E3 Insider Lists Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare For Wii U

E3 Insider has apparently outed that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is coming to Wii U. According to the official E3 website, a Wii U rendition of the upcoming first-person shooter will launch on November 4th, alongside the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PlayStation 3 versions of the game. Developed by Sledgehammer Games, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was officially revealed last month.


    1. It will come out on WiiU, this is just like ghost and bo2. My bet is if wii u sales don’t pick up, then this or the next cod will be the last for the wii u

  1. I might actually get this. Kevin Spacey is a fantastic actor (yeah, that’s mainly why I want to get this game huehuehue).

    1. Also the reason why imma pick this one up too, Ghost was such a step back from bo2 imo..

    1. All CoD games that have ever been on the Wii/Wii U systems have always used WiiMote controls. The WiiU dev team at Treyarch prides themselves on that.

  2. i know not many people care about cod, but imo, some of the games are really fun. For example, i skipped cod ghosts cuz the flaws yet i really enjoyed cod bo2 on the wiiu. i really hope wiiu gets cod advance warfare. dlc would be even better.

    again , just my opinion :)

      1. Infinity Ward isn’t developing Advance Warfare. Sludgehammer is.

  3. I hope there will be a part or two where you play as Kevin Spacey, like in BO2 where there’s a couple times where you play as Menendez

    1. Or 3rd party games that aren’t glitched & need a bug fixing update on day 1.

      1. Well, CoD’s has been working remarkably, compared to some other ports.
        But yearly CoD is just waste of money for me.
        I could take them in smaller dosages, like 1 every 5 years.

      2. Like Mario Kart, right? I’d definitely be more interested in Call of Duty if it was 1 game every 3-5 years.

  4. Was there any doubt in anyone’s mind that this would skip the Wii U? Except maybe sasori of Bullshit, Sasori of Insults, & other trolls who most likely just pretend it’s not coming to Wii U to use it as ammo to hate on the Wii U.

    Anyway, good for Call of Duty fans that own the Wii U. I really couldn’t care either way. Call of Duty is no Medal of Honor, after all.

    1. Future COD titles won’t be on the Wii U because it’s so damn underpowered, and fanboys won’t buy it anyway. They would prefer to buy kid games like Mario

      1. More like your brain is underpowered, Sasori of Insults, just like sasori himself. And Mario is far from being only a kids game. When you grow up, you might learn that even adults can enjoy a good colorful game that isn’t all dark & gloomy with cussing, nudity, blood, & gore all over the place.

      2. Like I said, maybe someday you’ll grow up, Sasori of Insults. Just like maybe sasori himself. Then again, you can’t fix stupid now matter how old you get. And for the record, I’m betting I’m a lot older than you, brat.

      3. Your 32 and trolling? I thought that was for insecure fat 14 year olds. How sad.

      4. You’re fucking moron dude. Did your mom drop you too much to floor when you were a kid?

      5. Wow. 5 years older than me & you act like this? XD Talk about a manchild, guys! This guy is the epitome of one!

      6. Actually the real reason why CoD won’t be on the next Nintendo consoles is because it will die of franchise fatigue and my brain is so underpowered and I need some aloe Vera for mah BUTTHURTZ.

      7. If they know it’s free to play online with each other they will buy it…so spread the word my brother and tell them Nintendo don’t charge monthly payments like Sony and Microsoft.

  5. ahh call of duty advance warfare on wii u. am hyped. glad i am not buying nintendo games this. third parties deserve better respect than half assed nintendon’t. i hope it wont be as bad as ghost was, not dying like crap with 3 bullets. battlefield 3 is beast.

    1. Actually what I meant to say is I’m hyped for that new dildobox one to go up my butthole to make me even more butthurt while I apply some butthurt cream to my face because my ass is my face.

    2. Dose luscious, glorious lips of yourn are interfering with your sage wisdom, o master of contradiction. Allow me to translate…”I am a big hot lump of chocolate with brains equivalent to the same. Please beat the lumps out with a wrench from tf2 and film it with a toaster from the 70s. Thanks you.” Was I close?

  6. No shit, this happens every fucking year. Activision puts their shit on EVERYTHING get that through your skulls people. Except Destiny Wii U gets all of Activision’s support lol. Really wish Destiny was coming to Wii U.

  7. Even if one doesn’t like cod it is an important franchise and having it on the U would be a good sign. I hope for one or two big third party game announcements at e3 for the U. We all know it won’t get a lot of support, but a few key franchises could bring some confidence.

  8. it should get these games, as long as they are ported to ps360.. cos wii u will get just the same last gen version. lolol.

    1. Fine by me. I don’t play Call of Dooty, anyway, since Medal of Honor is way better.

      1. Medal of Honor is dead and buried…
        Well, I haven’t cared of either of the franchises since their early days.

      2. I know & it sucks. I wonder if the last game allowing people to play terrorists might have done the series in. :/

      3. What did the series in, was the attempt to monkey CoD.
        They have almost killed the Battlefields the same way.

      4. Ugh! First trying to mimic Call of Duty destroys Medal of Honor & now it’s doing the same to Resident Evil. Maybe Stranga, Quadraxis, & a few others are right. Maybe Call of Duty really is the root cause of the downgrading of video games. ._.

      5. Well, it’s not exactly it’s fault.
        Greed and laziness just kills originality and innovation.

      6. Those too. “Look at the sales of Call of Duty! Let’s put more action into Resident Evil & give it more of a Call of Duty feel!” “Great idea! Let’s do it! We’ll definitely make more money!” And thus was born Resident Evil 5 & Resident Evil 6. First canceling future Megaman titles & then doing that to Resident Evil. Capcom only has themselves to blame for the shitty position they are in.

    2. Just like ps4 and xb1 have ghost. . A last gen game and watchdogs is a last gen game also and bf4 and so on

  9. I’d be tempted to buy this – I’ve never actually owned a CoD game, and as much as I’ve never enjoyed them when I have played them, it’d just be something different to own. Problem is that I could never buy it at the launch price!

  10. There you go again sasori bashing on the wii u once again you is really pissing me off with this battlefield shit I sear you compare battlefield with every single wii u game. Hey everybody sasori hates the wii u but he commented on every single wii u article saying how much of a piece of shit the wii u is. I am really thinking that you are getting paid by someone to trash the console this is an everyday fucking day with your ass dude get a fucking life.

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