MCV And VideoGamer Also Say Nintendo Will Reveal New Hardware At E3

Both MCV and Videogamer have joined IGN in saying that they have heard rumours that new Nintendo hardware will be showcased at E3. Videogamer believe it to be a successor to the Wii U, while IGN and MCV have just been told its new hardware. MCV says they’re uncertain as to what form the hardware will take. The most likely bet is the Quality of Life platform that Nintendo is currently working on, but we won’t know for sure until next month. Whatever it is Videogamer seem to think games compatible with the hardware will also be playable at the show.


  1. it probably will be that “QoL” hardware which i bet has very little to do with gaming and more with health. maybe some new 3ds model or a new wiiu model with more internal storage or something like that.

      1. probally the successor to 3ds. it will ruin nintendo as a brand to unveil a new home console this early in the Wii U’s life.

    1. QOL is not just health. Its every thing from health, music, art, education, food/nutrition, shelter/home, work/office, transportation

      Technically it could even be air/climate control, clothing even city planning.

      All their “touch generation” games like brain age, art academy, and all those games that teach you how to cook, or something those are all QOL games

  2. yeah.. I don’t want a successor for WiiU, videogames are extremely so expensive in my country(Wii U = 650 dollars here) and I don’t want to spend more now.

      1. In South Africa, the Wii U was originally R4500 for the premium pack and R4000 for the basic

      2. That was the most stupid comment I’ve ever seen. The whole world should move to the US because the Wii U is cheaper!!!1!!
        See how dumb it sounds?
        Anyway, did you mean Unites States of America? Or America, the continent? You need to understand that America is a continent, not a country.

        1. Your comment was pretty stupid actually. He didn’t say everyone should move to America first off. Second, why would that get you so worked up. And lastly, while there are two continents with the name America, any intelligent person knows when you write America it means U.S.A. Don’t be an ass just to be an ass. Or are you one of those people that hates the United States?

          1. You are just being ignorant… America is a continent, being intelligent or not is irrelevant regarding this matter. It doesn’t make it any less of a blatant mistake that inhabitants of the United States commonly and erroneously call the territory in which they live ‘America’. As wrong as if one of the stronger than the U. S. A. economies in Asia refered to “themselves” as Asia. (It is indeed obvious that the first explorers from the U. K. referred to the newly invaded land as’ America’ but there is now a proper name for the nation; and please don’t go mentioning that ‘America’ is included in the country’s name because that doesn’t make it any less incorrect to use the term)

            1. I am not ignorant. I specifically said that there are two continents named America. All I said was that when people say America they mean the U.S. I didn’t say it was necessarily right or not, just that it is very common.

      3. yeah man, it’s my dream, I’m planning to go to Canada, but I need to improve my english and to save more money.

        1. I think your English is good enough. I couldn’t even tell you didn’t speak Wnglish until I read this.

          1. OMG Thank you ^^
            But the problem is my pronunciation, english words are difficult to speak, I don’t have anyone to train.

  3. Wii U XL? Unprecedented, sure, but considering that the second hardware release has been the moneymaker on portables since the GBA SP, why not give it a shot? Especially with two super hot games coming this year, it’s a great time for a relaunch of a great console.

    1. it can’t be a successor to the WiiU … nintendo is doing a 1-year mario kart campaign … they would sooner delay it and release it on the successor a year later.

  4. nah it won’t be a successor to the wii u

    if it actually is a successor (and i’m am to 99,9% certain that it won’t be) the wii u will have been the last nintendo product for me

  5. sucessor to wiiu can people please stop being under 12 fuck heads please what planet are these idiots coming from

    nk8 is going to take ps4s soul and sonys loosing even more money lol @ the ignorence wiius exclusives are going to crush everything

    sony hast got 2 pennys to rub together STOP PRETENDING OTHERWISE

  6. I want a fucking new hardware with PS4 power and fuck this Shitty gamepad !!!
    Then ill buy it :-)

    Or it Will be a PS4 !
    Sorry Nintendo but waited so much Time after Mario Galaxy 2 …

    1. The gamepad is incredible, but it shouldn’t have been the main controller. Developers don’t wanna think too hard these days about how to make a game unique and fun.

      1. And that’s why society as a whole is more retarded for each day…

              1. Not everyone who says something critical of Nintendo is a Sony or Microsoft fan. You assume that about everyone and it’s not helping the cause.

    2. It’s gonna be a while until Nintendo releases a new console because they’re just getting started with the Wii U. So instead of complaining just get the PS4.

  7. Considering Nintendo won’t even be doing a live conference at E3, I highly doubt they will be reviewing hardware. This is just news outlets latching onto rumors and stating them as fact.

  8. videogamers article sound so BS, just riding the rumor-train to get hits. all of them are shamelessly trying to get more hits

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