crytek ). CryEngine 4 says hello by the way.

      1. Yeah, Crytek were giggling like school girls when they got the Wii U and they really wanted Crysis 3 on Wii U but EA were being dicks. I think haters just can’t admit that Nintendo actually seen something like the PS4 and Xbone coming because PowerPC Cpu and GPGPU are just way better than the APU Mobile chips in the PS4 and Xbox One.

        Wii U can expand on it’s power but the PS4 and Xbox One really can’t.

        1. Well with PowerPC you need to know where to put your code to. With x86, you can put the code in where you like and the CPU will just execute.

          With PowerPC if you program correctly and properly, your application can speed up, plus the footprint code of PowerPC is much shorter, so the CPU isn’t having to read as much.

          It’s the same reason why it’s only got 2Gb of RAM – it simply doesn’t need so much as X1 and PS4. Then again, only 5Gb of the DDR3 and GDDR5 in the other consoles are available, where as the other 3Gb are locked down for system related purposes.

    2. Then explain how EAD got Mario Kart 8 to look so good.

      I would love to hear your stupid reasoning to keep thinking like that.

  2. UK exclusive I hope. The rest of the world is tired of COD. the UK seems to be the last remaining place where FPS in general and FIFA are their preferred videogames.

  3. Halo 5 Is definitely not coming to wii u so make that a post also mario isnt gonna be on ps4 or xb1 so make that a post also…. I fuckin love nonnintendo news on a Nintendo themed news site… fuckin trash site gonintendo is better and they just post news about any info from nintendo games even news about hair style games and petz games for 3ds or wii u but not this… posting shit like this because it’s not going to wii u… ignorance. Sickr owns a xb1 only

  4. Ooooh, another CoD game that might not be coming out for Wii U.

    I am ever so surprised! NOT!…..-.- Christ, the series needs a serious reboot.

      1. You could easily say the same thing for other games, but they’ve had reboots, and for many franchises it’s worked.

        But yeah, I suppose CoD could just go. Oh but then, what will most gamers play? *stares into space*

      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        Like all your 30 Naruto mangas a year filled up to the brim with pages of Sauske smacking you with his purse.

  5. LOL NO WII U COD LOLOLOLO THIS FUCKIN CONSOLE IS SO LAME. It sucks more dick then your wife in Iwatas bedroom. Please the lord Please the lord. Well she is doing a good job of pleasing the lord like the slut she is.Nintendo Commander Quadraxid send me some youtube response videos now you social mute…

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      -Primitive life-form detected-

      -Unable to interact with lower animals, proceed with normal operations-


    Before: The game will only be developed for PC, PS4 and Xbox One – There is no chance of a WiiU or last-gen version.


    1. you Nintendo fanboys should even be begging for this game to come to wii u. wtf is up with you idiots. now what is wii u for just for fucking Mario and zelda?

  7. Will be disappointed if it doesn’t make it to Wii U. I spend most of my gaming time playing CoD online (whilst waiting between major nintendo releases). I don’t care how people feel about the franchise. I enjoy it and that’s what gaming is about.

  8. HOORAY!! MORE REASON TO NOT BUY IT!! Though it would be funny if Nintendo announces this as a Wii U exclusive… that would be funny XD

    1. Still nobody will buy that crap. I mean 1. Its COD. It needs to retire and die already & 2. If rumors are true, its based on WW1…like who in the name of fuck cares nor remembers WW1 anymore?

  9. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    And it’s called Patriots on top if it…

    Not only was it obnoxious already promoting American garbage, now it’s doing it with a deeper feel to it…

    Just die already…

  10. Hey sickr nobody cares about call of duty do you really think Nintendo fans care about call of duty they don’t so saying the new cod isn’t coming to wiiu we dont care actually I am happy that it isn’t coming we do need more third party games but not gay cod its same shit every year each game plays the same its never different at least zelda and mario have new ways you can play and different stories unlike cod the same gay stories and same shitty gameplay why post new about stuff like this nobody cares about you might care butNintendo fans dont I am starting to think your not even a real Nintendo fan just a fanboy you just put up bad news so you can get more viewes on your site that’s just sad why cant your site be like Nintendo life or Nintendo everything

  11. As what Jason Hudson from Black Ops 1 wouls say about COD’s illusion:

    “Call of Duty has been dead for five years. It died in Modern Warfare 2 during its release. All the years you thought COD was great, that was just in your mind!”

  12. If they’re going back to the roots, I might get it. Don’t you guys remember the old Call of Duty games? They weren’t bad. Still, I’ll have to wait and see.

  13. It will probably be on Wii U. Activision always announces Wii U really late for the CoD games.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it skipped the console though, because it’s not like it sells well on it.

    1. You can thank Activision’s BO2 Nuketown DLC lie for that and Ghosts for sucking so much since its the laziest, crappiest COD to date.

    2. Call me insane, but I have a gut feeling that Treyarch may develop the next Call of Duty to the Wii U.

  14. Good, the last thing Wii U needs is another 3rd party rehash. Im sure COD is a good game, but when it comes out yearly theres no hype for me, and im hesitant to buy anything when a newer version is around the corner, especially this late in the series.

      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        And when you make thirty videos “exposing Nintendo fans”, you call it “Masturbate to my butthurt and invalid arguments”

      2. Looks like some Call of Duty loving dick sucker can’t come up with a new insult. Seriously, man. Get Fucked. Go play your shitty little Call of Duty games, masterbate yourself to sleep and save up just enough money to buy this years shitfest that is the new Call of Duty. Make sure you save up enough to buy the money sucking map packs you little fuck. Go die.

        1. and you nintendrones shove 7 Mario games yearly into your asses. I hardly even play cod, only at my friends xbox 360. can’t wait to get my own 360.

  15. I’m not a fan of CoD but this happened the last time CoD was announced. Everyone jumped to conclusions that Wii U would not get the game and then there it is – on Wii U. Activision announces Wii U later on and maybe the next round of CoD will be the same.

  16. Wow. Going into WW1? 1. That’s not COD’s original roots. Its WW2 & 2. WTF cares about WW1 anyway? Its a dead history reference.

  17. This is bogus:
    1. Last gen install base is too damn high for Activision make the current gen. jump; they gotta.make quick bank.

    2. Wii got ports of Black Ops and MW3 so I HIGHLY doubt this is skipping Wii U

    3. Sounds like some fantasy CoD game a typical CoD fanboy would make. They tried to emulate Titanfall’s single player.

    4. It’s a rumor. I could say a new Star fox HD TPS shooter is coming for WiiU in 2014.

  18. as usually Nintendo fanboys will bash third party games, you nintendrones should be begging them to bring cod to wii u. why would the 10m+ cod players even care about wiiu. most kids after the age ten don’t even care for Nintendo games because the love cod and other fps or games. if reggie or iwata don’t even beg activision to port even cod then its over. Nintendo turn back activision soo activision will turn Nintendo back.

    1. CoD happens to be a 3rd party game, & a franchise that doesn’t suit the Ninty culture very well, both in style & quality. Red Steel, The Conduit, Time Splitters, Perfect Dark, Turok, Golden Eye…those are more our style (@ least imo). 3rd parties, like Nintendo, are falible.

      If you only apply the MS philosophy (which includes Sony since the 7th gen.), & the mentality of rampant multiplatting, you likely won’t understand Nintendo’s philosophy. & 3rd parties, especially w/ all the Westernization, seem to have lost touch, control, & the funds to dev the games & genres that worked w/ Nintendo & its fans.

      Devs & pubs are not the issue, it’s their products. If Nintendo were to release CoD the same exact way as it has been, I’d still be turned off by it.

  19. I do not understand why people still care about that god awful franchise. That series of games is a disease just as bad as micro-transactions. I pray that the day will come when all the 8 year old fu*ktards that play those games will get their xbox’s taken away from them and then the Call of Duty franchise crashes.

  20. If this is true, I think it’s really dumb to take out local co-op play. I love having friends over and going through the campaign together. I don’t want to do it with some random person online and yeah I could just do the campaign with online friends but it’s not the same experience as local play.

  21. Last CoD I really liked, was released back in 2003.
    2 was ok, 3 felt like an expansion disc (dlc).
    4 and onwards made me hate the series.
    Now if this does come to Wii U, I might buy it, if no other significant release nearby, if nothing else than for shitz and gigglez..






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