It Looks As Though Namco Bandai Helped Out On Mario Kart 8

It appears as though Namco Bandai may have lent Nintendo a hand with the forthcoming Mario Kart 8. The publisher and developer was spotted on the closing credits on Mario’s latest karting adventure. You can see their name listed in the above video, but of course as this is the end credits it may contain some spoilers. Namco Bandai have worked with Nintendo before on their arcade Mario Kart titles.

Thanks, David B



    1. It seems like Nintendo is going to buy Namco*

      Namco couldn’t even afford half of Nintendo, let alone the whole company.


  1. Isn’t it Bandai Namco now?

    Anyway, I just wished that with all the collaborations between Bandai Namco and Nintendo it would solidify all of Bandai Namco’s games on Nintendo platforms… We never got the Soul Calibur 2 remake.

    Which worries me, because when they do the next Soul Calibur, the Wii U might not get it and Soul Calibur is one of my favorite franchises.


  2. It’s probably credits for some Arcade version of 8, I remember Hatsune Miku Project Diva having some PSO2 credits in there because they had a videoclip in there or something. That said I don’t think it’s impossible obviously. They’re helping out on SSB too, so.


  3. They are making SSB. Remember that Mario Kart/Smash trailer from when they unveiled Rosalina?

    That’s what the collaboration is.


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