Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Up For Pre-order On Amazon UK, Wii U Not Listed


Popular online retailer Amazon UK is now taking pre-orders for the recently announced Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The game is available for pre-order on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. The retailer has neglected to advertise a Wii U version of the game. Hopefully we will hear something soon.


      1. It’s not declining fast enough and with these CoD defenders thinking that we should give it a chance, it won’t ever die…


  2. Another CoD article? ah Sickr, this is a bit much don’t you think? I mean yeah we get it, a new CoD game is coming out and it isn’t coming to Wii U, moving on yeah?

    1. Mark my words, the sequel or new entry that will be announced in less than 3 months is going to have Michael Bay onboard…

      Call of Duty : Bayformers

      1. Indeed…

        They probably called the codename for Advanced Milking…

      2. cause 3D world is a name that people were in love with, not to mention wii u, 3ds, 3d land, new super mario bros u,2,wii..”

      3. Future Warfare would’ve made a suitable fit. But again, this is COD. WTF cares anymore other than dumbass fandorks wasting yet another $160 max for a repeated game?

      4. I hate repeated franchises as much as the next guy, but if you watch the trailer, it does appear to be new in a way. It looks like you can super jump and parkour like in titanfall :o

      5. I don’t get how you can defend nintendo and don’t even have their console which has been out for year and a half, fucking retard

      6. Because it’s their only console right?…

        I have every other console they made except the one that predates the Game&Watch…

        How about you think a little before…

      7. Yes, that would explain why you like Nintendo, pretty much all of their consoles before the Wii U were good, even the Wii was ok for it’s time, until you get yourself a fucking Wii U, don’t defend it, i actually have it, and you’re the one saying “we should support the developer and make them know we like their product and want more of it”…fuck you, you retarded hypocrite

      8. How does it look “new” when I’m looking at a game ripping off Titanfall which ripped off COD?

        I see nothing original here.

      1. As we’ve seen many times before. Another COD spam now trying to be Titanfall that tried to be COD.

  3. Just like they did with Black Ops 2. Just like they did with Ghosts. Nothing to see here.

    1. At least Treyarch tried to be original and fix the multiplayer balance issues. Infinity Ward didn’t do shit with both MW3 and Ghosts.

  4. Ah, another COD, we just got done with Ghosts release…then a article of a CoD yesterday, now another one? This is what you call “Milked” friends. I rest my case, nothing you can say about it now…its confirmed, CoD is a heavy milked franchise…worse than final fantasy Mario or even pokemon at that matter.

    1. So is mario. How many mario karts, parties, sport games are there? What about pokemon?

      1. Technically, there are only 7 Pokemon games…

        Spin-Offs are not a part of the main series…

      2. Well ok, there ya go…so again, who’s being milked the most? Sure in the fuck ain’t none I mentioned. Well accept final fantasy…I have to admit, they make more games of them too but I hear 13 was great.

      3. FF games atleast take their time to become a great quality game…

      4. My point is your point. Nintendo milks mario, Zelda, pokemon. Why don’t you cry about that? Fanboy?

      5. *yawn* Still clinging to the belief that those series are milked just as bad as Call of Duty? lmao 21 Zelda games in 25 years vs 21 Call of Duty games in 10 years. Now tell me again which series is truly milked? Mario, I’ll give you that one since I counted all of the CoD spin-offs as well as the main series’ games, so I’ll count all of Mario’s spin-offs, ignoring the fact that Mario has been around for nearly 30 years now. I won’t bother with Pokemon since I don’t care enough to continue on with this since you’ll just come up with some lame damage control excuse to try & “win.”

      6. Anybody calling Zelda for being milked is a 100% true retard and should die at once…

      7. There’s only eight Mario Kart (1992) games in nearly 20 years (MK8 “8” in the title doesn’t ring a bell?), Only 13 Mario Party (1998) (10 consoles + 3 portables) games in 15+, only 6 generations of Pokemon (1996-1997) over 18 years (one release with two versions plus 2 gen remakes which is its franchise’s traditional which adds up to 22 versions)

        Now lets look at COD counting consoles and portables: COD (2003) with 1-3, Big Red One, Offensive..whatever on PSP (I think there’s 2 PSP CODs, not sure), 5 COD DS games, Modern Warfare 1-3, World at War, Black Ops 1-2, Black Ops Declassified, Ghosts and now Advanced Warfare. Count em together and that’s at least 20 COD games in 11 years. That means COD spams way more games in the shortest amount of time than any franchise you can think of other than EA Sports because they’ve been spamming that shit years before COD.

        So tell us again which franchise spams more?

      1. Look thay argument is retarded if you think mario golf and mario kart is the same game your smoking some heavy shit. Just cause there the same franchise there are different incarnations with totally different playing styles but since your too stupid to understand I guess ill have to explain to you mario golf=golf mario kart= KART RACING okay and nintendo always re invigorated most of there games in order for them to feel fresh unlike COD …you damn daily troll stfu and gtfo please.

      2. And yet provide no evidence just like Fox News.

        Keep telling yourself that and you might just end up trapped within your own version of “Neverland” never believing in reality that’s right in front of you.

  5. This is exactly how I feel about this stupid world with CoD in it…

    1. COD sucks period. Even if Nintendo loses grip of this franchise, it wont be a loss anyway. Its a fucking spam everybody with a brain tied with common sense has gotten sick of.

  6. Ambassador Sickr : -Hopefully we will hear something soon.-

    Surely you mean, -Hopefully we will not hear something soon-?…

    1. I logged on to make exactly this comment.

      Nobody here, NOBODY, is eager to hear shit about this shit.

      Sickr dared to post tons of information on a game that is not coming to Nintendo platforms on a supposedly Nintendo-based website. Lack of common sense is smiting Sickr so hard.

      1. It’s arguably going to the biggest game this year. So yes, I will be posting Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare information. Has anyone confirmed it’s not coming to Wii U? The other games have appeared on Nintendo platforms and Activision is one of the few supporting the console. Thanks!

      2. Because the zombie gamers buys it without hesitation…

      3. Fuck off you moron you dont own a wii u so why do you care if cod comes or not

      4. Obviously your mind is too primitive to comprehend the bigger picture…

      5. It’s too small to even comprehend even half of it.

      6. You obviously don’t get where he and everybody else is coming from with COD. And what does that have anything to do with him not having a Wii U or 3DS or even a fucking NES.

        COD is a plague of the gaming world spreading its virus of pointless spamming and lack of original ideas and fixing its core balancing/respawning problems.

        Getting offensive because nobody here likes that sspamming garbage COD but your late mind does? Be my guess and buy that repeated crap. Just don’t let me hear you say “I’m trading it in” 3 months after buying it.

      7. Or train of thought on the fact that is a millionth reskined game.

      8. stfu nintendrone commander, ever sickr exposes you lol

      9. When did he ever expose me?…

        I’ve never had any problems with Sickr because unlike you, the ambassador is not a retard…

      10. I’m sorry, but I agree that it’s absolutely ridiculous to post news about a game that IS NOT coming to a nintendo platform on a Nintendo site, whether it’s the biggest game of the year or not, if it’s not on a Nintendo console then it shouldn’t be mentioned at all.

      11. Thanks for what? You don’t need to pretend to be polite in situations like this. Sounds as fake as your predilection for Nintendo.

        But go ahead, this place is yours. You do what you want here.

        Similarly, my opinion and my mouth are mine, and I’ll keep voicing my positions whenever I feel I must do so.

      12. Post more CoD news to piss them off >:)

        jk, you’re only doing your job.

      13. how is cod a bad new. this is like the only fps wii u will might ever get and you calling it badnews.

      14. this website started in 2006. it must have been interesting back then.

      15. You sound like Fox News only wanting to post juicy BS for ratings.

      16. I totally agree with you mate, as long as we are not sure if it coming to Nintendo platform (even if the odds to be on the wii U are near the absolute zero), you should carry out posting. Saying that I hate the game but my cousin love it . Me and him are like two faces of the same coin when it comes to that game.

      17. You should keep posting news for psv games until sony says they wont make their way over to 3ds then because lets face it nobody really knows

      18. Sickr, no disrespect or anything.

        Yes it might be a big game, but I very much doubt it’s going to go on Wii U. The last one didn’t really sell, so it’s more than likely that it won’t be on Wii U.

        I feel this post is a bit pointless because I thought this site was about games going on Nintendo platforms.

        It’s your website, so you can do what you want. Simply expressing my opinion, and nothing more.

      19. Well at least your aren’t a fan boy I can’t say the same thing about the rest of the people on this site but I will say this call of duty games are good but not that great there fun but not amazing

      20. Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. 4 says hi with flowers and chocolate. lol

      21. I just hate all these brainwashed fools that thinks any new CoD will change the formula…

        We already have around 20 games for evidence that says otherwise…

        I hope they don’t release any more CoD garbage in our holy machines…

      22. The only CoD I like is the oven-baked cod fish. Period.

      23. The same AI fish we’ve seen in Mario 64? Yeah. Good ol outdated fish. :p

      24. COD 4 was the ONLY & LAST best and balanced COD game to ever grace the consoles and it was that game that got me in love with COD in the first place. If only they port it to Wii U, I’d buy that shit in a hurry.

      25. When you stop being stupid and letting everyone milk you for the lulz, which won’t happen anytime soon.

      26. It always changes?…

        Mario Kart vs SM3DL for example…


      27. The same time when your monkey ass stops looking ugly in both public and private settings like your video with background light concealing your Brokeback face.

    1. Its official, you forgot the last two CODs did came to Wii U late and Treyarch always ports it as a favor.

      So, who’s next?

  7. Considering the exact same situation had happened with COD Ghosts I’m not surprised if Activision or Nintendo confirms it in a few months time.

  8. Lmfaoooo!!!

    Nintendo fanboys are such hypocrites. “Ugh another Call of Duty article?! We had enough.”
    You guys weren’t complaining when there were constant MK8 articles right? What can I expect from a site full of fanboys…

    CoD is one of the most popular video game series, whether you like it or not.

    It’s a brand new title so of course Sickr has to cover it smh…

    1. Implying that everyone here is a fanboy – whatever it means – made your comment totally pointless.

      Grow up, kid.

      1. Nice comeback. Is that seriously all you got?

        I would suggest you go bury yourself in toilet paper back in Egypt with Tut. He misses you being in afterlife bed with him.

    2. You actually compare that garbage to our sacred game?…

      Don’t even do that as a joke…

      1. 20 COD games (including portables) in 11 short years opposed to most Nintendo games over 15-20+ years at that same or less amount.

        Go do your homework and check the damn facts.

      2. He’s got a point, even you’re guilty of it. This game could turn out to be the next big CoD game ever but you wont give it a chance because it’s Call of Duty… even though its a new company developing it

      3. Tell me exactly how it is going to be different?…

        And don’t even mention these Points as different:

        New weapons
        Characters (all are the same generetic ones either way)

        Even Titanfall that tried to change the formula a little feels the same…

      4. ….. I’m guessing you didn’t read my comment… I said a new company is developing the game which could mean the game might actually see a chance of changing yet morons like you can’t get past the whole hate wagon. Seriously, no one wonder why the gaming industry is going down hill because of morons like you…

      5. Yes because of me…

        I’m one of those who wants many different games unlike you that wants more of the same milked garbage…

        The only moron here seems to be you…

      6. I’m sorry but I’m not the one supporting an already milked franchise *Cough* Mario *Cough cough* Zelda *Cough cough* Every Nintendo game every generation.

        Yep, it is because of people like you because you don’t like something unique just because of the name.

        The only moron here seems to be you…

      7. You calling Zelda milked shows what kind of gamer you were and Always have been…

        A shallow Xbot with the same boring brainwashed mind that only buys rehashed games over and over…

        Xbot, go home…


        Feel better ladies? Now, you two got points yeah I’m just as guilty but one, commander is right, every CoD has looked the same and felt the same…HOWEVER…You also got a point GamingComesFirst, Commander here is where you’re in the wrong, and I do believe I said it before and time again “A true gamer plays all”. Meaning yes change is good but don’t know it until you try it…I will be taking my medication of what I said earlier, means I’ll kind of take it back but it still stands in my options. I’ll be watching this one closely…well more like play it if my pal gets the 360 back. ANYWAYS…the point of me saying this means your both right but I’m gonna tell you that your both also wrong.

        “and I AM SNOWMAN, King of the rock and the most handsome, and there’s nothing you girls can do about it”. xP

      9. A true gamer plays all yes, but a true gamer also knows when there is garbage to avoid…

        And CoD is one of the biggest one of them all…

        If this “battle” was about me utterly destroying a game like let’s say Diablo or ZombiU then I would be the wrong one because they are not milked or are intended to be milked…

      10. *cough*21 Zelda games in 25 years vs 21 Call of Duty games in 10 years.*cough*

      11. 2 NES Zelda, 1 SNES, 2 N64, 3 GameCube, 3 Gameboy Color, 2 Gameboy Advance, 2 DS, 1 Wii (Twilight Princess is a GC port so it counts there), 1 3DS and 1 Wii U coming in 2014

        I only count 18 Original Zelda titles in 25 years. And COD is actually 20 in 11 years but yes. COD is still much worse with the spam/milking.

      12. So how exactly does MK8 changes? And don’t come up saying:

        New tracks (they’re even putting tracks from previous games…)
        New karts/bikes
        New characters

        So… Yeah, MK8 and COD could easily get in the same situation, so don’t talk like that cause you can get backfired with no problem at all. And again, your arguments become so freaking lame at the very moment you STILL don’t own a Wii U (even after a year I’ve seen you posting on this website…), yet you defend it like if the useless of Iwata gives you the part of his salary that he doesn’t get.

        If you really want a Wii U I could sell you mine, the only problem is that Nintendo is such a bunch of useless bastards that my Gamepad just broke by itself with just 9 months of use. The touchscreen is completely useless so I have this super next-gen console which can’t do a shit w/out the “amazing” gamepad….

        I don’t hate Nintendo, but they’re just fucking things up so badly this days…..

      13. Difference is, Mario Kart only comes out once per console, not 2-3 games a year…

      14. Call of Duty doesn’t have 2-3 games per year, it’s just 1 game annually; except when they released COD: Declassified for Vita, or the COD games for the DS.

      15. Well I guess I overexagurate things sometimes but they do announce atleast 2 games a year…

        It’s been barely 6 months or even 4 months for that matter since Ghosts came out and they already announce a new one…

      16. And I would not have so much problems with CoD or many of the FPS in general if they also weren’t American propaganda to fuel the hatred on the middle-east or the so called “communist countries” even more…

        That’s one of the 2 biggest reason to why they milk these games so much…

        Middle-Eastern/Communism hatred and money…

      17. Hmm… I guess you haven’t played them enough time, then. Because in the whole “Modern Warfare” trilogy, the actual heroes are the British (SAS); in fact, they even make fun of the “US Propaganda” and “US Army are heroes” image that they always make in Hollywood movies, and it presents a somewhat believable scenario in which a group of Russian Ultra-nationalists forces try to bring back the USSR, whose leaders are sick of the US hypocrisy with wars when they’re actually the ones who strengthen the fires of the conflict (something that actually happens in Modern Warfare 2, BTW) just to invade countries for power. Then, there’s also ‘World at War’, here, the Soviet Army are the badass bastards who fuck up the Nazis; yet, you got the Americans kicking Japanese’s asses, but the main deal is with the Russians & the Nazis in this game.

        This US Propaganda has even plagued TV series, so is hard to get rid off of it, but I can tell you that at least they aren’t filling up the game with it too much, maybe that was in the first CODs, but nowadays it’s less present than in movies or TV series.

        Is not that I’m willing to defend COD at all manners, they need to fix things ASAP otherwise this overused formula will stop convincing people year after year….

      18. But don’t they still make them look bad?…

        The Russians etc etc…

        Don’t get me wrong though, I’d still choose USA a bit more than Russia, atleast the US has more freedom in some ways…

      19. Maybe not bad, more like…. “Merciless”? Because they do portray Russians as tough bastards who can easily fuck you up without even meaning to do so (in the game, the Russian Army literally brings all of Europe down and US was a close second, but you manage to stop the Ultra-nationalists that I told you before, which were the other responsibles of the war; because actually, the US provoked the war… lol).

        But I get you, there’s always the feeling of “the US are the good guys”, but it’s not very strong, and if you pay attention to the campaigns in some CODs, you’ll notice that the game is not so “US saves the day!” as you may think; but is more like “no matter what you throw at us or how hard you hit us, US always fights back”.

        Though I’ll disagree with you, I’d choose Russia over US anytime, lol.

      20. I guess it’s good that I don’t have to choose any of them ever…


      21. But thanks for explaining things in more detail…

      22. Was that a compliment? Lol, well then, right back at you, I guess. Anyway, no problem, I was just trying to put you in a little context so if you’re still willing to dislike COD, at least know what it deals with and then you make up your mind and say “So the games talk about this… Nah, I still don’t like them”, haha!

        Anyway, if you want, give them a try, they’re far from being the best FPS out there, and the multiplayer tends to be abusive if you’re are a beginner, but the game always manages to do what any game is meant to do: entertain people. But don’t play Ghosts, Ghosts was a great disappointment, even though the campaign was kinda cool. Try the Modern Warfare Trilogy, IMO those are the best CODs, but the best multiplayer is on Black Ops 2. Is up to you, anyways, take care and happy gaming! *goes back to play Skyward Sword in Hero Mode*

      23. I’ve played some of them that’s why I’m judging them…

        I’ve played CoD 1 and 2, MW1, BO1 and World at War which was the only one I really enjoyed multiplayer wise…

      24. Calling Mario as a whole a milked franchise would make more sense if you want to compare it’s milkness to Call of Duty but Mario Kart alone? lol

      25. This Commander pal over here was only talking about Mario Kart, not the whole Mario games, so I can’t take all the different kinds of Mario games to defend my argument since he’s just talking about one specific games. Besides, I also agree with the fact that calling Mario games milked just because they share the “Mario” title is nonsense; there are many different kinds of Mario games, so you can’t say “all of them are milked” because they all offer something different from the other.

      26. But you forgot one thing, only ONE Mario Kart game exists for every generation hardware with a new gameplay or two changes so its not in the same milking league as COD where it spams at least 5-7 games on a single generation console with a “reskin” type of change not gameplay or feel so ultimately you’re wrong about comparing Apples to Oranges.

      27. In the only sense that we’re comparing oranges & apples here is that we’re comparing a Kart-racing game with a FPS, so in that sense you Mister (or Miss, dunno) are totally right and makes this whole comparison thing completely absurd.

      28. Why even bother promoting this spammed garbage?

        Its always the same shit no matter who’s making it.

      29. Yes, because in the last call of Duty games you can leap from building to building and having super strength…

      30. Oh no, you can jump from building to building!

        It changes everything!


      31. It changes a lot actually if you played the games you would know that.

      32. I’ve played some of them and I didn’t notice a single significant change in any of them…

      33. I would say its hard to make big change to a near perfect formula, that’s why you don’t see cod and nsmb taking huge risks because people love their formulas and if they do change it , it could cause a bigger shitstorm than it already is.

      34. And that’s why it’s called milking the franchise to the fullest when you release games 2-3 a year that are practically all the same…

      35. And just because I’m a Nintendo fan doesn’t mean that I don’t play other games…

        I have a PC you know, I don’t need any Xboxes and If there was games that interested me enough to purchase a PS I would but there is none…

      36. …and that’s different because…

        In MW2’s Favela map, I can do the same shit and take several bullets and auto heal myself which also means “super healing” powers much like “super strenght”. Its all superficial and BTW, its exo skeleton enhancement not actual super strenght dummy. Lastly, its Titan of Duty, ripping off Titanfall which ripped COD off the other way around.

        Care to dance with me over facts again?

      37. Because Ocarina of Time is the same as A Link Between Worlds right?

        Said no one ever…

      38. That’s significantly different than the last with the exception of New Mario Bros. series which is a repeat of its own but not multiple games on one console like COD and EA Sports.

    3. I’m not complaining and I’m a Nintendo fan… as a matter of fact I wouldn’t really mind because I own a PS4 and PC that can play the game just as well so even if it doesn’t come to the Wii U, I’ll just play it on my PS4 or PC. I’m actually looking forward to this one, unlike Ghosts, Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2 which were horrible and I’m glad I missed them.

      1. Tell me, what’s different gameplay wise between all of those games?…

      2. – Bionic Powers
        Being able to jump across roof tops with ease

        – Big Open Worlds
        More exploration than in previous CoD games

        – Strategy
        Being able to plan your attacks before going in

        – Story
        You play as a Mercenary Group who only fight for people who have the right price.

        Serious… you Nintendrones need your glasses checked.. I’m sorry I even had to say that.

      3. No because it’s not nearly as milked as CoD but I still don’t like that series because they are the laziest games ever made in recent time by our empire…

      4. Not as nearly milked as cod dont make me laugh theres about 100 Mario games so you saying mario isn’t milked nearly as cod is a joke

      5. All different genres of games, or do you think all 100 of them are the same as NSMBU?…

      6. Are you counting that as a whole or did your dumbass fanboy mind forgot to count the spin offs separately? Of course that last part is correct.

        Count the main Mario series in over 30 years and separately count the spin offs. Come back when you get the math and research done RIGHT.

      7. Nintendrone Commander… you are the reason why I left gaming… thanks, gg

      8. And yet you are making your own new game, so in other Words, you Went even deeper into gaming…

        GG owned…

      9. The game is trash, but since you mentioned all those things…
        I’ll wait and see. Have to see it believe it first y’know?

      10. All too familiar with Titanfall and other dozen of past CODs. Git any other excuses to make us think this is original or better?

        Don’t answer that cause I already got it: Nothing.

      11. There’s no point in trying to make a fanboy understand might as well talk to a wall

    4. So if we’re fanboys, then you’re part of the club too..fanboy.

      Hypocrites are such a bitch.

      1. Umm no, I’m not a degenerate thank you very much.

        P.S: You are calling yourself a bitch ….Bitch

      2. Did I, at any point, directly insult myself?

        Man you’re as mentally fucked as Sasori.

    5. Yea dude this site is filled with fan boys that only care about nothing but Nintendo I love Nintendo but I aso like Microsoft and sony

    6. typical nintendo fanboys. they beg for third party and later turn their backs on them and also bash them.

      1. EA turning backs because they can’t take Nintendo’s rejection of that Spyware disease Origin, Ubisoft delaying Rayman Legends, a completed game, over 9 months for PS3/360 just to stupidly release it near GTA5 and lost target sales to that plsu pissing off thousands of potential Wii U buyers and now again with Watchdogs that they “somehow” can’t port the game to Wii U on time and yet not only have a separate division making it but Ubisoft has 9200 employees so…where’s the assisstance to finish it on time..oh right, they decided to fuck with Wii U again and run to PS4/Xbetamax so royally pissing off fans yet again.

        That studio doing Sniper V2 Wii U port, stripping ALL features and tried to sell it at FULL PRICE…they are beyond out of their fucking minds thinking that’ll work. And the rest from Wii U launch are late multiports that everybody else got on other platforms and affected sales on the fly, not that Nintendo gamers don’t want it, they got the same game months to years ago. That also explains why Activision didn’t give Wii U COD DLC even the free ones they once promised and openly lied which made Wii U sales even worse.

        Use you brain.

    7. I don’t mind COD articles, I just hate COD fanboys and COD. They can be posted 24/7 (likely IGN will cover it 24/7 like Titanfall(good gameplay, but awful content)) CODs popularity is praised among most gamers. Its kinda the reason the industry is flooded with FPS games, and its supposedly the reason the RE series lost its way.

      1. Poor, poor Resident Evil. Capcom made up for it a bit with Resident Evil Revelations which brings back some, if not most, of the survival horror aspect of the series. Hopefully Capcom continues this with Resident Evil 7. If it doesn’t end up like Revelations, call the paramedics or something.

      2. They could learn a thing or two from Last of Us with the story, The Evil Within with dark, sinister and haunting environments and Resident Evil 4 for refocusing its horror roots in the new age of gaming.

        I wouldn’t be as optimistic over RE7 like I was with RE6 when they said they’re bringing back zombies and then ultimately find out that its yet another B-Grade hollywood action movie overshadowing its main premises.

      3. I’ll give Capcom the benefit of a doubt since I like them, & they don’t screw Nintendo over like Ubisoft does. Least with Resident Evil 4, they didn’t hold off on the Gamecube version till they could port it to the PS2 & Xbox while also releasing the Gamecube version 2-3 months after they released to the other 2 consoles when compared to Ubisoft with Rayman Legends. Hell! Resident Evil 0 is still a Nintendo console exclusive.

  9. Haven’t the WiiU-version been announced very late for both BLOPS2 and Ghosts? It may be the same with this one.

    Personally I don’t play COD, but… it would still be a shame if the game isn’t on WiiU.

  10. Even if this Titanfall wannabe (Which is a COD wannabe) game comes to Wii U or not, I must say this one mire time:

    Nothing of value was lost…

  11. News! The new Office packet is not coming to Wii U, together with the new pizza hut’s spicy pizza and the video of my cat, new Armani collection announced but no words about Wii U. New game for psvita, no Wii U version.

  12. I never ever played one of these sh*t titles and I never will, so I truely don’t care. but millions of white trash guys will buy and “play” it, and sales for the xbox will rise and rise.

      1. Blind ignorant hate. They read a lot of comments by loud outspoken idiots when they themselves haven’t even played the game.

  13. People have been sitting around since 2003 playing the same generic fps on 3 definitely gens lol

  14. COD Ghosts was not announced for the Wiiu initially, but eventually released, but not make a point for this garbage.

  15. Maybe Activision, once again, is still waiting for Nintendo’s approval before announcing this game to Wii U. This was happened in COD: Ghosts and COD: Black Ops II…

  16. Too bad Kevin Spacey is in this one… I might have actually bought it. Could have been my first CoD game.

    Though, I wouldn’t count the game out yet. CoD is always announced late for Wii U. The “same” thing happened with the last CoD game if anyone cares to remember…

    1. Sad that now COD is using hollywood stars playing a voice as a cheap gimmick to sell their garbage now.

      How sad and idiots say Nintendo’s “gimmicks”, which Wii Remote and Gamepad are hardware controllers, are worse…

  17. So far, so good. The name is dumb, the game is most likely going to be shit as always, it’s probably not going to be on Wii U. Good.

      1. That I can find in any pawn shop for less than $100 and this fucker is seriously still saving..whatever minimum wage money he’s sneaking out of his mother’s purse?

        lol Poor fucker can’t find a real job and calls making dumbass hate videos that generates $2 per-video posts on Youtube a “career”….

    1. Ahh sasorideidaraobi trolling mynintendo news daily cause he has no life what so ever. Everytime in the comments saying the same verbal vomit. Seriously you dont like the wii u and you said previously that your not buying any upcoming flagship titles….. LEAVE. No reason to comment other than playing into this BS fanboy war nonsense grow up and stop being so annoying.

  18. Maybe Activision will release a reboot of SiN for Wii U instead. Or Call to Power, or Blur, or Gun, or something interesting.

  19. Don’t give a damn about COD, there are much better FPS games then it.

    1. Exactly. All I hear is a bunch of kindergarten kids whining shit and hising in dark corners spraying guns everywhere.

      And dumbass parents and politicians wonder how kids grow to be so stupid and violent. Because they don’t give a shit and give them whatever the fuck like M rated games without supervision and when they go act a fool and do something regrettable, they wanna pretend they give a shit, say their kids aren’t bad when they were never there to see what they did and keep spreading more stupidity to others.

      The disease of this game and dumb people won’t end and will only end when Judgement Day comes.

  20. Call of Duty? Meh. I prefer Medal of Honor. Let me know when a 3rd party announces a new James Bond, Conduit 3, or Medal of Honor game.

  21. Hopefully Conduit 3 is in the works and still be a Nintendo exclusive. Bought the first game and loved it. I didn’t get the second because the horrible voice acting killed it for me and couldn’t stand it anymore just like how horrible American Pokemon voice actors are now since season 8 after Hoenn.

    Maybe the 3rd will have a more epic story/conclusion, better voice acting (please for the love of god), more new weapons with the old ones, 1080p HD at 60FPS , 12-18 player online with voice chat, class/character customizations and shit.

    1. Conduit 2 was okay for me since my only problem with it was Kevin Sorbo was no longer voicing Prometheus. But I will agree that it should have been way better, so let’s hope Conduit 3 is better if Sega ever even makes it.

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