New Mario Kart 8 UK Website Launched, Plus Features Trailer

Nintendo has flooded fans with Mario Kart 8 news following today’s Nintendo Direct. And now the publisher has launched its brand new UK website, full to the brim with racing content. So if you want the low down on Mario Kart 8’s courses, you’ll find every cup and its designated tracks from Mushroom to Lightning, or if you fancy gaining an upper hand before the game’s release, you can take a crash course in new items, including the Super Horn.

While the website also features a bunch of new information on characters and vehicles, you can also get to grips with the brand new trailer shown at the end of the Nintendo Direct, as well as a host of images and screenshots of your favourite characters in action. You can take a look at the new website, here.


  1. The more I watch new MK8 reveals, the more I’m loving this game and hyping it to death. ^_^ Looks so freaking sweet. New tracks, more characters (7 Bowser children, thank you), HD 1080P 60FPS gameplay and visuals, Voice Chat and now there’s a new item called Super Horn and it can even destroy Blue Shells..there’s now a way you can avoid Blue Shells?!

    Fuckin A! XD This game is gonna kick ass even Watchdogs ass back to their GTA 101 drawing board.

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