Buy Mario Kart 8 At Toys R Us And Get 40% Off Wii U Game Of Equal Or Lesser Value


Toys R Us are doing a great deal for those of you looking to purchase Mario Kart 8 this Friday. If you decide to purchase the game from Toys R Us then you’re entitled to forty percent off any Wii U game that’s lesser or equal value to Mario Kart 8. Toys R Us are selling the game for $59.99.

Thanks, Simon and Rusty


      1. This is how much I care about UbiAsshole’s GTA ripoff *middle finger*

  1. They should do something similar here to, so I can buy 4 games instead of 3 at the same time…

  2. At Gamestop, when you buy MK8, you can get 1 free Wii U game, Toys R Us trying to top that.

    1. No. The free game giveaway is Nintendo’s promotion.

      Toys R Us is giving you more for a bargain. :)

    2. Actually as far as I know Gamestop doesnt give u anything. Target gives u a mario kart keychain and a $5 giftcard. Bestbuy gives u a $10 gas card.

      1. Dang not sure what to do now. Should I cancel my bestbuy preorder in favor of this. 40% of a $20 game is $10, same value as the gas card. So the 2nd game needs to sell for more than $20 for this to be a better deal. Maybe I can get wonderful 101, I think it’s $30.

      2. But look at it like this: What is $10 worth of gas gonna get you these days when costing 3.60-4.10? $10 gas ain’t worth shit and its not gonna get you anywhere further than 25 miles.

      3. Yea but it’s still $10. $10 of gas is worth as much as $10 of games. It’s like the old joke: what weighs more, a pound of rocks or a pound of feathers?

      4. I mean the fucking question gives you the dam answer right off the bat, the trick to it is the items in the question, rocks or feathers and the word “pound/ton”. Think about it…

      5. Dude, do you even have a car?

        $10 free gas is almost a waste at its current price. If it were any $10 gift card of choice or $10 eshop from Best Buy, that would be a decent deal.

      6. Doesn’t matter though. $10 is $10, it makes no difference. I’m gonna have to pay for gas regardless, either out of my pocket or with the free gas card. A $10 gas card and a $10 eshop card give you the same value.

      7. Or maybe I meant a $25 dollar game?… I’m just wondering how the hell I made the mistake of saying that half of a number is 40%

      8. Gamestop gives you a sick poster.
        I think it’s a draw been toys r us and best buy for the best preorder

      9. They didn’t say anything about a poster. In fact, they ain’t giving shit for a bonus.

    3. What? Are you serious!? You can get 1 free game?! I didn’t even know that! I preordered Mario Kart 8 at Gamestop last week so I could get the special double sided poster. Now you are saying I get a free Wii U game too?

      1. You can just sign up right now and get it done on time to get the free game and points to get even more stuff. :)

    4. False. Gamestop is decietfully claiming Nintendo’s free game (you get anyway) as THEIR promotion. Dude, you are so getting ripped off.

      1. Yeah, I figured that out right after I posted my comment.

        Also, I want the POSTER!!! That’s the only reason why I went with Gamestop.

      2. when i asked about getting a poster at gs tbey said no but you get a free game. i might as well get dk at that price from

    1. Yeah… Those of us who have a job rather than an spoiled allowance have to work hard to make money and these sales are always welcome.

    2. Guess i’m a Nintenyearold… doesn’t sound thay bed, plus sense senseless and tasteless name calling will never go away by people who dont matter(Meaning you). Why not just go with it, it’s all you’ve got lol.

    3. Nice weak joke except nobody is laughing. You’re like the troll version of Steve Carrell; a humorless Jim Carry wannabe.

  3. This is a crappy deal if I ever saw one. $60 for MK? Damn son, also old wii games still above $40? Nintendo got their fans in a lock

    1. Its a new game at full HD and additional features so $60 is legit plus when you register the game’s Nintendo club code, you get one of four games for free.

      Toys R Us is giving another game away 40 percent off which is almost half price for any Wii U game.

      How is any of that a ripoff jerkoff?

      1. nope, mario kart 8 isnt a 60 value. i will wait until its get $35. most nintendo games are scams. like new super mario bros u and pikmin 3 that are still $60. third party games are even cheaper than than nintendon’t rehashes and you drones dont even buy them. lol

      2. I certainly agree that Pikmin 3 should have dropped in price by now, but c’mon, you can’t bash Nintendo for releasing Mario Kart at $60 and let FIFA and Call of Duty get away with it.

      3. So true, he is just panicking because people are still interested in the game and not Watch_Dogs XD

      4. Neither is Watch_Dogs…. don’t see why you are damage controlling…

      5. I do buy the third party games, got MH3U for $20 and Batman Origins for $40 on the WiiU, and if you buy the game you get one free on club Nintendo, so it’s like paying $30 for each which is less than your $35 dollar each, think hard about that

      6. Already exposed yourself. Once said you ain’t getting the game because its “repetitive” and yet just said you will buy it when its cheaper.

        That right there, once again, proves you’re a fucking retarded basement dwelling jerkoff with a dysfunctional dick having some notion that typing invaild, typo arguments over the internet proves yourself a man…fucking sad…

      7. 3rd parties are cheaper only because they lose steam very quickly oppose to Nintendo’s which their game’s appeal lasts longer.

        You think COD is any better when it does the same? Look at it now. People are getting sick of it and GTA5 took its best selling records with only two versions in less than 22 hours.

        Again, do your fucking homework by going back to kindergarten when you last dropped out.

      8. Its way way way way way way way way better value than a $60 forza or ANY racing SIM other than Project Cars.

      9. Mario Kart 8 will never drop to $35 dollars. You are so stupid! Nintendo games almost never drop in price and when they do they don’t drop by $25 dollars. They drop by $5…

        If you ever buy Mario Kart 8, it will DEFINITELY be $60. Maybe $55 if you’re lucky.

        Also, it IS a $60 value. It’s MORE than that actually. I would buy the game for $70 or $80! The game is well worth it. It got a better Metacritic score than most PS3 games, Xbox 360 games, PS4 games and Xbox One games… yet their games are sold at $60 at launch… so it only makes sense that MK8 is $60 at launch.

      10. why is the battle mode water down?
        why is the character roster lame?
        why are they already porting 3ds stages?
        why is there no mission mode like the ds?
        meh i wait, i dont even agree with metacritic scores for some games and besides mario kart wii still works. i’ll wait till 35-45$. am a wellfare gamer

      11. Battle Mode has never really been a strong suit of the series.

        The character roster is only lame to you.

        The series has always ported stages from previous games since the GCN game. Not to mention they get redone in glorious HD. Why so against HD all of a sudden, eh?

        Maybe Mission Mode wasn’t used much by the people that owned the DS version.

        You go on about online features being so important yet you want to stick with Mario Kart Wii, which has it’s online shut down, instead of buying Mario Kart 8 which will have better online than MKWii.

      12. I’m a welfare gamer & I can manage just fine. It’s called managing your money better, so you can save up.

      13. Battle mode is an extra mode that most fans hardly touch.

        Character rosters has always changed over the years and this one marks the 7 Bowser children’s first Mario Kart appearance so what’s the problem? Its not Smash Bros that you can control their every move directly. You’re controlling them driving a fucking cart for a few minutes. How is the roster a concern when you’re gonna be driving which is priority #1 of a racing game?

        Porting 3DS tracks because maybe they wanna throw back some favorite tracks for the fans. Same thing for DS when it ported tracks from Double Dash that got released 2-3 years prior and for Wii porting DS tracks after the game came out 3 years before.

        Yes. I miss the missions mode but again, like battle, its an accessory that most fans aren’t concern the most. And BTW, not everything is announced for MK8 yet since its not released and thoroughly examined for all features and unlocks so calm your panties please.

        Mario Kart Wii works..hold up. You were just talking shit about Wii (MK6) not too long ago. Now you’re suddenly okay with Wii and that game.

        Stupid hypocrite and I don’t recall you being on welfare. You’re too retarded to even know WTF welfare means and what its like.

      14. Again, YOUR NOT LISTENING…it is worth the 60 dollars specially with the free game that you might not ever play…or touch and claim it lame like you is now. You know dam well that the game is not going to drop any time soon so I suggest you either sell the wii u you got, get the fuck off and try to expose more fans with your stupidity and make us laugh more, or shut the fuck up and like what you get.

      15. It is a good value though due to the free game. If you already have the free games available I’m sure you can sell the download code for like $30 real fast. You could honestly probably get a little more. I’m honestly thinking with a $10 gas card and selling the free game, I’ll end up paying like $20 for Mario Kart at the most. Not a bad deal.

      16. You’re gonna wait because you can’t even afford 60 bucks because you’re too busy saving up for a last gen console. Quit lying to yourself.

      17. its funny i can buy 15 games for $125 at gamestop for xbox 360. XD better value than nintendo games in price.

      18. Because those games are old & their quality isn’t very great for a majority of people, so they go for a lot cheaper. But keep believing that, little one. Maybe you’ll mature at 18 or 21 years old

      19. Shitty 7 year old games you mean. Of course they’re gonna cost 5 fucking dollars becaused they’re used and no longer in production fucktard.

      20. Yet I can afford 20 Xbox One games, 15 PS4 games and 32 Wii U games from my salary alone, not to mention that I trade in games to support the indie game stores. And I still have money left over to take my family and friends out for dinner.

        Unlike you, you’d probably only a afford a Domino’s pizza for one because you spent most of it on games XD

      21. Have fun waiting then. Nintendo games take years before they go down in price. Not even NSMBU is below $50 unless pre-owned. Be prepared to whip out cash before buying games. You cheapskate.

      22. i felt burnt paying super mario 3d world for $60 while third party games get price cuts like after a 2 months or soo.

      23. Do you REALLY need me to explain to you why that is? Here goes. It’s because Nintendo’s games are usually of better quality more than half of the games 3rd parties release. Except 3rd party exclusives, that is. And people continue to buy them because of their high quality.

      24. Maybe because 3rd party games turn to shit faster than your body can produce shit in your intestines.

      25. Something you will eventually learn in biology classes…

        Although a normal intelligence should already know about what it means…

      26. Exactly. You’re too goddamn stupid to understand the joke and biology buttfuck.

    2. I can see you’re new to the gaming industry.

      Most triple-A video games (aka games made with a high production cost) usually launch at a $59.99 MSRP, and supply-and-demand controls its price afterwards. This is almost always true for Wii U, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One (some games range from $39.99 to $79.99, and even higher for collector’s editions).

      Nintendo, however, is a bit on the arrogant side and don’t abide by supply-and-demand rule when setting the MSRP until very late after a game’s launch. Most of the time, the retailers themselves lower the price before Nintendo does.

      Re-releases tend to release at a lower price. Nintendo Selects, Platinum Hits and Greatest Hits are just a few examples, as well as Virtual Console, PSOne Classics, etc.

      You might have noticed that the title of this game has the number “8” in it. Mario Kart 8 is the eighth installment in the Mario Kart subfranchise, and it is actually a sequel, not a re-release or rehash.

      If you’re not sure what it means for an existing franchise to receive a new installment, it’s basically similar to how there is more than one Star Wars movie or more than one Harry Potter movie.

      Welcome to gaming! If you need help understanding how the industry works or how to enjoy being a gamer, feel free to use the Interwebs.

      1. And it’s not wholly arrogant on Nintendo’s part. Least not fully. A lot of people still buy their games even at the steady price of 60/50/40 bucks.

    3. It’s WAY! more worth it than Need for speed rivals, project cars, the crew, and the latest forza and look at the prices of those games lol, Mario Kart doesn’t need over the top graphics to kick any of those games butts, More fun, great quality, perfect racing. I’m pretty sure Mario Kart 8 will be the top racer of this year.

  4. Dang it… I’m considering cancelling my preorder, but I need the game for a party on Friday… DKTF or MH3U is calling my name!

      1. Nobody cares about your existence or what you do with it…

      2. Yeah that’s because he doesn’t want you here. No one does. So we will care enough to reply or comment but that’s only to get it through your head that no one here likes you and your trash talking. Go bother someone else, go onto a Microsoft site or Sony and save us all the trouble of dealing with you.

      3. Trash talking? It’s not my fault you guys are fanboys, that’s your problem, not mine. So don’t make it mine.

      4. The only thing we want you to make it yours, is your exit from this site and from Nintendo’s audience. Now goodbye.

      5. Who cares if theyre fanboys, this is a site for anyone interest in nintendo or people who loves nintendo, so your presence and trolling isnt welcome, go do something better with your time kid..

      6. If it bothers you much that you call just about anyone here a “fanboy” for appreciating Nintendo stuff, WTF are you still forcing yourself here to look cool on a PC screen you idiot?

      7. Because he can’t feel like a big mature man, or woman, without trashing other people’s opinions as if his own opinions are facts.

      8. The only thing he can feel in his dumb life now is his own 3 inch manhood at his 30s.

      9. Fanboys? Hardly. Only fanboys of other companies or products come here crying, because they feel they got something to prove… Everything you say is either stupid or negative. So either you’re one of these:

        1. A Fanboy of Pc , Sony, or Microsoft.

        2. A failing troll trying to get attention.
        or 3. Just clearly a “Hater”.

      10. that’s what everyone is saying but he’s just trying too hard and posts videos calling EVERYBODY here a social reject, including me after proving him wrong sooooooooo many times.

      11. Pfft. I bet you didn’t even have the game preordered in the first place. All I’ve seen you do is troll on this site, so why should I believe you’ve had Mario Kart 8 preordered?

  5. Wow so for 96 dollars you get 3 Wii U games which would normally cost you 180 dollars. nice

    1. If you get the MK8/Wii U/Mario-themed Wii Remote+Wheel bundle at Toys R Us for almost $350 tax included with a free game plus a 40 percent off of any Wii U game, that’s about $370 somewhere. Altogether separately is worth more than $500 so that’s a whooping $160+ savings which is a damn sweet deal. :)

      1. We must add eachother on the Wii U wheni have it comrade…

        In about 3 weeks…

      2. Great, I will destroy you in Mario Kart 8 and Smash Brothers and other games we might have in common then…


      3. You so don’t wanna know who I am and how skilled I am in these games. I’ve been playing since NES so you better watch yourself when facing me. B)

      4. You’re so high and mighty to defend Wiiu, but you don’t own one yet
        e .e?
        That’s like me not owning an xboxone and saying it’s perfect…

      5. I defend our empire, not just the Wii U, big difference…

      6. I’m saying that you talk alot about ps3,ps4,xboxone,ect. but you’re defending something you hardly know about, (I’m talking about experience, not something YOU search online).
        That sounds WAY too much like an ass-kisser, you must be a fanboy instead of a fan.

      7. I’ve said countless of times that I’ve played the Wii U on diverse locations and I have every single machine ever created ever since the Game&Watch by our empire so talking to me about “experience” is something nobody can win against me…

        And I’m buying my own wii U in about 3 weeks when my current semester at university is over…

        And I’ll never stop bashing the other ones until the trolls and idiots on this site that are anti-Nintendo are destroyed…

      8. …So eye-for-an-eye, hate them because they hate you, act immature because they act immature, they jumped off of a roof so you did aswell… you mean that type of thing?

      9. It’s called having fun for a time, maybe you should try it sometime…

      10. That’s what you call fun O-O?
        and yet you’re talking about me buying 3 copies of a game, when your ideal of fun is spending senseless hours arguing Lol!

      11. You humans are really stupid, as if you can only have fun with one thing in your entire life…

        Go get yourself a brain and start by realising how stupid it is to buy the same game 4 times over…

        Anyway I bid you adieu, you’re too primitive for me…

      12. And you’re pretty much doing the same acting like a voice of reason when in turn, you’re only bashing the same people you preach about disliking.

        Double Standards are such a bitch isn’t it?

      13. Your accusations are way off, my points or ways of thinking aren’t like voice of reason.
        To compare me to him is like comparing you to Sasori e .e.

        “you’re only bashing the same people you preach about disliking.”
        You clearly don’t know the difference between “bashing” and “criticising”.
        It’s different when i call some one out if they are kissing up for no exact reason, than it is to extremely curse at them obsessively, and make fun of there every mistake, while im also judging and assuming they’ll always do bad, or fail in the future.

      1. watch dogs is going to outsell mario kart 8. you drones are scared of watch dogs.

      2. Watch dogs went from impressive to utterly boring and crap…


        Mario Kart Wii singl handledly owned games like CoD 3 times over despite being multiplatform…

        We don’t fear any pathetic game that is not made by our empire…

      3. From what I’ve seen, Mario Kart 8 is outselling Watch_Dogs, probably because people who were hyped for the game realized it wasn’t a good game and pre-ordered Mario Kart 8 instead….

        Also, Pre-order sales = No sales
        You can cancel at any time.

      4. Then explain why Ubipussies only pulled Wii U version without saying? Because they’re too chickenshit to compete MK8 and also with the reviews and PS4/Xbox One tech maxed with the game damage control after they went ballsy with the 1080p/60FPS goal which never and will not happen.

        For someone who’s retardedly biased over MK8, you too are scared of MK8 making the competition look like whiny assholes with no imagination and real balls to take risks.

      5. Well yeah its on 5-6 system so of course its going to out sell mk8

      6. Qhile knowing that after being delayed a few times and screwing Wii U fans of their version, the sales are gonna dip more than anticipated. Why do you think Ubisoft tried to damage control the early reviews and the PS4/One max performance shortage of the game knowing Mario Kart 8 got its early reviews being praised and Watchdogs only criticizing multiplayer?

        Sounds like Ubisoft is dropping balls again and attempt to control its own mess.

      7. While not the most accurate chart for U.S preorders
        MK8 is doing well. Preorders are not sells, but they can be somewhat of a reference. MK 8 has a good thing running for it so far. its in the top 10 in multiple amazon zones. But hopefully the game does extremely well, Its going to do pretty well.

      8. maybe because watch dogs is going to be sold in all consoles, if it were sold on only one console i doubt i could outsell mario kart 8…MORON!!!

      9. Hate to break it to you but watch dogs is going to be disappointing… I for one can talk i’ve tried it and have THREE Pre-ordered as we speak.

      10. Why in the hell does anyone have 3 units pre-ordered of the same game?…

        What a waste of resources…

        Specially since you say it will be disappointing and then the same type of gamers tells others that they are not real fans etc etc because they are not stupid enough to buy the same game 3 times or more…

      11. Disappointing is disappointing, I simply mean it as it will be less entertaining as it should be, i have 3 copies pre-orderd because i own a ps3, ps4, and xboxone, one for each, just before the wiiu version is release ill pre-order that one.
        There’s such a thing as casual gamers, hardcore gamers, or just plain “Gamer”, and there is also such things as fanboys, fans, and ass-kissers.
        You just about make the last category. While i’m at it i’ll also add you to the butt-hurt, and phony list.

      12. An “Ass-Kisser” loves everything about everything they love, I don’t…

        And like I said, what a waste of resources to buy the same game 3 times and then a 4th time…

        And I’v enever been butthurt about our empire ever…

        And unlike you and the countless of “gamers” I actually make myself a real life out ther einstea dof thinking making videos in youtube or whatever nonsense you people call “jobs”…

      13. I’m sure that that’s believable… Too someone. But in actuality you’re just wasting your time. Tell me what do you call a life(In your own words) Because surely it’s not complaining about “Trolls”, or using a forum site that’s filled with them, while you make up a terrible empire that holds one sad member e .e’. Or is the meaning of life arguing with people over consoles everyday you have free time, with fanboys wars… If you want to fool someone with your terrible stories than try someone else.
        I’ve seen you butt hurt so many times before, i was actually shocked when i read that lie.
        I’m a hardcore gamer i buy/purchase games to enjoy them, specifically in many variety, so yes i bought 3, soon to be 4. So?
        If you like something buy it?
        Not the same thing can be said about you and your wiiu… oh i forgot you dont actually have one *facepalm*

      14. What lie?…

        You humans are so pathetic, I’ve never lied about anything…

        I’m going to become one that changes science in the near future which is something that cannot be said about any of you…

        And maybe you should have the smallest amount of intelligence to realise how pathetic you sound taking games so seriously…

      15. “You humans”, as if a moron like you stands above anyone…
        You lie everyday just like fanboys of microsoft, sony, and Nintendo, you’re in denial.
        Now bye, bye ^-^ i have games to play, classes, and places to be, have fun with arguing all day. Lol. Btw it’s usually not entertaining to argue with someone as dumb and in denial as you, but it’s hilarious watching you lie, and fail.

      16. Know the definition of a “lie” before uttering your stupidity even more…

      17. WTF are you triple dipping for the same game? That’s as dumb as Sasori talking shit about buying a used Red Ring Xbox with 20 used $5 vaporwares that isn’t gonna happen.

      18. I can do whatever i want. You bitching about something you might not even try yet is almost as stupid as using “Triple-dipping” as a metaphor… I game on every console so why not if i have the money? It supports the companies, as well as giving me options to play with my friends who do not own the other consoles.

      19. Nothing wrong with being a fanboy. It’s pretty sad how you have no passion for anything. You use lame quotes like “nintenyearolds” and yet you’re the one acting like a child. Since you act like a child, you aren’t old enough to be playing Watch Dogs, which means your parents don’t care and are lazy, heartless parents. Which all leads to the point that Nintendo isn’t for children, it’s that you are too immature for video games. They’re meant for fun and entertainment and you don’t use them for that, you just live out your violent fantasies and should be locked away in a mental facility for being such a rude, obnoxious jerk who is just plain mean.

      20. What are you talking about? Do you think your Greg house or someone lol?

      21. You know so much about me, for someone who doesn’t know anything about me, quit being an idiot.

      22. Says the one assuming things about everybody else…

      23. Looks who’s yapping 24/7 over the same thing.

        Fucking hypocrite

      24. Plus Nintendo’s deal offers a shitton morw for its worth. Watchfogs can go suck off its own GTA knockoff dick.

      25. I will only forgive the Ubisoftians to some extend if they bring a solid version of the new PoP game for the Wii U…

        But the probability for that happening is less than 6.0%…

      26. I ain’t forgiving or buying shit from them period.

        They can go talk positive BS about Nintendo and promise the sweetest little things on the planet for the fans as some bribery for forgiveness for fucking them over without reason.

        But the fans (most of them) aren’t that stupid to forget.

      27. My hostility against them is about 90% right now, if they truly mean that they have nothing in store for Wii U at E3, 100%…

      28. I’ve already had it since they delayed Wii U Watchdogs without reason. There’s absolutely no fucking way they ever earn nor see forgiveness out of me not even if they make a long waited Rayman 4 exclusively for Wii U as a huge apology. I’m done with them and the rest of the fucked up 3rd party jerkoffs.

      29. I will only forgive them if they make Zombie U 2 but they probably won’t so I guess there’s no way I’ll forgive them.

      30. Don’t even bother. They already ditched Nintendo/Wii U way before it even started and never disclosed their problems with them other than BS hardware weaknesses which they never bother to touch at all.

      31. nice joke. watch dogs is way different from gta v moron. also this isnt even a good deal because mario kart 8 is still $60 while it should be $35. even sega gives price cuts for their games.

      32. More like it’s not a good deal to YOU. Quit acting like your opinion is a fact, kid. Now go play your X360 or Xbone. Oh wait! You can’t afford either one right now. It’s okay. You’re not the only one with cheap parents.

      33. His parents aren’t cheap if they bought him a Wii U. They’re just piss poor stupid for giving birth to this brokeback idiot.

      34. I meant cheap as in won’t get him more than one console. Of course, he’ll just waste the 2nd console on an Xbox One when the PS4 is most likely the better deal.

      35. 1. I’m talking about the MK8 bundle dipshit.

        And 2. Watchdogs is 3rd person sandbox shooter, just like GTA. You buy weapons, you shoot, you kill, you carjack, blow shit up and has that maturity nature, just like GTA. Has that multiplayer with person joining you in an open world doing whatever the hell you want, just like GTA multiplayer since GTA4.

        The ONLY difference is the hacking gimmick used on a grand scale which in time, will grow as stale as GTA4.

        So again dipshit, Watchdogs = GTA with citywide hacking.

      36. 1. I’m talking about the MK8 bundle dipshit.

        And 2. Watchdogs is 3rd person sandbox shooter, just like GTA. You buy weapons, you shoot, you kill, you carjack, blow shit up and has that maturity nature, just like GTA. Has that multiplayer with person joining you in an open world doing whatever the hell you want, just like GTA multiplayer since GTA4. A story involving a criminal turned vigilante avenging loved ones death, just like GTA (look up Chinatown Wars for that one).

        The ONLY difference is the hacking gimmick used on a grand scale which in time, will grow as stale as GTA4.

        So again dipshit, Watchdogs = GTA with citywide hacking.

      37. For the love of god, defending one game or company by calling another game or company insults or names, is fucking stupid.-. -‘ The idiots on this site are like miled-mannered children…

  6. Tempting but not worth it for me. I don’t want to buy DKTF for $36. Ghosts is an idea, but I’ll be busy playing MK8.

    1. Actually, it’ll cost around $32 with tax and after 40 percent deduction.

      And why Ghosts? That game in every platform is garbage, equally as worse as MW3. Wii U Black Ops 2 easily pwns it.

      1. Oh right, DK is only $50 right?

        IK Black Ops 2 is better, but there’s already a small community on Wii U, and now that Ghosts is out, and Advanced Warfare is on the way, the community is going to be even smaller.

        Besides, from what I’ve heard, Extinction is awesome.

      2. I’d choose DKC over any COD game.

        Besides, Ghosts is in fact the laziest COD yet which makes MW3 the most unbalanced one to date.

        Extinction is, I’m sorry, a Zombies ripoff stepping down its tension and challenge.

  7. So I’ll be getting 3 games instead of 1 !! this is definitely a fabulous deal, I love you Nintendo!!

    1. Actually you get two from Nintendo: Buy one, get one free. This promotion is Buy one, get one 40 percent off and the 3rd game free.

      This is one hell of a deal instead and its all less than $400, kicking PS4 value’s ass 5 times over and Xbox One..actually, fuck that Betamax. It doesn’t offer shit besides “TV” which everybody has for over a century.

      1. its funny how xbox live gold and ps puls offer free games a month.

      2. Ass kissing to bash the very system he owns, buys and plays like a complete idiot. And this fool also doesn’t know that those “free games” he’s mentioning is only playable as long as you have the subcription. Once its finished, the games aren’t playable anymore. Its like Gamefly video game renting. You pay for a certain amount of time to play games without paying for it until your subcription is done or you repay for that subcription.

        This idiot likes to talk shit without researching.

      3. Games you only own with a paid service so in the nextconsole cycle you wont have them anymore.

      4. technical u r paying for them, once u stop paying for the service u can’t play them.

      5. That is account and subcription based, meaning once the subscription is done, the games aren’t playable and yes, I had a PS3 with one month free + when its servers got hacked a few years ago and know that personally. I only got two free PS3 games only because its Sony’s way of apologizing their fans for that incident. Nothing to do with + subcription at all.

        I rather buy a physical game that I know I can keep and play as long as I want than some virtual freebies thats deemed unplayble after some ripoff subcription is done.

        As for Xbox side, its their way to bribe fools like you to buy their failing Xbox One or stay with 360 which explains why they’re finally ditching (sort of) the Kinect.

      1. He already knows that. XP

        MK8, Toys R Us 40 percent off and Nintendo’s free game: that’s all 3 for less than $100.

      2. If 60 bucks is too much for you, you should REALLY pick a new hobby. Or you should just be happy with getting used games that go for cheap.

      3. Someone hook this broke fucker up with a copy I bet you begged for that wii u you worthless tubekid.

      4. Also mk wii was 40 until shortly after Mk8 was announced so yeah.. have fun

      5. Same thing I said about Watch_Dogs… because it wasn’t worth $60

      6. Bro, its a fucking brand new game. If you can’t make $60 to buy it, that’s your stupid ass problem added to another 1001 problems you have like your mentality being screwed and needs immediate CAT scan.

        Not to mention if you were gonna buy Watchdogs, its still priced the same but guess what? Your stupid ass is still gonna say as exactly: “oh it graphicz are beter than mario cart becauz it always the same game and wii u sukz”

        Like get fucking laid already (with your mom), get a job at McDonalds or better yet, STFU and stay in your basement bedroom until death.

  8. But the nearest Toys R Us is 45 minutes from my house. I don’t want to go out to another city to buy a game I can buy anywhere else. I’m sorry. I’m still getting it, though just not at Toys R Us. At least when I register the game, I’ll get Pikmin 3 for absolutely free. Will Mario Kart 8 be a system seller? It will sell a lot of Wii Us. But, it won’t automatically make the Wii U successful, just saying.

  9. I can only take advantage of Toys R Us’ deal IF the deal is for their online site. If it is on their website too, it looks like I’ll be double dipping for Mario Kart 8. I can give the physical copy to my brother, anyway.

  10. I can’t even afford Mario Kart 8, let alone an additional game. Whether it’s 40% off or not. That’s still around 40 dollars for the additional game (for an equal value game). But with that said……..will people still get this same deal online, or only AT Toys R Us? My nearest Toys R Us is over 200 miles.

    1. Actually the additional game with 40 percent off if it were $60, it’ll cost around $32 not 40. ^^;

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