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Renegade Kid Teases “Stellar News” For Friday

Renegade Kid director Jools Watsham has teased that his company will share “some stellar news” this Friday, May 9. Whether the upcoming announcement pertains to Nintendo 3DS or Wii U has yet to be confirmed, though a tweet by Watsham suggests that it will be related to the forthcoming 3DS exclusive Moon Chronicles. Earlier this week, the developer revealed that it has a new 2D game in the works for 3DS.

22 thoughts on “Renegade Kid Teases “Stellar News” For Friday”

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


      Now where is my cybernetic coffee?…

      I get tired planning the Xbot demise…

    1. And not getting Call of Duty has suddenly become a bad thing? Wow, you are such a social reject XD

  1. Hopefully it’s something good. I’ve seen Renegade’s games and they look pretty decent. I’m already planning on getting other games, but maybe this might interest me as well.

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