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Mercedes-Benz DLC Revealed For Mario Kart 8

Mercedes-Benz downloadable content has been revealed for Mario Kart 8 in Japan. The automobile manufacturer and Nintendo have teamed up to offer the new GLA model of the luxury vehicle as free DLC in the upcoming racing game. Mario and the gang will soon be able to go for a ride in the high-class car, which features an interior with “excellent texture and comfort.” Mario Kart 8 launches tomorrow, May 30th.

176 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz DLC Revealed For Mario Kart 8”

      1. Uhh hello! No i didnt forget.. I always remember too grete my frends befour I speek. I think sum1 edited my coment and i dont love it.

            1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!
              SO THERE IS HOPE FOR SOME DECENT DLC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Uhh hello! Im not a trol :( i am thebensanders. all i want too due is talk about nintendo news with my felow frends. u r all just jelous of mii and mother says u arent as fortunite as i am two have a mother like mother who truly loves mii!

    1. Why they don’t bring nothing to America why !!!! Why Reggie doesn’t do nothing for us !! It looks like Reggie it’s just siting in his desk watching how everywhere else in the world are having good stuff and fun forgetting that he has a country to make happy too !!

    1. THEY DIDN’T EVEN FUCKING WAIT!They announce DLC on a launch day, holy fucking shit, cmon fanboys, defend them again, I dare you

      1. So once the production of a video game is complete and they get ready to ship it out that means they shouldn’t work to add anything else to the game till after its been out for awhile? Like maybe a patch or even a free bonus dlc to help get people to buy the game. Not that this game will need an help but it is nice to see them add FREE content to expand a game when the idea might have came up after the initial end of development.

        It could be worse and end up being almost anything EA with all there add on doc’s that are thrown at you from day one in almost any of their games.

      2. It’s free DLC dipshit.
        Change your name to “the real Dumbass” because that what you are or “Sasori’s left testicle”.

  1. Yaaaaas!!!!


      1. Wow, it’s actually happening…so this game is confirmed to be open for DLC, and possibly some more interesting stuff for the future. New stages perhaps? For Battle mode?

      2. Wow… I’m honestly not sure how I’m feeling about this. It’s cool and weird at the same time.

  2. nintendo commander

    omg this is an outrage. the high lord nintendo couldn’t have let this happen. i mean i love to play with these cars in forza 5 but not in my nintendo games.
    maybe i should get a life and stop roleplaying as a superior officer for a VIDEO GAME COMPANY.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      Foolish creature. Quadraxis does have a life. Maybe you should accept the fact he’s just role playing a character & has different opinions from your own. Then again, trolls think their opinions are more important than anyone else’s or are facts.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Which in turn aren’t even opinions…

        They utter nothing more than garbage…

          1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            Well if they base their own opinion on some else’s opinion, I’d say it truly is just garbage coming from their mouth.

      2. he has a point :/ he shouldn’t be role playing in a comment string and his opinions are often rather offensive to multi console users. I’ve got the xbox one, PC, and the wii u and I play them pretty equally.(except for last week because wolfed stein and watch dogs are both huge time sinks) my opinion is that whenever he acts like this he’s making an arse of himself, and other Nintendo fans. also did you just call that guy a creature? Jesus.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I’m against Xbot extremists and Sonyan Extremists…

          I hate the Xbox Done but if people have it but still respects our empire then so be it, you’re still not my “enemy”…

          1. it’s called the xbox one. the company brand is xbox. I understand that these phrases are cool and trendy, but it pisses people off. you also dodged around everything I said. you really need to check yourself before someone goes off on you. and what was with that slavery crack later in the comment stream? that’s not okay. why are you doing this?

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Another one taking games beyond seriousness…

              I guess it’s not me that needs a “check”…

              1. You’re still avoiding all of his points. At least show some respect when someone is talking to you.

                1. Because the other guy was respecting him?
                  The guy was being a dick, like everyone else commenting to him.
                  Fuck off hypocrite.

                  1. How was the other guy being a dick? He was making a point in a quite polite way, whereas commander used silly fanboy terms in his very first answer to him. What’s wrong with people here, seriously?

                    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                      Trolls & Nintendo haters that hate just because it’s the “cool” thing to do in their little world. That’s what’s wrong with some of us here.

              2. “Another one taking games beyond seriousness…” Said the one who is roleplaying as a commander of a video game company on a news website, insulting others for liking different gaming companies or even genres than himself, regularly damage controlling decisions and moves Nintendo makes, regardless of how obviously negative they are, and pissing his pants as soon someone criticizes anything that Nintendo does????

              3. video games just happen to be my lively hood. i work in the industry, I’ve helped with a game that was published on the 3ds just recently. I’d also like to say I’m happy so many people enjoyed it. to protect my identity, and my job I cannot mention the game. so yes I take gaming seriously. it’s how I earn my living. I don’t roleplay as a military leader for Nintendo. I make games for them. please stop making Nintendo fans (not fanboys, there is a difference) look like blathering idiots.
                I’m done with this conversation. thanks for anyone who backed me up and keep enjoying video games, no matter where or who they are from.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  You make games, shouldn’t you be the one enjoying yourself even more than me about these things then?…

                  I know a few game developers myself that enjoys these silly wars even more than I do…

                  It might be your Life but it’s still in the Entertainment business, maybe you should enjoy yourself a bit more instead of taking it dead serious…

                  You don’t see Lord Miyamoto be all serious in public do you?…

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              I’m more of a counter measure against the others…

              But Nintendo extremists like Nintondo, no thank you…

        2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          We are all animals. Just because we’ve evolved into sentient creatures that can build great things, can reason, etc doesn’t change this fact. If an xbox or playstation fan came in here with a respectable attitude towards Nintendo, he tends to leave them alone.

      1. What? Do you really have to own a WiiU first before being allowed to have an opinion about stuff concerning it? Why don’t you go tell Nintendo Commander that then, he doesn’t have a WiiU either but that hasn’t stopped him from making comments, did it? What a joke.

        1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          That’s the thing. Eric said “you have no interest in.” Quadraxis does have an interest in the Wii U & Mario Kart 8. THAT’S the difference between Quadraxis & Ham Dangler.

          1. Oooh, I read that as “no interesting in BUYING”. My bad! Sorry ’bout that, I take back what I said. :P

      2. Exactly. I’ll tell you why. They are lazy ass “gamers” who like Nintendo but are too cool to get a wiiU, but not too cool to voice their lazy comments on a website that doesn’t require a log-in.

        1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          And is most likely part of the group that wants Nintendo to go 3rd party so desperately so that they only have to buy one console.

  3. Why are you all crying?You all wondered if DLC would be coming to Mario Kart 8 and it is, who cares if they have teamed up with Mercedes in Japan, this now gives other people a reason to buy it who do not really like the cartoon karts all that much.
    And this is just the beginning of DLC for Mario Kart 8 so quit moaning, im sure each different country will get a different DLC car.
    Seriously you cry for DLC…you get it but cry that Nintendo has teamed up with Mercedes?

  4. Wow I loved this commercial, I thought that Mario was so damn cool. They should use him that realistic Mario to advertise more stuff, although it might give some kids nightmares lol.

  5. There is a significance to this that people are overlooking:

    That vehicle is being offered in Japan AS DLC!


    New Tracks
    New Battle Mode Courses/Arenas
    New Racers
    Maybe even entirely new game modes


    The Benz might not be exciting, but the potential that it points to most definitely IS.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      Agreed. I was going to make my own personal opinion on the matter with a comment, but yours is good enough.

  6. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    I personally don’t like this at all but if it attracts slav…I mean gamers to our holy machine then so be it…

  7. thenintendoreviewer

    1. Awesome that Mario Kart 8 is open to DLC cuz it means a chance for some good and needed additions. 2. What did I just watch?

  8. That’s awesome! This may be another indication that Nintendo will continue to make smarter marketing decisions.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          And some are just lost not knowing where to spew their Sonyan or Xbot garbage…

          I won’t name any names (Joe P, sasowhateverhisnameis, Nova etc etc)…

        2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          Correction smart enough to give away they’re brain in exchange for a barn full of cows. Just like you.
          Explains why I smell so much bullshit.

  9. what i really want is a well functioning battle mode.. and after that’s in there i want moar tracks! :O

  10. thanks for posting this before the release. i was looking forward to this game. wont buy it anymore now. I HATE ads in games. HATE it. wont support it. i hope this is a joke, i really realy do…

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      This is an ad on youtube, on the rest of the internet, & on television in Japan. It’s not an ad in the actual game.

      1. If he really thinks this vid is going to be in the game, I have to say, I’m disappointed in present day human intelligence

    2. Are you dumb or something? If you don’t want the DLC then don’t get it. They’re not gonna advertise it, they’re just gonna leave it in a corner as the DLC section. Fucking dumbass learn some basic things like this. Not buying the game because of ‘ads’… You drunk bro?

  11. I almost NEVER buy dlc for ANY game, but if they decide to add more content for this game you bet your ass i will buy it.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Hopefully new tracks…

      I would love to see a remastered Bowser’s Castle 64, my favorite track of any Mario Kart…

      1. I hope they do bring tracks i wouldn’t mind remastered tracks but i would love all new ones even better.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I would find it great if in the next Mario Kart, they have something similar to “Assist Trophies” or just some characters i every track that tries to attack you or something to make it even more chaotic…

          But of course not overdo it…

    2. Yeah. Especially since Nintendo is being careful with pricing DLC unlike COD’s overpriced map packs and BS season passes

      1. I have personally played most of the cod titles but never once did i buy map packs or season passes, mainly because of the prices. I know nintendo delivers some good value for your money as far as dlc goes so im not too worried on pricing.

      2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        Exactly why I bought every bit of the DLC for Fire Emblem: Awakening. And I’ll do the same for Hyrule Warriors if it has pay-to-use DLC. Same for Mario Kart 8 if this Mercedes DLC is just the beginning of more DLC to come.

  12. I know that this ad is not in the game! The car is in the game. This is ingame advertising. I don´t like ingame ads. I wont buy the game. That simple. It really is shocking that Nintendo are going that route now, seriously. this is bad news for me personally. Very bad news.

    1. Must i repeat what I already said?

      Are you dumb or something? If you don’t want the DLC then don’t get it. They’re not gonna advertise it, they’re just gonna leave it in a corner as the DLC section. Fucking dumbass learn some basic things like this. Not buying the game because of ‘ads’… You drunk bro?

    2. Dude, its not ads if it serves as a direct link to the DLC page in eShop. Super Mario Bros. U did the same thing with Super Luigi U by having the link in a far corner. Its not an ad at all, its a shortcut to the DLC.

      Get it straight. I know what in game ads look like and EA Mobile has been doing plenty of that shit on their games.

    3. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      So you’re saying you won’t get it because having a real life car in the game is practically Nintendo advertising the new vehicle for the company that makes it? In that case, I guess you don’t buy any of the Need for Speed, Madden, Fifa, WWE, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor games because that’s ingame advertising for cars, football, soccer/football, wrestling, guns & military, & military. Did I get that right?

        1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          He should also quit buying meat, getting gas, buying clothes, getting silverware because the money used to buy it eventually ends up in the hands of animal abusers, oil companies that destroy the area they are in to mine said oil, the clothes that can be used to suffocate people, and the silverware that can also be used to kill people.

  13. If this DLC is real and coming very soon to MK8 in every available nation, this changes everything and open doors for MK having DLC and future updates that’ll improve the game tremendously.

    Not just karts but characters and modes as well. :3 I’m sold on this game regardless.

  14. That ad is the most awesome thing I’ve seen all day. I’m half-expecting realistic Mario to burst into throaty Kojima narration.

    “Mercedes Benz…?!?”

  15. A company gives out free DLC that you don’t even have to use and isnt even globally confirmed and you instantly start complaining and saying you don’t like it? People are way too closed-minded.

    DLC doesn’t always mean you’re being ripped off. Sometimes it just means you can get extra content you wouldn’t have even seen otherwise unless you waited 6 years and bought the next installment on the next generation console.

    I’m hoping this means more DLC, like maybe real Battle Arenas. I’d love that. Especially free since the ones it comes with seem kind of weak. Plus i’m sure they’ll plenty of my money with NFP if it really is for Smash and could be cool with this.

    1. This is an ingame ad. I am 100% against in game ads and i always have been for good reasons. I have some political beliefs. I don´t want to support Mercedes Benz who support the weapons industry and i don´t want their ads shoved into my face. I want to play games for my leisure i do not want politics in my game and i wont sell out to a company like Mercedes Benz just to play Mario Kart. You have to have principles somethimes. Closed minded is the one swalloing it all as unproblematic.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Then don’t buy the DLC, simple as that…

        I won’t buy the DLC either because I will not buy Mario Kart 8 to play Forza…

        1. I get your point but i think it goes a little deeper. i do not want to support the idea behind this, i do not want to see more of this. This really shocked me deeply. I mean i love Nintendo. i play their games since the 80´s. i don´t want politics in the games i am playing.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            The sad part is that every company/empire does this, this is not the first time our empire has done this and won’t be the last…

            Sadly, they have to do this to attract the brainless mass that has the resources…

            Atleast we do our part by not supporting the corrupted parts…

      2. Dumbass!!
        It’s not shoveled in your face! It’s alleged DLC. It does NOT ship with the product, people will NOT even see it unless they go, and choose to download it into their game!
        So…if you don’t shovel it in your OWN face, then you never need to see it.

      3. Its not in game ads if its a small little subtext sitting in a corner like Super Mario Bros. U “Super Luigi” link did.

        And how the fuck would you know if its in game ad if you didn’t actually see it?

  16. Ok, so if you’re doing DLC Nintendo, hopefully you can give us some characters, tracks, hell, how about a mission mode.

    1. I would totally pay for the right DLC. A Mercedes Benz advertising ploy? Yeah, not going to be paying for that (unless it’s packaged with stuff that’s worth it)

  17. Well, I guess DLC is confirmed!

    Also, I just have to say it, that “realistic” interpretation of Mario looks a lot better than most other attempts I’ve seen IMHO.

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        I can’t help but agree with him a little. The big, round nose looked good without looking too ridiculous.

  18. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Look at the Sonyans trying to counter our plans…

    Proof that they cannot think for themselves…

    First they waited for the Xbots to make a fool of themselves so that they could scrap everything they wanted first to make them look better and this year they are doing the same by having their conference after the Xbots…

    Now they are trying to counter our Digital Event by launching this crap…

    Sonyans, how about you get the one piece missing from your brains, the creative part?…

    1. Are you retarded?
      First of all, how the hell does this have anything to do with the article? Right, nothing. Just shows how much of a stupid fanboy you are, who gets pleasure from pointlessly talking down other companies for no reason.
      Second thing, how is that not creative? They’re letting people watch the live conference on a huge ass screen in movie theaters for free. I bet you’d be jizzing your pants if it was Nintendo doing that. I personally believe that you’re so damn mad about Nintendo only giving us a oh-so-creative “online digital event!!!!” which basically has no difference from the Nintendo Directs we get on a regular basis anyway, instead of giving you a chance to experience E3 in a pretty special way as Sony does, so you’re trying to let off your frustration by talking them down. How cute.
      Try a little harder next time.

      1. Nintendo is doing both a public tournament at the Nokia theater, and a best buy event so people outside of E3 can experience their game hands on, months before release.
        Much better than essentially traveling all the way to a theater to do the exact same thing you would have done had you just stayed home and pulled up a live stream of the conference on your ps4.

        More people than not will just stay home for their viewing pleasure if they intend on watching E3, so this isn’t as special as you’re trying to make it out to be. If anything, it’s a ploy by Sony to give you a reason to go spend money on a movie, either before or after the event viewing, that they likely were involved with, in a theater they might also have partial stock in.
        They’re less about giving you something special and more about getting you to potentially spend money.
        This isn’t nearly as good a decision as opening up their press conference to the public would have been.

        1. I was referring to the conferences only though, I do know about the tournament and have heard about the Best Buy thing as well.
          And yea, it’s true that most of the people will watch Sony’s conference at home, without doubt. But it’s just about the fact that they offer you the chance to experience it in a different way than the good ol’ sitting in front of your TV/computer screen. I personally do think that it is special.
          About the Sony just trying to get people to watch movies thing… Well, I’m not so sure about that. E3 conferences usually last for about one and a half hour, and I personally wouldn’t want to sit another ~2 hours at the theaters before/after that. Maybe that’s just me though. I guess I see your point though. Doesn’t change that I still think it’s a pretty neat thing, and I’d definitely use the chance to go and experience that myself. Unfortunately, it won’t be happening here in Europe though, so I can’t.

    1. And can you say “hypocrite” if you support EA/Microsoft doing the same to their fans but worse..far worse?

    2. 1. This is free.

      2. The main purpose of any company is to make money, so saying “sellout” makes you sound like a child.

      3. EVERY CAR in games like Forza actually exist. Hell, I’ve even seen the freaking Delorean in there.

  19. I won’t download this, even though it’s free, it’s too boring colored and doesn’t fit the game, but I would buy anything like actual Mario Karts/Bikes/ATVs, Characters, and tracks

  20. If you can’t customize it, I won’t get it. Hopefully since this was announced, they’ll start announcing future DLC plans or something. Adding characters and tracks, and maybe even more modes.

  21. This proves Nintendo is willing to do DLC for this game. Now, hopefully they do the smart thing and add DLC characters who should have been on the roster but were snubbed in favor of babies and metal reskins, like Bowser Jr., E. Gadd, Birdo, Diddy Kong, etc.

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  23. I kinda like that idea that the Mercedes is free DLC. From a marketing standpoint, it makes the player seem like they want the Mercedes when they download it at no cost. Subconsciously, it’s more effective than just a random ad in the corner.

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